Before the Hebrews & Moses there were the Canaanites & Phoenicians. These People were Sea going folks that Travelled the Seas and had Trade Routes throughout the World.
These People were trained in Agriculture , Shipping , Mathematics , Trade , Commerce and Space Travel.

The Canaanites & Phoenicians are the Cultures lost in time but continued in Greece , Rome , Egypt and the Middle East. The Descendants of these Groups of People are the Arab & Egyptian Nations ( Phoenicians ) , the Canaanites continued in Ancient Greece & Rome.
These Nations were Free and had Commerce on Land and at Sea , they had Great Abundance in their Nations and they Traded within their people and other offshore Tribes throughout the Planet.

These Folks spread alot of Culture, Commerce, Abundance & Trade. This was something that certain oppressive Extraterrestrials didn't like. Primarily Enlil ( Lord of Command ), he released the Hebrews from Bondage so that he can use them for his Global Chess Game of Domination.
The Hebrews were Loyal to the Pharoah and worked under the Pharoahs Rule. This provided the hebrews with Food & Shelter for their families.

But as always the Extraterrestrials had an agenda to free the Hebrews for their own Malevolant Purposes. The Hebrews were released and sent into the Wilderness for Training to destroy Canaan.

The hebrews were told that these people are Idol Worshippers and deserve Death. Any Hebrew who had an opinion was bitten by snakes by Yaweh ( Enlil ).
Wasn't Kod supposed to be Loving?, apparently not.
As above so below. This Bullshit continues to this day. Those poor Hebrews and Arabs fighting and killing each other to appease these Arrogant Extraterrestrials.
These New Age Leaders are mere shadows of their former selves, mere empty shells of what once was.
The New Pharoahs are nothing compared to Pharoahs past.

The History of Canaanite & Phoenician Influence was still around during the Egyptian Empire and Roman Empire and even the Ancient Romantic fling between Mark Anthony & Cleopatra.
These Empires shared a similar lifestyle but their people never liked each other this sparked a War between Egypt and Rome from ancient past. Remember Alexander the Great had great Influence in Egypt as well.
And even Mighty Alexander had tremendous respect to Baalbek , Ea's Landing Place. He knew where his bread was buttered.
Languages were scattered by design , we are all brothers s & sisters worldwide , we must not War anymore.

Peace & Harmony to all Nations. Peace to Isreal & Palestine as well as other Nations.

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Tarheel: Anu77 always has a GREAT story to tell.

I am ELATED you are back, Wise One !

Annunaki77: Yes I have come to set the Record straight

The New World Disorder Promotes the Erosion of Humanity. I Promote what is beautiful in Humanity.

I am a Renegade , an Outcast , a Reject to this System.

And to other Thrones as well.

I Love you Tarheel.

Tarheel: If you call yourself a Renegade or an outcast or reject again...

...then you may have to deal with an upset Tarheel.

You are NEITHER of the 3 around here, Wise One. If ANYONE says different, then THEY will have to answer to Tarheel.

You are loved here.

bluesbaby5050: This is a RE-POST to set the record straight for those ........

That are still Confused by the DIS-INFO AGENTS THAT ARE STILL HANGING AROUND THIS FORUM ONLY TO DISRUPT, and CONfuse the people that are trying to learn all about the Ancient History of this planet Earth, and it's people. DO NOT ALLOW these Paid DIS-INFO Agents to CONfuse you. The Information given to you by Annunaki 77 is the True History of the events that had taken place in Earth's Ancient history. Both Edisonik ,and Annunaki77 had already EXPOSED AST as 1 of these agents already on this forum. So Dis-regard anything HE SAYS, as his comments are meant only to confuse you people. AST loves to be here only to argue with people that know the Real Truths, and that will stick to the real truths. Don't be fooled by AST, because he is a deceiver sent here to do the dirty work for the NW Dis-order. AST is a Government Shill, and we have known this for sometime now. Enough said.

Eldertree: Where is the love Bluesbaby?

Where is the love Bluesbaby? Is there anything else you'd like to call me?

bluesbaby5050: No Love when there is Nothing but Lies..........

We read all the postings , and the Truth is Plain to see. Annunaki77, and Edisonik speak the truth to this forum! They do not waste their time to come here to teach. They come to this forum to teach us the truths, and nothing less will do.

Eldertree: It seems you have a major

It seems you have a major problem with me Bluesbaby, However it is your problem not mine. If you feel the need to go around and call me some government agent, Why don't you take it a step further and prove it to everyone. You can ask Quinton to look it up and put all the cards out on the table. I am very interested in real FACTs, So go put the facts out for all to see. Thanks.

bluesbaby5050: One thing You can Always Count is..........

All Annu77's Stories are True, and they stand the Test of time. Many of Annu77's stories have already been Proven Accurate when the sands of time have been uncovered by those searching for the Truths. And alot more will be revealed as Secret places are being Explored. The Dark Secrets can no longer be kept hidden from the people. They are now Resurfacing into the Light!


These IMF Bankers and others fund Terrorism to take away what humanity has fought so hard to preserve and that is Liberty worldwide.
They create the fear on this Planet with their Media, they brainwash many with this paper called money.
They Decieve, they Murder and they Corrupt the Hearts of Men and Women worldwide.

If the Ancient Pharoahs seen this they would Launch a War on these Money changers who are destroying the hearts and minds of Humanity through an Engineered fear (Funded Terrorism) to destroy Sovereignty, Liberty, Free Will and Humanity.
We need Accountability, Transparency, and we need Truth.

We are here to stop this Lunacy and Humanity will be VICTORIOUS over these Deviants and Global Criminals who hold Humanity Hostage.

Here my Words children of the Sun , Humanity will be Victorious over GLOBAL TYRANNY.

I Love Humanity, truly I do.


Tarheel: The Crow also brought a similar message, to ...

The crow brought a similar ,message to The Children of The Sun. Fort the return of The Buffalo and a better day to come.

Ecbra de Oaoj: holders of money arent Elitte.

in concept; they call; people belive; creed that
richess. indeed. turn someone elitte.

no. none. not is this.

and these that say... ei... im god... now. now... we are the gods...

ok. maybe. but if
destroy nature for; greed.
trace a course of dominance and ; slavery; for be served if;
think. all around is subjetcs of your desire... o´hhh... god...

Im have a answer to input in this:
if you are a god... isnt my god.

Elitte is reunion; of
whole... ones. persons in all integrity. that
works and job to commom Harmony and Peace;

Freedom and Force field to defend
a better place to all... along.

elitte of money; exist. but money is weath condensed
not more like it. take payment for resourses
and there are minds that self inside this sureness... but its only
representative; of gain.and debt. elitte of money... today...

and; in future; each one will respond for own bills; of... course.

ellite have a responsability; if these.; of money... bankers. chairmans of corporations that employ and gear moviment in things; energizing production and goods; side of this coin... in play.

which... plain... to conduct Humans relationship? other side... ? sad... and opression... more?


Ellite... when...

consider litle; money.
Ellite is who bring Honour and
keep Value... in acts.


Love to all..

very att.

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