Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Agenda/ Video. The Real Target is the Internet

Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Agenda/ Video.
The Real Target is the Internet. [click on to image to enlarge ]

Alexandra Bruce
July 9, 2015.

There is a new genre on YouTube: dozens of videos claiming that the Charleston Church shooting was yet another false flag event, staged to overturn the Second Amendment and to create a race war in the USA. There are videos of the would-be mourning family members acting quite artificially - and in some cases, appearing to make the same scripted statements at various televised events. There are even some clips claiming that there were no bodies from this attack on the church. I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing with these views, I'm just telling you about this recent proliferation of YouTube posts relating to this case, claiming that shooting was a hoax.

Redsilverj, the African-American creator of this clip is a staunch proponent of this narrative, citing the language of numerous articles from the Mainstream Media, which he sees as framing the alleged shooter, Dylann Roof, as a White Supremacist when in fact, he grew up with several close black friends, whose TV interviews are now beginning to come out, from ABC to BBC, showing them to be completely non-plussed by his alleged targeting of a black church, when they had never, over the course of the years of their friendship observed any evidence that Dylann held racist beliefs.

The story churned by officialdom is that Dylann morphed from a "smart, church-going" guy, according to his step-mother into a classic Lone Nut, by spending hours locked in his room, "looking at bad stuff on his computer," [aka the Internet], where he was "radicalized" by a Mississippi-based GOP hate group.

Redsilverj believes that the real target of this attack is the Internet, itself. He says the Internet is the "Wild West," the Last Frontier, over which the Powers That Be have little control - and they HATE this and will stop at nothing to get it under their control. (Some subscribers to this site have seen potential evidence of this).

Beneath his video post, Redsilverj writes:

"The 'race war'...and fake debates about what to call it are distractions...they are coming after the internet for this one... #CharlestonShooting #Staged #Hoax #DylannRoof"
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