Child Stealing in the UK - It Doesn't End/ video

by bluesbaby5050 on February 17th, 2015

Child Stealing in the UK - It Doesn't End/ video
February 17, 2015. This guy advises mothers not to report their child's sexual abuse by their fathers and others because the child will be taken away.....he acknowledges the predominately male problem in this area, while the mothers and women, including women who are raped are given immediate gag orders.

There is a huge case now in the UK with a mother who had to flee because she was going to be taken to jail for reporting her 2 childrens satatanic abuse by their father......they reported the killings of babies etc, and that the father threatened to kill them if they told all this, and they reported it finally anyway, but the mother and the woman Sabine who is assisting her had to flee to other countries. This is pandemic, and a core iniquity underlying the base of what is kept silent and what is not exposed will fester, no matter what kind of talking of other things goes on, as long as this is happening and kept silent about with gag orders under threat of death etc, there is no hope for humanity at all. -

Wake Up, world!
Men have more problems with their sexuality than women, it seems. We must not let the children suffer!!! See

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