Caitlyn Jenner. Clever Psych Ops for Michelle Obama's Revelation, She Is a Man!

Caitlyn Jenner. Clever Psych Ops for Michelle Obama's Revelation, She Is a Man! Published on Jun 3, 2015.
Caitlyn Jenner was Psych Ops for Michelle’s Obama’s Revelation Coming Out Soon.
Joan Rivers Murdered as a Whistleblower.
The Queen of all Conspiracy Theories.
One of the years best posted Conspiracy Theories.

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I don’t have nothing against gay people. As long as they don’t infringe on my personal belief and life style. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Sometimes they can be as obnoxious as a door knocking Watch Tower missionary on a Saturday afternoon. But lately in the past 2 decades there has been a push to espouse the gay community. I got so tired of all of the sitcoms and dramas to include some gay scenario aspect to the show. Subliminal suggestions of acceptance, has been planting the seed in your mind. As long as Obama has been cultured to be president, so have they have been prepping us for the grand unveiling. Can you imagine how the Elitist are laughing at us. How stupid we all are. What a big slap in the face to top off the losing of our country. Are they that bored and satanic? My theory as stated in other videos, that the Illuminati move will take place soon, because these old farts are going to be dying off soon. They want to see the fruits of their scams come to a conclusion. World dominance. And Bye Bye USA, and BYE BYE TO THE REAL MEN.

Obama Sacrificed Joan Rivers For Exposing Tranny Michelle. Was Joan Rivers Right ? Is Obama Gay and Michelle a Man Named Michael??? -

Obama - First GAY President -

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