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by Chris on May 29th, 2014

The ExoNews TV episode released today is the first in a five part series about the explosive testimony of Captain K an anonymous whistleblower, who claims he served as a member of an elite Marine Corps unit that provides personnel for a secret military bases on the Moon, Mars and other parts of the solar system. He describes a break away human civilization that operates in outer space. Captain K agreed to give over five hours of video testimony of his experiences which have been recorded via Skype, and will first be released as audio files.
In part one of this series, we learn about Captain Kaye’s background where he began having strange experiences with extraterrestrials as far back in his childhood as he could recall. He believes that external intervention in his life, whether by aliens or U.S. military, went as far back as the time of his conception where his DNA was altered.

At five years of age, Captain Kaye was recruited into a covert US Marine Corps training program for super soldiers called Operation Moon Shadow. 300 children, both males and females, were involved in Operation Moon Shadow. Training took place at Marine Corps facilities. He was trained to develop his strength, agility and strategic thinking that would be needed later in his military service for off world missions. He recalled that at age 13, training shifted to include live weapons and working with adult special forces personnel who were both puzzled and impressed by the adolescents they were training

A new whistleblower has come forward to claim that he spent 17 years on Mars serving at a secret military
base whose main mission was to protect five civilian space colonies. In exclusive testimony released today on ExoNews TV, the whistleblower, who uses the pseudonym, Captain Kaye, said that the Mars Defense Force recruits personnel from different military services. He claims that he was recruited from a covert branch of the U.S. Marine Corps called “Special Section.”
Captain Kaye’s testimony reveals that the main human colony on Mars is called Aries Prime which is located inside a crater. Aries Prime serves as the headquarters for the Mars Colony Corporation. According to Captain Kaye, the air is breathable on the surface of Mars, and the temperature could be warm at times.

He claims that there are two indigenous species on Mars, both of which are highly intelligent. One of these was a Reptilian species that was very aggressive in defending its territory. The other was an Insectoid species that was equally capable of protecting its territory. He said that indigenous Martians are not particularly interested in expanding their territory, only maintaining it. Captain Kaye said that as long as the Mars Defense Force and Mars Colony Corporation did not encroach on the territory of the indigenous Martians, there would be stable relations.
After serving 17 years of a 20 year tour of duty, events changed dramatically when virtually all combat personnel from the Mars Defense force were asked to retrieve an extraterrestrial artifact from a cave sacred to the indigenous Reptilians. Captain Kaye described how over 1000 men and women were killed in a subsequent battle and only 28 of his colleagues, including himself, survived.

For Part 1, Super Soldiers & Operation Moon Shadow go to:
To listen to the full audio of Part 1, go to:

For Part 2, Mars Defense Force: Defending Human Colonies go to: listen to the full audio of Part 2, go to:

For Part 3, Earth Defense Force: Secret Space Fleet go to:
To listen to the full audio of Part 3, go to:

For Part 4 - Physical age regression & regaining wiped memories go to:
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Part 5 of Captain K's testimony where he describes his direct experiences with clones infected with a Zombie virus, an extraterrestrial manual, Nazi Eugenics, and holographic healing modalities
To listen to the ExoNews TV broadcast of this interview go to:

Full Audio - Capt K Interviews Part 5 - Zombie Virus, ET Civilizations, Nazis & Holographic Healing

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Tim Lovell: thanks for these chris I was

thanks for these chris I was trying to find something about this ,...I believe they use the tr3b for this I think?

bluesbaby5050: Then you should of asked me Tim..........

And then I would of sent you these links on Captain Kaye.

bluesbaby5050: Great post Chris............

I see you found Captain Kaye, and his information about the Secret Black Opts.Super-Soldiers project on Mars. I listened to all of these 2 weeks ago. The remainder of 28, out of 1000 super-soldiers were finally rescued when a portal opened above their heads, and they were lifted upwards, and sucked out of the nest. Too bad, because they got surrounded by the reptilians. Some only made it half way out because of the Event Horizon that took place. They were warned not to go there in the first place, especially when they got stuck in the reptilians nest, and were all sliced to pieces like a blender, and then their portal opened above their heads. Their Radio transmission signals were being jammed by the reptilians ahead of time, and this is why they lost so many S. Soldiers. There are also Insect soldiers on Mars, as this was also reported by Captain Kaye. This part should make you happy Chris, as most of us older members know how much you want your own insect army some day. I'm glad you posted this for the readers on TC. Short note: As had been reported to Secret US. officials of the Secret Black Opts. Projects, there are only 2 races that are native to Mars right now, they are the remnants of survivors of the Last Great wars in the ancient history of our solar system, and this is why the Van Allen Asteroid Belt exists today. There are also many other alien races that visit Mars from time to time, and they do their own research, and then leave as was stated by the Secret Black Opts. government involved in the ON GOING Super-Soldier project on Mars. They have re-activated the ancient bases of the Adam base, and the Eve Base that was build very many thousands of years ago. There have since been in the recent 1980's colonies from Earth living, and mining, and doing research in many fields of research, and they have been busy recording, and logging so much information, and this is why those S. Soldiers were in this rept. nest to recover some ancient objects, and this was only one of their missions.There are also aliens presently living on the moons of many planets inside this solar system that the governments do not want you/us to know about. This solar system is teaming with very many different advanced alien life forms that have been living, and working in this solar system for thousands of years now. This is also why they have installed Killer Satellites facing outer space, and this is to shoot down very many alien beings, and their spaceships, and hey are using the Particle Beam Rays to do this. That's another reason we have not had many landings, and only some flybys. Most of them are connected with our worlds governments, and this is why they are allowed to enter our air space. There is a very big mass cover-up going on here.

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