Chief Light Golden Eagle shares Sacred Knowledge

by edisonik on November 17th, 2010

Mighty Chief Golden Eagle has come forward to have a few Words regarding the Star Nations and the Massive Awakening of the Human species. It all sounds crazy but only time will expose this Reality fully.

When the Human Species wakes up and it will wake up because the Illuminati will be exposed for their Treacherous Ways , humanity will suffer again and they will call fourth help to the outer Existence and Baby you bet the Help will come and the Ancient Groups will Materialize into this Reality, No Army on this Pathetic Planet can Win a Battle with the Star Nation Contingent.

Pray for Peace so we all can live in Peace.

Great and Incredible things are coming Humanity will finally be free , never give up on Hope!.
You are Soul Matrixes from different Parts of the Universe and we cannot let you Perish because of some Sick Agenda from Power Hungry Globalists.
You will awaken and you will realize that you are much more then just Human, you are Light which can manifest in many forms not just Human form. Love is your Nature , not Fear or Dispair.

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