CANADIAN UFO RECOVERY CASE / video- Kerry Cassidy Blog.

CANADIAN UFO RECOVERY CASE/ video- Kerry Cassidy Blog. [click on to image to enlarge]
March 9, 2015.
This is an interesting case in so far as the Canadian military had to be mobilized to such a degree in order to "recover" either a UFO craft they shot down or one our secret space program vehicles that crashed. Either way, they are having a terrible time with the coverup.

And apparently the craft was seen a week before in the skies above Manitoba...

Anyone with information they would like to share feel free to contact me [email protected] Published on Feb 22, 2015.
A possible UFO Crash has been reported in Jackhead Reservation in Canada.

According to reports from CBC News witness's claim that they saw a bright light in the sky near Lake Winnipeg fuelling speculation that it may have been an unidentified flying object. -

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