Checkerboard Mutation - (The Nibiruian Cross - Crucifixion)

The Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki’s Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC)-Grid (NDCG) "Checkerboard Matrix" Sonic Program running through Earth’s Templar since 25,500BC reverse the Natural Fire Letter Sequences and polarity in DNA Templates 1-2-3 and Axi-A Tonal Lines 1-2-3-4-7-10 and one-half of Axi-A Tonal Lines 5-8-11.

Resulting DNA Template add Axi-A Tonal Line distortions block the embodied D-12 Pre-matter "Divine Christos Blueprint" of Earth life forms and link the body to the Reverse Matrix.

NDC-Grid Checkerboard Mutation has reduced Human Life span, chemical DNA, brain function and blocked Race Memory since 25,500BC.

The false "Crucifixion" story was invented by Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki to symbolize their intentional "crucifixion" of the INNER CHRIST D-12 Maharata Current within Earth life forms.

Checkerboard Matrix Axi-A Tonal Lines blockages were represented as the "Crucifixion Wounds of Christ"

The D-12 Maharata Christos Current is available on Earth as of January 2000 for first time since 208,216BC, offering Humanity the opportunity to "come down off the Nibiruian cross" and re-set the D-12 Divine Christos Blueprint within the body via use of the DNA Template Bio-Regenesis Maharic Seal technologies which can clear the NDC-Grid Checkerboard Mutation.
Maharic Shield (Shield of Aramathena)
The Maharic Shield is the Foundation Technique for all other energy work.

(To find the Maharic Shield Technique go to

The D-12 Maharic Shield creates protection form interdimensional manipulation of our natural bio-neurological communication lines.

(Voyagers II – Page 313)

As the Maharic Shield is composed of 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensional Scalar Grids (Mahara Hova Body), it contains within it the 144 Frequency Sub-harmonics of the entire 12-Dimensional Spectrum.

(See: Maharata Current)

Because of its 144 Sub-Harmonic scalar-wave spectrum, the 12th Dimensional level of the Maharic Shield can RESET the original, non-distorted imprint of Partiki Phasing flash-line sequences within the entire Kathara Grid 12-Tree.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 121)

To restore the Imprint for Health within the Body-Mind-Spirit System, the Holographic Template of scalar-grids upon which the system manifests must be restored to its original function.

(See: Checkerboard Mutation)

Activating the Maharic Shield will open, activate and realign the scalar-wave flash-line sequences of dormant Kathara Centers, Kathara Lines, Crystal Seals, Hova Bodies, Diodic Points, Chakras and DNA within the outer levels of the Morphogenetic Field and body.

Thus it is with the Maharic Shield that core healing therapeutics must begin.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 123)

Practice of the Maharic Shield activates and runs the Maharata Current within the human body, allowing the Maharata Current to serve as the "Carrier Wave" for the direction of inter-dimensional frequency into Earth’s Templar.

Running the Maharata also accelerates DNA Template activation, progressively restores the D-12 Pre-matter Personal Divine Blueprint for increased bodily health, accelerates spiritual integration, progressively activates the personal Merkaba Vehicle and amplifies natural consciousness expansion and higher sensory perception.

Most importantly, running the Maharata Current via the Maharic Shied creates a temporary pillar of D-12 "Christos Frequency" within you bio-energetic field and DNA, linking you and your multi-dimensional anatomy directly to its inner Christos Pre-matter Divine Blueprint to create a D-12 field of protection within within the personal mind-body-spirit system through which essential Bio-Energetic Field integrity can be created and maintained.

Running the Maharata on a regular basis will increase the longevity of the body and accelerate natural healing process.

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bluesbaby5050: The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System

General Information: Ka = Light, Tha = Sound, Ra = One-Spirit.Reasons for learning Kathara
The Kathara Grid and practical applications of this knowledge
Why there is a specific sequence to the Kathara Healing Levels
The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System is a unifying key of the teachings of Keylontic Science. While Keylontic Science offers understanding about the multi-dimensional structure and function of our surrounding Solar System, Galaxy and Universes and also the current Political Drama associated with the Stellar Activation Cycle of 2000 - 2012, the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System shows us the structure of our own multi-dimensional anatomy and how we are an intricate and integral part of the multi-dimensional Universe around us.

In the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level-1 Program, we can begin to comprehend that we are in fact a multi-dimensional life-form, and that we have conscious parts of ourselves existing within these multiple dimensional levels. The first step in being able to become aware of and to integrate our other 'selves' is learning the structure within which these multiple parts of ourselves exist, and the reasons that we are not currently fully aware of them in our hologram. When we study the information and use the State of the Art Techniques contained within the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System®, we can begin to make a conscious connection with those currently "seemingly hidden" parts of ourselves. In practicing Kathara Healing, we start to recognize or remember those lost parts of ourselves and we can start to comprehend the startling depth of knowledge and Love within those parts of ourselves, and the infinite Family of Beings that we are really part of and One with. When we go through this process of doing the Kathara techniques and learning the material, we are actually healing the distortions within us that are preventing us from being aware of and experiencing our multi-dimensional Selves.

"The Kathara Grid is the CORE Template of all of creation"

Everything in all of creation, be it manifest or non-manifest, is created upon an energetic structure called the Kathara Grid. The Kathara Grid is the CORE Template of all of creation, from the micro to the macro level of creation. It is an energetic structure that allows for the circulation of the energy of God/Source into and out of manifestation. Every cell and molecule of our being has its own Kathara Grid and every multi-dimensional aspect of our identity exists upon the energetic structure of the Kathara Grid.

By re-learning where our personal Kathara Grid is located within our own bodies and how to access our own Kathara Grid, we are re-learning how to operate our Personal Inner Templar. Our Inner Templar is the complete construct of our multi-dimensional energetic system and it is connected to our Race Template, the Planetary Template, the Cosmic Template, and the Universal Template and all the way up the Stairway to Heaven and At-One-Ment with God/Source in the "House of Many Mansions".

The Kathara Grid is constructed of 12 points of consolidated energy, or spheres of energy, that are connected to each other by the Kathara Lines of the Kathara Grid Structure. Each sphere and line of the Kathara Grid corresponds to the corresponding frequency band of the same number. So, Kathara Point 12 corresponds to frequency band 12, Kathara Point 11 corresponds to frequency band 11, etc.

When we re-learn how to "open" our "embodied" Kathara Points, in the correct sequence to run the Divine Energy Currents of God/Source through our template, we can begin to access our multi-dimensional Selves and to become aware of the vast Knowledge and Love held within them. When we work as conscious co-creators with the Divine Energy of God/Source, we are actually healing not only ourselves, but also assisting in healing the Planet and all life forms upon it.

The reason we have lost our knowledge of our "Inner Templar" and how to operate it, has to do with the "distortions" held within our Kathara Grid. These distortions have resulted in our amnesia about who we are and our True Nature and our perceived disconnection from our multi-dimensional Selves and God/Source. By consciously working with the Divine Energy Currents of God/Source, we can begin to heal these distortions and become the living, breathing, manifesting Christed Beings that God/Source intended us to be.

The Angelic Human race was created as a Guardian race. Our original Core Energetic Structure and DNA Template contains the knowledge of how to BE Guardians of our Planet Earth. Because of the distortions held in the Kathara Grid, we have lost this memory of our intended role on Earth in assisting and protecting Planet Earth on our combined evolutionary path. In order for us to remember this role, we need to begin by healing the distortions within our personal Kathara Grid. Our Race, Planet Earth and many other matter-forms in this reality system are relying on us to do just that.

"The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System is a 12-Level system"

At the time of this writing (2004), Levels 1- 3 have been brought through by the Speakers, Level 4 is in the process of being returned and the subsequent levels will continue to be brought through between now and 2012. The Kathara Levels are being returned to us in a specific order because our Inner Templar must be activated and healed in a specific sequence. The multiple layers of the Kathara Grid within our multi-dimensional anatomy require a careful process of rebuilding and healing, based on its original intended structure and the current distortion. It is similar to the process of re-building a damaged house. We must start with rebuilding the foundations, then the framework structures in a specific order.

In the sequential process of working with the Kathara Program, there are tangible chemical and physiological processes that occur within the cellular structures of our bodies. We currently have little conscious access to the data stored within our cells and DNA (termed "cellular memory") but as we access and heal our Inner Templar and DNA Template, we can begin to awaken this cellular memory. As we do this, our personal templates expand and allow for ever-increasing amounts of God/Source energy to flow through us. This allows for a process of awakening to occur in our bodies and minds, which in turn expedites our ability to integrate the information held within the Kathara program and information held within our bodies. The Kathara Program may seem difficult to understand at first, but with patience and persistence, consciously utilizing the Divine Energy Currents greatly assists in the process of understanding and integration.

bluesbaby5050: Reasons for learning Kathara-Primal Order

The PRIMAL ORDER of Manifestation Template (Morphogenetic Field - MF) represents the core mathematical and geometrical interrelationships of energy that consciousness takes on in order to enter the holographically projected experience of external space, time, matter and individuation.

All manifest forms, including the HUMAN BODY and PSYCHE, are built upon a Manifestation Template that begins with the Primal Order of Dimensionalization, through which the consciousness anchors itself into the Time Cycles of the Universal Manifestation Template Time Matrix, to begin the experience of evolution through time.

The Kathara Grid is the primary mathematical-geometrical organization of units of consciousness upon which Partiki units group to form morphogenetic field scalar grids.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 20)

No thing is truly manifest - it only appears to be so, due to the refraction of consciousness within the energetic relationships inherent to the Holographic Template - the original thought-form construct upon which our universal structure is perpetually created.

All creatures and things are Spiritual Beings having a Manifest Experience... No creature or thing can be even divorced from its innate spirituality, but only from the awareness of its nature. For life is the expression and substance of spirit - and manifest reality is but a Dreamscape, from which we eventually all awaken...

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 11)

Consciousness in the form of Partiki Units is the PRIMAL SUBSTANCE of which the cosmos is structured and Partiki Phasing is the perpetual PRIMAL ACT of reciprocal fission and fusion through which PRIMAL SUBSTANCE is brought into manifestation.

The mathematical and geometrical interrelationships of energy that consciousness takes in order to enter the holographically projected experience of external space, time, matter and individuation is the PRIMAL ORDER.

pasqualie: I just started doing the

I just started doing the mahara shield and the doradic current, and its amazing feeling. Just going through kathara 1 at moment, how far have you gone through the material

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