By Changing the Story, We Change Our World… Sustainable Human video

by bluesbaby5050 on November 15th, 2014

By Changing the Story, We Change Our World… Sustainable Human
It Is Time to Re-Imagine the Story
of the World in Which We Wish to Live

Alexandra Bruce
November 11, 2014

This clip expresses the basic manifesto of the Sustainable Human group, which reminds one of the ideas being put forward by South African author/speaker, Michael Tellinger, both in his works of revisionist history of early man and in his solution to the blockades standing in the way of a workable and freedom-loving future for humankind, which he calls "Ubuntu". Many of Tellinger's ideas are echoed in the works of other alternative thinkers and futurologists, including David Wilcox:

"If life on Earth is to not only survive but thrive, we must change the narrative of modern civilization.

"The world we have inherited is built on a unsustainable story of infinite resources, limitless waste and endless competition with one another, degrading both our planet and humanity.

"It is time to re-imagine the story of the world in which we wish to live - one that enables each of us to develop our unique gifts and give them freely to the world.

"Sustainable Human asks you to help change the story. Find out how."

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pasqualie: The problem here is Globalization

The G8 countries of europe and north america and australia well they have developed their industries and markets as well as raised their standards of living.

With globalization I dont think they will be able to tell China and India not to industrialize. Because its kind of like being a hypocrite telling someone not to do something when they themselves are doing it. As well companies depend on increasing profits and the only way to keep this going is to develope and raise the standard of living in china and india where the goal is every person has a house and 2 cars.

Also even if they told the chinese and indians not to do it, i dont think they would listen.

Its similar to americans after chopping down most of their trees, telling the brazilians they should not do it because its not environmentally good for them or the world. Same situation there. Large population, they need to keep people working and they want to raise their standard of living to a house and 2 cars for every family.

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