The Mission of the Star Nations, is vast and different, Humans are a Direct Result of the Fingerprints of the Gods,Humans are a direct result of Genetic Manipulation to advance the developement of Homo Erectus.

Humans did Evolve from Apes but they recieved a helping hand by the Extraterrestrials. You call them Gods, Divinities, Star Beings, and Legendary Heroes.

When One Supreme Being Descended upon the Earth his Mission was to Create a Worker Species that would be Intelligent and Loyal to the Canus Dogs of Sirius. It was the Sirius Empire that needed Workers to Mine the Gold of Earth for the Orion Serpent Queens.

Lord Enki ( Aya ) descended upon the Earth and changed the Landscapes of Earth because it was all Water, he Terra Formed the Earth and Seeded the Earth with Plants and Animals.

Then he proceeded with the Creation of Humanity, he found a Beast from Sirius & Earth known to the Dog Beings as the Appa ( A Primate ) and he started to incorporate the DNA of Star Beings into the Evolution of the Appa.

He insiminated his Sister Ninhersag Scientifically and she gave Birth to the First Adamu Humans. You call the First Two Experiments Adam & Eve.

The Gardens of Eden were nothing more then Extraterrestrial Settlements for the Creation of a Worker Force to Mine the Gold of Earth to ship via Spaceships so that the Gold can be Refined on Sirius and Delivered to the Orion Star system for the Orion Reptilian Queens.

Lord Aya ( Enki ) wasn't really interested in the Business of Mining Gold he was really interested in Creating Life for the sake of Life itself, he was interested in Creating Life so that it can find it's own Destiny and Free Will.

His Father King Anu saw what was going on and he then sent Prince Enlil to Earth to handle the Business better so that the New Workers Adam & Eve's would be worked hard to Mine the Gold for the Two Empires Sirius & Orion.

Prince Enlil descended upon the Earth and started to Work the Human Projects to Death, Prince Enlil ( Yahweh ) didn't care about the Slaves because they were just Beasts.

Lord Enki ( Aya ) was very Angry with his younger Brother Enlil and he came to him and told him, " Brother what are you doing!?", and Prince Enlil said " I am fullfilling the Mission we need to Mine the Gold with these Mindless Beasts".

Lord Enki said " They are not Mindless they are Special Beasts with Gifts, do not work them untill Death my Brother".

Prince Enlil " Ha ha ha ha, Special Beasts?, Yes Special for Mining Gold nothing Else, ha ha ha!".

The Lord of Creation was Boiling Hot and very Angry, and he said " So my Dear Brother Mindless and Dumb Beasts, we will see about that!".

Lord Enki ( Aya ) went to the Encampment ( Eden ) and took some of the Humans ( Beasts in the Eyes of Yahweh ) and began to Inject the Human Experiments with Extra DNA and the Knowledge of Knowing Self, Free Will, Destiny and the knowledge Experiencing Pleasure.
Lord Enki said " ha ha ha , Oh Dear Brother , they are Beasts no more, they now have the Knowledge of the Dogs ( Gods )".

Many years have passed in the Eden Outpost and Prince Enlil was doing an Inspection of the Mining of the Gold, he saw some of the Human Slaves having Sex, Partying, and having Picnics. Prince Enlil was furious and he summoned his Brother Lord Enki to his Chambers, " Brother!, Brother!( Screaming ), what have you done!!". Lord Enki said I have done what I believe was right, I have given the Humans Free Will and the Ability to have Sex and the ability to Experience Pleasure, I have given the Human Slaves the way of the Dogs, the Way of Sirius A & B".

Prince Enlil " What you have done is Sacriledge,if the Serpent Queens find out they will Execute you and punish our Race, you have done the single and most Evil thing that both our Star Systems can Imagine, you have given these Beasts Free Will, Passion & the Ability to Mold their Own Destiny, Brother!, Leave here Immediately before I tell Our Father King Anu!, Leave Immediately".

Lord Enki, " I have seen what Slavery was like on Sirius and I hate Slavery, I have given these Beasts the Gift that wasn't available in our Empire Enlil, what I have done I was compelled to do!".

Prince Enki "So be it!, Brother , what I do now I am compelled to do, Let it be known to all the Annunaki that my Brother Enki, will be Deemed Evil and that he has undone everything that our Empire has worked for, let be known that my Brother will be Known as the Devil of all things that are Anti- Government and Anti-Empire, let be known that my Brother the Lord of Creation, be deemed Evil in the all Holybooks Written so that the Beasts he so loved, hate him and despise him".

Enki was banished from the Garden, he then continued the Experiment in Africa and Created a New Adamu the Black Races and there on Africa the Black Races were free and Danced and Hunted for food, they were free.

King Anu then Summoned the two Brother Prince Enlil and Lord Enki to Sirius, King Anu said " Dear Sons do not fight among one another,have you kept up with the Resources for our Refineries?", Enlil " Yes Father but my Brother Enki has done the Unthinkable, he has given the Slaves of Earth Free Will & Destiny".

King Anu " What!, What!, What!, Enki!!!!!! ( Screaming )".

Enki said " Yes Father I have given the Beasts these Special Gifts because we have no right in abusing Sacred Beings which we have manipulated into Slavery".

King Anu said " Son I understand you but if we do not mine the Gold for the Queens of Orion they will punish our People, the Dogs Councils will wage War against me as well as the Draco, we cannot have this so head back to Earth and kick out the Slaves that resist the Hard Work and keep the Slaves that are Obedient to the Word of your Brother Yahweh ( Enlil)".

Enki " But Father they have the right to Free Will and Destiny, Enough!!, Enki if you care about these Humans so much then let them see if they can Survive the harsh wilderness, if they can be Responsible for their Own lives without the Supervision and Enslavement of the Gods they will be Free!, ha ha ha!, this is their Mercy I will give them'.

Prince Enlil " But Father!, this cannot happen!".

King Anu "Silence!!, this is my Decision and it is final".

Then Enlil & Enki returned to Earth and the Battle for Man began, Prince Enlil tried to wipe out Humanity through the Flood and Enki saved them.

Then later Enki's Son Marduke kicked out Prince Enlil and his father Enki and followed the Serpent Queens Orders with the use of his Trusted Priests the Pharoahs and the Children of the Gods.
Marduke changed his name and called himself RA.

the The Elite Families oppressing Mankind are still here as well as the Reptilians who threw out RA .


The ball is now in the Court of the Humans , do they want Freedom or Tyranny they must Decide, they Better Decide Freedom.


Native WBE America-Wolf Spirit and Wolf Prayer

Magic by Olivia Newton john- with lyrics

Robert Morningsky-Star Elders Part 1-10/14

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Tarheel: Nice encapsulation of The Story, Edi.

Very good "Reader's Digest" version.

obsrvantlouie: BORING!!!

All you've done is add words to the "TERRA PAPPERS". More fluff from you and I suppose you should clarify when you say "divine right to live free" and advise this pertains to everyone but homosexuals.

How much do they pay you by the hour?

Tim Lovell: HAHA lmao nice one obsrv :)

HAHA lmao nice one obsrv :) but seriously guys people have been posting so many ( some excellent I might say btw) posts but please lets people read them and digest them first before you post yet another 12 new posts!! ... just sayin :)

bluesbaby5050: Time is of the Essence...

There is not much time left until 2030. The momentum is picking up at a rapid pace. So people need to learn as much as possible so they can understand what is really happening, and WHY, so they can prepare for the collapse that WILL HAPPEN, and needs to happen for the new changes to take their place. There is a collapsing of the monetary system at a slow pace, that will affect everyone globally. And this is a slow process so as not to alert the masses, so time has NOT BEEN ABLE TO RE-SET, and I posted the real reason WHY. That's WHY I posted the TRUTH, so that people will know the REAL REASON of why things have occurred in the last 20 years. ( Most new members are only 20 years old, or in their early 30's, and have not experienced the decades of covert influences that have taken place on this planet. And so I took the time to log everything as posted in lengthy manner lately, sorry for those that can't keep up, because time is important in the next 2 decades. So please do try to read, and digest this information when you can.

Tim Lovell: yes yes BB I know and am

yes yes BB I know and am sorry I didn't mean that , I was trying to get people to get the overall; picture trust me I know :)

obsrvantlouie: BB...

Can you advise why 2030; if you have already posted info on this in another forum please let me know. Also, too somewhat echo Tim's sentiment...I see your point of view regarding "time is of the essence" but I think at one point it becomes information overload. You have a lot of fantastic information to share and I would never ask you not to share it. However, perhaps you could organize or disseminate it in such a fashion so that you are not adding a forum topic every 5 seconds? The waters are muddy enough and like I said at one point the advanced info you advise can/could be information overload for some and it makes it somewhat difficult to keep up with.

Just a thought....and I do have one more in closing. I feel like "time is of the essence" has been the motto since all the hype to 2012...and 2012 came and went. I'm not saying that time isn't of the essence because the agenda does seem to be advancing in some areas however I see that in other areas the masses are starting to recognize the charlatans and the charade (Syria, GMO just to give 2 examples of where persons are becoming more aware). Gerald Celente has been running around yelling panic, fire, scream and shout for how long now? Ofcourse the market is going to crash - it's designed to; and it will crash exactly when the PTB ALLOW IT TO.

People who are in the know will prepare to the best of their ability; people who aren't will run round screaming fire like Celente.

I am of the opinion focusing/speculating on when the crash will happen is ill advised and for lack of a better word a waste.

bluesbaby5050: I don't follow Gerald Celente.......

Or Alex Jones etc. I never put a date/timetable such as 2012 on anything either ( Too many people have done this already). With all the changes happening every where on this planet, people need to be reminded to be prepared on The Inside, as well as the outside. Most recent information given lately has not been posted on this site at all. Some of it has been on other sites over time, and some sites don't exists anymore, making it now even harder to find. I don't feel the world populations are on overload as you say. In fact they are still waking up, and it will take many years for them to find the answers, and piece it all together. It does not happen once a person becomes awake. They will be searching just like the new comers here. So I took some time to gather some important information to be added on to Truth Control for the people that are lucky enough to find this site. And that's why none of the recent information was on TC. I did a search here, and none of what I posted was on here. Some people in the past before you, and others joined TC, had asked for a lot of what I had been posting, and where they could find it, because it was not to be found on TC. Your the only one that made this complaint. If new, and important information is not added to TC so that it can keep on flourishing, then it will become stagnant, and only the old ancient history of the Gods/Kods will remain on here, as was the case in the early days of Truth Control. And some of the information has been removed from this site when this site was reformatted. It has gone though a big change, and some of the older members remember this, and they even said they could not find what was once here, and that it was gone. This information is on TC now so that it can be saved, and some people are even downloading it to study later, and to be able to pass on all this knowledge from this site. It has been made easier to find it when people come to TC to search for the answers they say they were looking for; and now it is stored on here. I myself have searched in the past, and I could not find a lot of the recent information I listed. It is about the world governments and why all the wars took place, and what countries were involved, and the reasons behind the wars. It is the true hidden history of this planet. People that come to TC can read this material at their own leisure, and no one is being rushed to read it before any given time table, because I did state this when I presented this material in the very beginning. The changes are going to take at place 25-30 years OR more from now, as I already had made this statement in the recent posts. All the information I posted was not all about the same thing. It does vary on different topics as can be seen when people reads any of it. No one has to read all of it anyways. They should read what feels right FOR THEM, and just move on to something else. And NO one has to believe any thing that is written. They can DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES AS STATED ALSO.

obsrvantlouie: All I'm saying is

QUALITY VERSUS QUANTITY - you posted two stories about Jesus who is most likely a fictional character just like all the other pagan/mythological deities. At the very least you could have combined Jesus the rescuer and Jesus the warrior into one post and gave us your thoughts.

I'm not discouraging your posts....just asking for a little more quality and organization. Who gives a fuck what Putin allegedly said...and WHO THE FUCK cares what Palin has to say?

Come on better than Sarah Palin.

bluesbaby5050: I'm better then Palin, because

I don't indorse torture on any human being, or on any animal for that matter, and she does, as well as many others do. I should not be compared to her in the first place! And as for the way I post information, it is for me to decide how to go about it. If you don't like it, then don't read any of it. Just skip my postings altogether, it's that simple. Quinton never had a problem with my work, and this is his site. He seems to like it also, because he does post it on the front page as is noticed by many. You should be thankful for the information being posted here, and not find fault with it's presentation, or it's content. The messages are for the whole world, and not just for the few. At least I make the effort to share with others. I don't make postings on other sites as you did mention this before. I am not interested in other sites, unless they have important information that would be helpful to people, and is worth going to the trouble to give this information to others so that they can benefit from it too. What I do here is far from selfish. I'm not here to please people, only to help people by sharing important information with them. Sorry you don't see it this way. Let's see if you can do any better, and find some time too as well. I also work during my days at a real paying job helping others, and I still take the time to give freely of myself to this site.

obsrvantlouie: You are operating from pride

I never told you not to post; I said exactly the opposite. Simple observation shows that many of your recent posts lack substance...while the lion share of the post you make are very enlightening and informational. All I was trying to say was to "slow down" a bit and perhaps make stronger and more quality posts instead of random series of posts every 5 seconds. No knock at you as I have been very clear about my respect for your posts but Quinton has to post something on the main page and I'm sorry that I and others have not been able to spend the time needed to script quality posts and Quinton is being reduced to posting about Sarah Palin.

You are missing my point which was a simple request to organize and disseminate your information so that you do not need to be autistic to catch the flow of your message. Your forum post "a message from the angels" = a wonderful, thoughtful, contemplative and inspirational post. Your post about Sarah Palin = trash and waste of your time and others.

You are smart enough to know what I am saying and see the difference. If you want to get your feewings hurt and operate from your pride go ahead.

I have voiced my opinion.

bluesbaby5050: Your passing judgement, and being critical.......

As for Quinton, he does not have to post my work either, but he does make his choice regardless of what people may think he should do. Like I said before, it's his choice of what to post on any page, it's his web site, and he can do with it what he wants. He can, and sometimes does post his own work on the front page as well. I do not operate from pride as you like to call it. I just go about my business as usual, hoping that people will benefit from what is being given to them. Like I said before, if you think you could do any better then what I have done, then go ahead and please do it. I am not here to compete against members, only to share with the members, and the other people from all parts of this planet that are able to visit this web site. We could use the help informing the world, so please join in with what knowledge you have to share here as well. Everyone is welcome to do so. Thanks for your comments.

chianka: Thank you for doing your work

Thank you for doing your work at this time. All info is needed.

dvogel: Very fictional indeed.

As you said OL, Jesus is a fictional character. He is actually the representation of the sun and the 12 apostles are the 12 signs of the zodiac. More or less all of the stories of Jesus are copied mainly from Egyptian mythology. The Christians sometimes even show this themselves, without admitting it though.

There is a reason that none of the great writers who lived during the time that Jesus supposedly lived, didn't write a word about him.

Tarheel: OL

I respect your free will, and we love ya but last time I checked, The Sumerian Tablets were a little bit ahead of Terra Papers. Of course, The Tablets have been interpreted and re-interpreted. I did notice that the story about where the gold went is now NOT for Nibiru's atmosphere, but rather to be refined for the OQ's. IU NEVER fully bought the original Nib Atmos story, unless of course you take into account that their atmosphere could mean in the King's Chambers (lmao).

I assure you, Edi has given props to RMS before, and I am sure he will again at some juncture. Could WE maybe allow for an expression of free will by Edi? We allow yours and mine. It's just that you sound a tad venomous.


UN.i1-PHI: Anu took over AlAl who had a OQdeal for territory, so now he pay

yea its said that Niburu needed it for their depleting atmosphere but they also had to pay OQ's because they got the gold from earth
so i guess they(anu) had to pay off the Orion Queens because Former/Ex- King Al Al made a barter with them(OQ's) for this solar system in exchange for resources/gold, as he knew his throne was to be kicked by Anu, so he he fled,got lost and settled on Mars and Tiamat in this Bod/Baad Star System, wich contained gold and made a barter to become the King Olympus, as Anu refused any bargaining(ALAL offered the gold to solve the nibiru's problem, but wished that he maintain being the King of Sirius) but he was defeated to the ground by anu in a fight and when anu laid his leg on him he(ALAL) bit off his(ANU's) privates and swallowed it and intoxicated him, leaving him to die on mars, but he had a son who we call Cronus wich was too concerned for his own throne so he would (def)eat his own children but Zeus' continued his destiny as he was kept saved/sheltered and he was so abitious and grew so strong he later almost defeated anu in the great interstellar war of Orion,Sirius and Olympus

Zeus was defeated and is imprisoned probably somewhere in ORION doing his time and hungry for a revenge for justice

but my point was that because zeus' grandfather AlAl bartered this solarsystem in return for gold to Orion and after died because of ANU,so now ANU had to pay gold mined from earth to Orion as they were now occupying Alal's territory(&throne) wich was a contract between Alal and the OQ's, so the deal/dept passed on and so if anu won't pay the orion queens much and fast enough, there would be WAR AGAIN,

so this is also why Anu was so stressed and called enlil in to rush things up on earth with the gold mining operation, En.Ki was creating life, having fun, and operating the gold mining in a humane way so they didnt mind it so much, but when enlil came, he brought hell upon the becoming paradise, he worked the annunacrew to death and everyone got sick of him and wanted him gone, so they rebelled and nearly killed this spoiled brat called enlil, things were chaotic and anu had to come down to bring order and a solution for this gold mining dilemma;
enki was a master geneticist and could genetically splice and engineer beings, and he offered an solution together with his sister, to create a worker race, as a labour force to help them with the gold mining operation, enki was a being with love for other beings and his own creations, but for Anu and enlil this adamu project was only to be obedient slaves without free will and smart enought to follow and perform orders, but enki ofc hated slavery and rebelled by using his own dna plus of many other races and for him humanity was to become more than just temporary gold diggers, but to become divine beings composed of DNA from many ET races so that they would be able to find and bring Peace and Harmony in the midst of all the (racial) chaos of ET Wars/&Biznis

Enki was punished/prosecuted and even killed later for all the good things he did for humanity
The tyrants try so hard, but what he did can not just be undone like that!

bluesbaby5050: Nice summery......

That's all very true. A very long family story made short enough to get the jest of it all. This family story is well documented in detail on this site from the many members that have studied, and did the research, and contributed to it along with Annunaki77, and Edisonik, and Quinton. And the gold is STILL VERY MUCH IN DEMAND RIGHT NOW TO THIS VERY DAY! The Dept still has to be paid, and this is why the gold is disappearing, and being shuttled off this planet! If this GOLD DEPT from this contract is not kept then the wars will begin again, and we surely do not want this, because those ancient wars last over a MILLION YEARS, and those wars between these two alien races are very brutal, and very fierce, and the humans are caught in the middle! An agreement/ contract was made between the Anunnaki, and the Orion Queens, and it is only temporary, and that's why the million year old wars ended back then. Both sides were sick of the wars, and both sides suffered the deaths of many generations to those wars in this galaxy, and this is WHY the contract came about.

obsrvantlouie: respect

Free will; you sound quite hypocritical right meow. You want me to allow for Edi' have I not? Are you allowing for mine? I am simply reminding the audience of his prior words just as you say he has given prior respect to RMS (Robert Morning Sky).

I would venture to bet that you are correct the tablets came before the terra papers and I would also venture to bet that RMS came before Edi. It's fluff because he has said this shit a THOUSAND TIMES OVER. I expect more and better from alleged persons who can alter reality....I expect better and more enlightening information and until he provides or admits otherwise I will continue to remind people of his contradictory actions and messages.

I never told EDi not to speak....I merely pointed out that he is boringly paraphrasing the terra papers of which he gives NO MENTION TO 'RMS' and how he his full of shit when he says allow for freedom of expression because he is an admitted homophobe.

Tim Lovell: btw a lot of people know who

btw a lot of people know who everyone is on this site some are in the light just know this ok

Tim Lovell: mortal.... get it?... not

mortal.... get it?... not sayin just ....

Tim Lovell: btw sry for being a dick hehe

btw sry for being a dick hehe

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