Cellphone Radiation, Wi-fi Internet Cancer, Cell Phone Health, Electromagnetic Radiation /Video

Cellphone Radiation, Wi-fi Internet Cancer, Cell Phone Health, Electromagnetic Radiation /Video. This Is Why WiFi Has Been Banned from
Schools in France.

July 2, 2015
Alexandra Bruce.

This is an excellent Australian report about a conversations that is being had rigorously, throughout Europe and starting in Australia, but which previous reports here have shown that any questioning about the safety standards of cell phones and WiFi devices, which have been released into market may have several deleterious health effects, especially upon children.

This is why WiFi has been banned from schools in France and in several other districts of Europe.

This is definitely a conversation that Americans should be having, with the rapid roll-out of SmartMeters, which are part of the SmartGrid and the "Internet of things."

Not satisfied with collecting all of our phone, browsing and email data, the North American Governments are busily ramming through the construction of the Smart Grid, which can be monitored and whose accounts are billed through SmartMeters, which have been shown to emit extremely "dirty" electricity, which is definitely harmful to human health.

- See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/radiation-poisoning/cellphone... MORE Here With Video - http://drsircus.com/medicine/dangers-wifi-ipad MORE here - https://educatingwellness.leadpages.net/hedron1/

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HebrianDaniel: arent electromagnetic pulse

arent electromagnetic pulse is also our Aura energy?
i know the inside body we have Electro Static and our aura is Electro magnetic.
now what difference between EM radiatoin to EM Aura?

HebrianDaniel: P.S I barely use smartphone

P.S I barely use smartphone :P
only when its about something really importent ofc....

LoliApolys: well cancer has risen ever since cell phone use

exspecaly brain cancer. its not so much that it messes with your aura as the wave length of energy it puts off. go back to high school science for the chart of wave lengths for radio all the way to an x ray. were dose cell phones in general fit into this then take in that most kids and teens have this to there face 20 to 30% of the day exspcaly in the early use of cell phones before texting was a big thing. having any amount of energy wave that close to your body almost 19 hours a day for years the body just dose not have defense for such a fast tech evolution. it was round 2012 that i started to become scaraly sensitive to wave lengths. i have a hard time keeping my cell phone next to my face dew to the fact that energy it puts off feels like its melting my face after a minute. i can not have it near my body with out my odder box to be carried. it seems to be thick enough for the screen to not bother me. i use wifi head phones to take calls. and i do have a smart watch but the wifi wavelengths do not seem to bother me as much. iam sensitive enough to tell when the doctors take my x rays i have freaked them out. its kind of like some one shooting you with a high powered nail gun only the nails are needles and there is a lot of them. x.x the bad thing is i get the same feeling of having the cellphone to my face as i do standing in front of the microwave. @[email protected] so maybe its cell phones radiation thats making the world dumb by killing your brain. ever wonder why texting became the fad? because cellphone company knew that there products were causing cancer to your brain. read the warning labels on the new phones. but still wifi is free energy floating around and the bodies of anything on this planet hasn't had enough time to evolve. so people when you cant have children or you get butt cancer ask your self were have you put your cell phone on your persons for the last 10 years?

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