Chem-Bombs-The New Chemtrails!

Geo-Enginneering Chemtrails,Are Now the New Geo-Engineering Chem-Bombs! The US Patent 747 Tanker is used to spread the Aerosol into the atmoshere to change the course of Isaac over Central America,and Colombia,South America! So it is now headed in a north-westerly course ,and is now headed for the coast line of the Gulf states in the USA! Huge Exploding Balls of Swirling Spikes are shown from the Satellite Modis in sector 7,which is over Northern coastal South- America. Our weather around the world, is, and has been modified according By The NWo=Disorder! These are also Suspected in Foul play Connected to the Exploding Fires Widely Seen in the Middle to theWestern United States of America,Though the Guise of The Evergreen Program.This program is being used to Spread Aerosol above these fires,to create more exploding Outbreaks of Fires in other areas! They are being incouraged to increase,and to spread over larger land masses to Deplete our Air Quality! This has been happening for a long time now.These fires,and black smoke can be seen from space,by our Satillites! And Guess by whom? Right! The NWo=Disorder =Thuggs=Sicko's!

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bluesbaby5050: The Aersols are Chemicals that are put into 747 Patent Tankers,

And are then Flown all over the skies of this Planet! These Chemicals are already showing signs in the people of Earth as diseases of ADD-ADDHD- Alheimier's Disease,and Central Nervous System Disorders/Diseases,and Breathing problems of All Kinds! And Many more,to much to list here.This Controls the Waters, and Animal life, and Plant life of Planet Earth! The NWo=Dis-Order Tries To Decide Who lives,who Eats,and who Dies! All this is being done though Chemicals Added to tankers to spead over large areas of land masses all around this planet! You people Must Spread this Truth Far, and Wide. By word of Mouth! These are Written Truths for you here,so you will be Alerted as to what the Real Causes are that are Creating all this. This is being done by Physcotic-Maniacs!! They are Truely Insane! You Must Speak out about this,and Stop this Criminal Activity Against Humanity! This is all being done to Decrease this world's populations in the name of PROFITS! Just 5 years ago this was CLASSIFIED INFORMATION! NOT Anymore! They have already Admitted this Does Exist, but they still want to pass this off as Regular Exhaust Fumes=CONtrails! WRONG AGAIN! Con-trails are NOT THE SAME! It is Not just regular Contrail traffic from the air traffic of Jets,and Smaller aircrafts,and that this is only the exhaust coming from the engines of those aircrafts. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS ! It is their Propaganda! This is more Goverments lies here! It Really is Chem-Trails you are seeing up in the skies that are full of these Chemical- Trails that are Reeking Havoc on our Weather,and our Crops,and our Health! The Internet is full of this information.Please get Informed of what is Really going on Around our planet.

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