Can't hurt to introduce myself, right?

by Fal on April 30th, 2011

As you probably guessed, my name really is not Fal. I have quite a few aliases, but I chose to use the closest to me at this current time. I do not wish to make claims about myself that are untrue and unbelievable. So I will just state that "I am me".

After stumbling across this site I felt drawn to it, almost a need to return, unlike sites of similar topic. So, I decided to make an account and 'voice' my presence, so to speak.

P.S. I fumbled on the mouse just as I was finishing my previous introduction, mis-clicked and sent myself to a different page, erasing what I had composed. This is just a shorter less detailed version of what I typed.


Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control and

Welcome to Truth Control and thanks for joining :) I'm glad you decided to join and introduce yourself!

highplainssister: Friends

If a person wants to know something about me, why don't they simply come right out and ask the question, why the game, why this farse, are you a psycho analyst with nothing better to do with your time ect. .... It is not nice to deceive people unless it really is a joke, nothing wrong with a little pretense jokeing once in a while,. a sharade can only go so far, then you get tired and almost sick of it. I don't like this game no more. Friends arn't suppose play your mind like that.

Fal: I didn't come to this site to

I didn't come to this site to ask you questions. I didn't know you were even in existence until I came here. I just happened to stumble across this website on Google about a week ago. Why would I waste my time with deception? If you are so afraid of me hiding something, why don't you ask me questions instead of throwing condescending remarks at me?

There is nothing wrong with analyzing. It saves me from making mistakes. I do not like making mistakes. True, I make mistakes still, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't spend time making more. There is too much of that going on as it is. People think they have to jump off the bridge because 1000 other people did it. Well, I am the 999th guy saying "Well, they're dead, and I'm not". I don't have to jump off the bridge to see what is going to happen. So, person 1000, me, has the common sense to not to do something when there is a good chance it will bite me in the ass.

If you want to be friends, you should be more friendly.

Here's a little hint about myself. I am usually a very serious person, and my sense of humor tends to wrap around irony. If you are just poking fun, throw a little "haha" or " ;) " in the post just to show you aren't just saying things to sound mean.

I'll be awaiting your questions, should you have any.

Genio: Im not sure what you two are

Im not sure what you two are babbling about but theres no sense in arguing about something like this. If your gonna argue or discuss something make it something informational. And it doesnt hurt to add a "=)" just to set a good mood.

Fal - ive been on this site for a while now, i come and go because things get a little crazy sometimes. But for the most part this site is great, it has alot of answers. And people who are different from what you would find on FB, jaja, people here are usualy cool. Cuz they are in search of truth not friends your never gonna meet =P. But anyways, welcome to the site

It would be good to hear any information you wanna share

Fal: Thanks for the welcome. I

Thanks for the welcome. I agree with you about the babbling. I don't know what comment started it. Maybe it was all of them, and may continue to be things I say. I guess I'll just deal with it in a nicer way as opposed to my analytical neutral stance.

Everyone here does seem really cool, but on their own different levels. I am more or less interested in the technologies that the space faring races use. I am a tech guy, what can I say. =]

Anyway as much as I just LOOOOOVE being an attention whore *sarcasm* I think we should probably move on to the more important matters at hand.

Genio: Fal

I agree with you, lets make something out of this forum.

and by technologies that the space faring races use, you mean alien technology right ?
I'm also interested in this, i believe that alot of the technology we have today is actualy alien technology that was traded in exchange for control and other deals that our governments and the aliens have. And of course our government keeps the best stuff for themselves im sure we have amazing technology that we just have never seen because it probably is used for mass control and warfare. But i would LOVE to see and even use some advanced technology

highplainssister: Serious

This web site is being manipalated to the hilt, no matter what ya say or what they say you don't know who in the hell you are talking to, being on the internet is fun but not a very good way to communicate, I got a very serious suggestion why don't you put live chat on here then I would know who I was talking to , and not be suspicious that it the cops or something, or how about a few personal e-mails with a rapport that wouldn't the same as a person would speak of on a wide open forum, this is not one of my jokes. No ha. There is lot deception here on this site. No one wants to say who they really are and if you are not too dense it is easy to figure they are hiding something, you know some one is hiding basic fundamental info, how can you trust them.

Fal: I agree, with you about

I agree, with you about deception. I wrote a paper about deception on the internet at school. Live chat would be nice to implement, but then we wouldn't have logs of the information discussed about unless someone made a new topic and posted it in there with a date and time. It would also render the point of a BB forum moot.

As for me not saying who I really am. If you want to know, send me a with questions. I am not sure anyone else cares to know who I am, and if they do, they can do the same.

Names on here are more than likely just aliases for everyone, even you, highplainssister. I don't see you throwing your name and other credentials around, and if you did how would we know it is real?

Truth is a nickname given to me by my gaming comrades several years ago due to my honest nature and ability to make the truth "shine" in matters I involve myself in. So, there you have it, a bit more about me.

Annunaki77: Highplainsister you are a Disinfo Agent

I know exactly who you are , our Scout ships already flew by your Unit, where you use Internet, they pay you well don't they.
All the Information here is Razor Sharp, and you are wrong about this forum, if this forum is wrong please leave, if cannot commune with the Gods, leave immediately.

This is not a Joke, the Gods mean business.

Chris: Known Renegade E.T. Groups:

Known Renegade E.T. Groups:

1.) Nibiru: Sirius-B; Betelgeuse.

2.) Jehovah: En-lil tribe of Nibiru.

3.) Kamagol: Renegade Pleiadian group (possibly Aldebaran or Alcyone).

4.) Ashtar Command: Aldebaran; Orion Group.

5.) Giza Intelligence: Aldebaran; Sirius-B.

6.) Galactic Con-federation: Sirius-B; Orion Group

Annunaki77: Lord Chris

You are waking up, you will save thousands of lives. You have sacred Knowledge.
Chris I must say you seriously have done your homework.
You and your Descendants shall Prosper.
You have attained Ba El Status and "SU" Status, a Teacher you will be and a lifeline to those who will tremble with Great Fear when the Extraterrestrial Return.

You Sacred Teachings will save lives.

highplainssister: Enki is not pleased

If you knew exactly who I am, you wouldn't of just said what you did. My bank account and my personal ownership material wise proves I am not paid by anybody, That is more ridiculous than VV. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You please leave

Annunaki77: Lord Enki sends his Pleadians to Earth , all the Time

I am not Lord Enki, I am Kanesh Roo, Mortal. Kanesh from Ursa Minor.
If you only knew, you would faint Susan.
I cannot say anymore otherwise I might speak Sumerian Again.

highplainssister: The egg

Didn't your scouts tell ya that I don't live in a Unit, I live in a Egg that has 4 compartments, most people only have 2.

highplainssister: You

well why havn't you figured out that I am just a simple person, Human, I don't know shit. I wouldn't want to stop you even if I could, go for it , do your thing and more power to you, let me be the very last person that would even think of stopping you, I am on your side and I know what you look like. I wouldn't faint.

Genio: Highplainsister

I see your point, but its up to you to decide what you take as truth and what you take as lies. You could be listening to obama on tv and you could know all his history and see him and everything, does that make him any more trust worthy, Hell No, your born alone in this world and your gonna go out alone, you could have friends and family but the only person you can always trust is yourself and no one else, all im saying is that you should follow your intuition and not other people. It doesnt hurt to read other peoples thoughts and opinions because you might learn something new, We continously learn all our lives, thats how we grow, and accend into a higher consciousness. Peace =P

Fal: I can't help but feel I

I can't help but feel I incited this. Maybe my presence and introduction weren't needed in the first place.

highplainssister: Bush

I like you Fal, I am going to e-mail you being our own personal conversation, AOL, is that right? I'm going ask open on this forum, Have you ever seen the true Burning Bush?

Fal: As in "the burning bush that

As in "the burning bush that spoke to moses"? No.

caseyhue: Search..

In your heart center for the truth. We shouldn't attack all sites some are good some are bad. We must all search within ourselves for the truth. I've came across several people I was an now starting to listen too.. I agreed with some points on the first person an now I don't listen anymore them because they are nuts..Mix too many lies with some truths.. The Second person Is coming across with good intentions I believe in the basic information is present, but I'm in debate over several issue. I found that pulling away many times an looking for the truth inside is helping me evaluate what I think is real or not. I wouldn't be surprised after I leave this planet I find a lot is true, but until something inside me tells me ok.. I'm not going to believe it. . You must decide for yourself an pretty much you will know it if you search real hard inside your heart center. The internet isn't all it's cracked up to be.. The internet isn't run by angels, but you must decide because a lot of people with good intentions do try to help an put things up on the internet. Fighting an Negativity isn't going anywhere. PEACE!!!

LordEnlil: HaHaHa...we all are

HaHaHa...we all are fallen...from the sky i mean...
Take a ticket to the Watchers is no room said someone....
So take it to the is a nice movie there.....all places has been sold out...said see what it is the world we are living hire?
welcome to us my friend....The circus it is on the show....the actors are in the stage...but i do not see who move the puppet ...they are under the black wail....and i do not see it...
Tair the wail down my friend...and see who pull the strains.....
Welcome to my world.....even that it is very strange for some...

Lord Enlil

FoxCub: WOW!

Not sure I should be here! Please tell me I haven't made a mistake?

Started studying the moon landings about 20 years ago and got in UFOlogy n ET's not long after. Soon got interested over the years in the paranormal, Spirituality, Universal Consciouness, Quantum Physics, Zero Point Energy, NWO, Egyptians, Atlantis, Lemuria, Sumerians etc etc.

But some on this forum seem well, a bit too far out there for me, but that could be just the level of enlightenment i'm coming from. So please no one take offense.

I came for enlightenment and knowledge, so lets see what i can gleen and pass on over the short period of time we have to prepare!

Oh and hello everyone love and peace to you all

Annunaki77: Too Far Out?

You must leanr to stretch your Boundaries Son. Earth is an Island rotating in a Large Black Ocean.
It is time to open to your Unlimited Potential Son.

FoxCub: I Agree

I totally agree, and that's why I'm here.

So please guide me and others in how we are to expand our boundaries, and open ourselves up to our unlimited potential.

I'm sure this will aid a lot of others on this informative site, aswell as myself

Many thanks Annu

Annunaki77: My Family will not be Slaugtered like Dumb Animals

This Treason has gone on long enough.
The Gods favour the Sons and Daughters of the Adamu.

bluesbaby5050: We will NOT be slaugtered!

We DO listen to you, as you are THE way, Annu77. And YES, we will stand up and FIGHT along side you.When Annu77 bleeds, WE will bleed too . We are NOT DUMB BEAST! We ARE HUMANS, and we LOVE you ,and we ARE YOURS! BB5050.

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