Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary

Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary. Published on Feb 24, 2013.

Charlie Manson told us 1969 to go back to horse and grow our own food and try to avoid using electricity and lights! At least to use it less...
He was raising awareness for the ECO_WORLD and the importance of the clean air and animals on this planet!
Before no one would listen to this man....but those days are gone!
Now you are listening and actually think...Thats gonna be the first step to understand that Charlie Manson was a hobo, a wino, a pimp and a criminal and many more but INNOCENT in the Tate/LaBianca murders!
Those were the Tex Watson murders, please check the facts and ignore the fantasy stories...
Manson was released from McNeil Island in 1967 and built up a fast relationship with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson who let Manson live in his LA home next to Elvis and Jimmy Hendrix. The drifter criminal Charlie Manson suddenly found himself in Hollywood among all celebrities. And man they were mesmerised by Charlie. Not mistaken Charlie was a great musician wrote songs like Look at you game girl, My world, Invisible tears, Eyes of a dreamer or the song called Cease to exists (Never learn not to love you) which was released on the Beach Boys 20/20 album under Dennis Wilson's name. Charlie never got a Cent out of it.
So think this over once more please!
The man spent already almost 20 years in prisons of his then 32 years and he was released in 1967 and spent only 2 years outside and was involved such stars like Neil Young, Dennis Wilson and knew all the big names then. Is it normal? I dont think so. Manson was good. And he could sing like not many others that is why he ended up in Hollywood so quickly.
And the guy Manson supposedly a crazed cult leader but how the hell got he all his knowledge? He knows just about everything that goes on in the world if you check his interviews you will quickly arrive to the decision that the guy yes puts on an act but behind that act there is a very intelligent man. He speaks about Abraxas, Idi Amin, Mamma and Africa and all things are quite right what he says but you need to get through on your own prejudice and preconception. Thats when you will realise something else, that you missed before and will might understand more out of Manson and his story.

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Kal El: Manson, Neil Young, Dennis Wilson, Elvis & Hendrix ?

I never would have guessed he mixed in with those Super-men.
Too bad we got an interview that Diane (zero credibility) Sawyer did. She's spent.

bluesbaby5050: Here's a better interview.......

Here's another interview with Tom Synder. I viewed this one, and it is way better, and much more in depth, and interesting. Tom covers many topics, and issues with Charles Manson. In my opinion, Tom does a much better job then Diane Sawyer did. -

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