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Alright, I am fed up with people who claim that they can channel with Aliens on the other side of the Galaxy or the Universe... It's very annoying to see OTHERs believe that someone is actually channeling in front of them. So many "Channelers" on youtube actig like if this was true and not only that those who watch the videos or live streaming actually BELIEVE in such a thing.. and that is what annoys me most! I mean Cmon people! It is very obvious that those "channelers" are makin fool of themselves. Without showing any proof, they claim that they can do channeling and of course weak-minds just fall for it...

If you have any proof or any sense-making explanations please share with me. I sometimes wonder if people are just lying for attention or just being too ignorant and stupid to even make fool of themselves... some solid proof! Please!

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Terran resistance: to be honest i agree with you

i did a topic on channeling and spent about a month compiling a free ebook for my website with a question and answer session, but what was so weird about it was i was getting genuine answers, but the source of where they were coming from the "voices" would not disclose who they REALLY were so i stopped channeling and then i deleted the free ebook off of my website and feel like it was a waste of time. I reiterate that I believe they were genuine extraterrestrials but im not sure how it works, you dont know who you are channeling, and the answers are a bit vague unless you ask the question like four times in a row in a different manner.

Terran resistance: when you ask who they are in person

when you ask who they are in person, they just dodge the question. Weird shit does happen to people, but i wouldnt rely on voices that could be coming from anywhere when 1 in 100 people suffer from schizophrenia.

Terran resistance: How?

"Stuart/Stewart does indeed mean a lot. My step-dad, half sister, etc all have that last name. My step dad is a great guys also. I have not seen him in about 12 years, he lives in Oregon and I live on Utah (United States), and I just havent made a trip there."

How the fuck did I know that, see what i mean theres something to it, but i would say that 99% of channelers are frauds because they havent seen direct evidence of who they are channeling. The other 1% that are telling the truth they only get half-truths. They keep us ignorance for a reason you know there morks.

truthseeking_wolf: Question even if they dodge it...

If they dodge your question then you should remind them of not answering ur question and ask again

freedmftr88: I think any sort of channeling / telepathy is possible

I may not know as of know much on the subject of channeling Aliens in general. However since my Kundalini / Spiritual Awakening since my meet my Twin Flame , I have been given such an increase in my telepathic ability. Before it was just my Twin 9 years before we meet face to face but now I can channel my spirit guides but even non-born spirits and ex-spirits , some surprisingly well known.

I had this psychic friend of mine tell me that how he went about his psychic ability was using his spirit guides for guidance to start with.

So if Aliens can translate to human language, and if the individual has the spiritual ability to channel / telepathy , I say anything is possible. But it depends like spirits themselves , if the certain type of extraterrestrials are of good human friendly energy or not so friendly energy. I heard the same thing when it comes to Black Magick. There's human friendy demons and those who would turn their lives into a living breathing horror movie.

I think it's very interesting.

branton: Where are the aliens from?

Humanity's Ancient War With The 'Serpent Race'...

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