Many of you are Learning at a very fast pace. You are understanding many great things, you are understanding the Beauty and Majesty of being a Human Being, you are learning Perspectives that will Enlighten the Planet. You are all sharing pieces of the Ancient Puzzle and together we will become Beacons of Knowledge , Love and Wisdom for the Entire Human Race on this Planet.
To Understand and to and share Ideas is to become whole. Here on this Special Forum we will share sacred Lessons you will not find anyware else , here you will be with the Gods. Here we will share Awe, Wonder and Beauty.
Here on Truthcontrol we will share Ideas that will show this World that the Human Heart is the Key to the Evolution and Progression of the Human Race.
Together with our Great Teachers, like Bluesbaby5050, Tarheel,Son of Leod, Alinabezerra, Crigitine , Phaminator and many other Starseeds we will change the World for the better.
We must never give up on hope for all Humanity.

Divided we are Weak , But United we become Strong. I Love you all, because you are all Family.


bluesbaby5050: Dear Kanesh,you seem--

To be in good spirits tonight.This is Good to see.This is a Good sign. And yes we are sharing the truth here,and we share with open hearts.We are beacons of light .We will light the path with the knowledge,and wisdom of the heavens for the people that seek the truths. And yes, the Gods are here,they are here on behalf of humanity,and this planet Earth. We will all heal,with the love for each other.Peace,and Harmony to all. We are ONE.

wmarkley: DRAKE

I have been researching " common law " that Drake has been talking about, common law is GODS law, and superceeds all other law. This Drake dude is on to something, it is feasable, It will be the 2nd revolution to take this nation back, but peacefully, and on paper, and citizens arrests will be made against the cabal. these Evil thugs have broken many of GODS laws, and after the papers are filed, we can go get them. Its also a crime to take a mans house due to foreclosure according to common law, if the homeowner did NOT commit a crime. this will get very interesting soon.

bluesbaby5050: I have studied this concept of Drakes.

I agree with you,but it goes deeper then this. Our bill of rights will have to be RE-instated,and so will our US Consitution. These have been abolished by the US goverment in the past 25 years. We Really Need to finally break FREE from the grip of England. This was not done.People were fooled into thinking that it was done, in the Revolutionary war. It was NOT! Both sides were PLAYED for profits. All wars Planned, are CREATED for Profits from many sides,with bloodshed! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: The people of the US have been tricked ---!

In to being told they NEED a birth Certifcate ,and a social security number to get a job,and to have a way to live.This again is brainwashing.When people were born,and then died this was always re-corded in the records of the people's churchs.This was ALWAYS the way it was done.This was done all over the world.Then the head players of the planet came up with a plan to trick the people to buy into this New set rules.(They needed a legal way to OWN YOU!) And to pay taxes.This is still the Old ways,this the old systems at work here,and in other countries too!They NEEDED to Legalize You,as their properties! This was done in the middle of the 20th century!This did NOT exist before this! You think you Own Your Lands,and Homes,and Cars/Trucks/Boats,etc. Anything you have as an Asset? Guess again!If IF You do NOT pay your taxes ,it will All be taken away from You! You are a RENTER OF YOUR LANDS, AND HOMES, AND YOUR ASSETS BELONG TO HER TOO! THEY ARE ONLY BORROWED, AND USED BY YOU! This is all real B/S here! The Queen of England lives off from All of YOU, and your paid taxes! We are all the Queens SUBJECTS! The Queen Owns YOU,and YOUR Children the moment you got your Legal Papers! You have been Lied to all along! This is why this HAS to Change! Her own people are not aware of this, only the head players are! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Son of Leod: I will be posting a thread in

I will be posting a thread in a day or so when I don't have to work detailing the history of the Birth Certificate and how to revoke it (:

Tarheel: Our LOVE and Respect for our Masters is unparalleled.

A group is only as good as its leaders, and we are strong due to our masterS, Annunaki77 and Edisonik.

To the both of you, WE appreciate all you do for us, and all you teach us.

wmarkley: queen

That WITCHs days are numbered too, she is nothing but a drug dealer, a criminal just like our politicians.

bluesbaby5050: Ya-I know----

I posted it in the forum last week.Her monies,and assets have been frozen,and they do not have access to any of it! The story is,she is in hidding now.Hahahaha! Their crap they dish out is now back-firing on them. It's about TIME! Falcon G.

wmarkley: hide

there is no place for her to hide, even if she grows a beard it will not work, lol she couldnt even hide behind a foo-man-choo mustache, lol

bluesbaby5050: The Lizzie's are all ---

The Lizzie's are all doing the Dizzy Dance! They are a Scrammbling into their Dark Snake Holes! The GODS/KODS ARE HERE BY THE THOUSANDS! THEY WILL ROOT THEM ALL OUT! WE WILL HAVE JUSTICE, AND VICTORY! }:>) Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: yes

This i can feel too, they have already gotten the first round of criminal charges filed for the gulf oil spill, and i seen this on FOX news, so the ball is now rolling. as for the evil cabal, let them go into the hole to hide, pour gasoline in and set fire to it, good riddence.

Tarheel: I think they should be made to swim in a pool of that BS ...

...they dumped into our Ocean first, then maybe make them snorkle in it and light them on fire, then watch them slowly burn to death. THAT is what they deserve for being so lackadaisical about it.

SpiritualWarrior92: Make a TOAST!!!!

I can't wait for all this sadness and madness to leave and for peace & unity to finally arrive again!!! One Love mon hahaha Thank you very much! @ Tarheel Space Cowboy; Thats right!!!

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