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by Tim Lovell on January 15th, 2014

Quinton, just an idea , how about adding a chat box/instant message box like in facebook or whatever where people can chat together faster than by forum posts , it might be good or mabey just non stop arguments dunno lol, but its an idea mabey?

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Crackdown: Great idea!

Would be more convenient to talk ;)

UN.i1-PHI: and what about polls?

to make members able to post polls, in some apart category so guests and members both can vote on certain interesting/important statements/questions etc, but for that i think it would be important to have not only statistics for the total of votes, but also more showing the members and guests vote statistics separate so you can distinguish whats voted by members and whats voted by guests because it could be expoited by sum ppl , perhaps an extra chart of (recent) the voting statistics would help to give more insight to them...

Crackdown: About member votes

Member votes should count if those members were verified: either
had a certain amount of comments (e.g. 50+) and posted at least one good article,
or manually approved by Quinton. That should help to get rid of fake registrations
"for voting only"

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