This is a Chart of the Dragon Dynasties

by bluesbaby5050 on September 22nd, 2013

This chart shows EN.KI'S SIDE. (On the left)

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Crackdown: What do you think about "Terra Papers" description of Annunaki?

Terra Papers tell that Annunaki is a group from 'ASA-RRR' empire. That this group is not a particular alien race (such as Reptilian), but that it consists from several alien races.


Though the reign of the SSS-T Queens on the Ninth Sector was seldom challenged, of great concern to the ARI-AN Queens were the movements and expansions of yet another race called 'RRR'. Evolved from vicious mammalian predators, the 'RRR' were still in the early stages of development, their thirst for expansionism unburdened by the softening that continual wars and time brought on.

For the RRR race, war was the entirety of existence, all else was meaningless. Life itself meant obedience and total commitment to the RRR Kings, anything less meant death. So quickly did they create their Empire, so ruthless were their techniques that the RRR would become known as 'ASA' or Over-Lords. In the Ninth Sector, the worlds of the RRR would be known as 'ASA-RRR'.


AN. UNNA. KI - in Sumerian language means "Those who Descended from heaven(sky) on Earth". Akkadian word "An-nun-na-ki" means "the fifty, who came down from heaven(sky) on Earth" . Annunaki - it is the creators of life. This is a group of scientists from Betelgeuse, and Sirius and other star systems. There includes - humanoids and reptiles and other races from space.

This group has lived here in ancient history, and were known to interbreed with the primitive Earth population, though they were not the only ones to do that. They are tall, standing 7-9 ft, some of them are much taller, so much as 36 ft, believe it or not. They are human in appearance. This group among others intentionally manipulated the human race, playing gods, manipulating society and indoctrinating belief systems and culture. The Annunaki are not all one and the same, they are groups, a collection of races from Orion, Betelgeuse and Sirius B.

Tim Lovell: the annunaki was the name for

the annunaki was the name for the group of ets from the family of Anu who were tasked with going down to the earth density to mine gold for the artificial planetoid nibiru to help galvanise its atmosphere against stellar radiation, these were the lower level of the family of anu anu/enki/enlil etc being the `royal` line so basically the annunaki were the ones tasked with working the gold up , they on the other hand didn't like this and asked to create a worker race from the natural seeded human species on the planet at that time `homo erectus` so enki who loved experimenting with genetics said yes and used his own dna to mix with homo erectus to create a worker race but the annunaki didn't like this so they unplugged most of the genome leave only the 2 strands plugged in basically preventing us from ever evolving or for a long time anyway, so it is really the family of anu not the annunaki who were only the name for those made to go down to earth and mine the gold.

bluesbaby5050: The Terra Papers are a good source of their Ancient history....

Because it explains clearly why/how this all came about. The Anunnaki TRIBES RUN IN THE THOUSANDS, about 250,000, and now more. The Anunnaki tribes, and the Orion Queens had fought a bitter bloody war that lasted over a million years!, And both sides took many casualties, and both sides had got tired of those wars, and so they came to terms, and they had a meeting with both sides of their Councils members. They formed a truce from this meeting, and they took a while, because they were fighting over the trade routes and the wormholes they traveled though, and many wormholes were destroyed because of those wars in this galaxy. They also installed tolls to be paid along those trade routes, or the traders that traveled on those routes were not allowed to use them, and so they would forfeit their goods, and this pissed many aliens off. Also a Royal female from the Orion Queen's Royal House agreed to a marriage to a royal member of the Royal House of the Anunnaki tribes to seal that deal. The Anunnaki had to agree to a portion of their goods to be paid on a regular basis to the Orion Queens, and this was also a part of that deal. The Orion Queens would send out informers to check up on the activities, to make sure that the Anunakki kept to the end of their bargain.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the mis-spelling on the last sentence.....

( It's Anunnaki ) I hope that I answered your question Crackdown, as it was not directed to anyone in particular.

Crackdown: Re: misspelling

Spelling does not matter much - form (meaning) is more important than a word. For me, the "Annunaki project" seems like a joint venture, with several extraterrestrial groups involved

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