Buying Assorted Guns, and Rifiles, and Ammo Sore Across the USA!

by bluesbaby5050 on December 29th, 2012

Guns ,and Rifles Purchasing sore through the roof, says owners of a family owned store since 1938 in Idaho. Guns, and Ammo ,and protective vests buying,and other gear is at a BuyingFrenzy accross the Nation, as buyers rush to get their hands on them! Buyers are also checking up on orders that have not come in yet ,says many store owners across the country. It has reached a Fever Pitch says owners of the Sporting Goods stores, as the shootings have increased in areas of city populations. People are on the Alert, and some are scared for their families, and are saying they're not going to take any Crap from anyone! People are saying, that they need to protect their Own from Attacks of the unknown kind. People are just Fed up,and will do what they say,Needs to be Done. Well, I guess this sums it up. Actually, I don't blame them one bit for feeling this way. We have families,and we can protect our own,and we always have in this great country. That is just the American way.

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bluesbaby5050: The American Way!

Americans have been Protecting this Great Country of the USA since this country became a country! Our Ancestors came to this country,and did a fine job of clearing the land, and grew their crops, and Befriended the American Native Indians ,and The American Indians Befriended the people, the early settlers when they first came here in the freezing cold wilderness of this Great land. Those Native American Indians helped to feed those weary people that came here, and they shared what they had, and showed them how to work the land when many of those settlers were dying from Sickness, and the Cold, and Starvation. They shared the First Thanks Giving Together as Brother, and Sisters,and above all, FRIENDS to each other. This is the True American Ways. Without the help of those Caring, Fine Native Americans Indians that were here first, those early settlers would have died ,and Not Survived their First Harsh Winter here. Alot of people did Die, and that's why the Native Americans Indians saw this, and they stepped in to give a Helping hand to his Fellow man. They Did Not care about the color of a persons Skin. They Just Understood the land, and how to share with their White, and Black brothers, and Brown Brothers,and Sisters that needed help, and they gave it to those earley settlers, and we need to keep this Love, and Caring Alive as it once was Before in this Great country of ours! Because, this is just The American Ways. God Bless ALL People's in America in these Trying Times! ( REGARDLESS of COLOR or CREED. )

bluesbaby5050: New York In an UP-ROAR About Listed Permits ,Names made Public!

The public is in an Up-roar over Permit Holders Names,and Addresess being made Public,and more names being added to the list of new owners! Many guns are being turned in because SOME People don't want their Neighborhoods to know who they are,or where they live. This is just a Ploy/Tactic done on PURPOSE TO GET GUN OWNERS TO TURN IN THEIR GUNS! Please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS Trickery! You will be Left DEFENCELESS, and OPEN to Any Forms of Violence Towards you ,and your families. Think About this Action First, and ask Yourself, IF IT IS WORTH IT! Not when it comes to the Safety of You, and Your families. Don't take any Chances. Be Practical,because there is, No need to panic. I would rather live in Safety then be a Victim! I would think people would feel this way too. People with a Legal permit have a right to bare arms. Never give up your rights!

Tarheel: Govt THINKS they will turn Public against Public by publishing..

...these names. WRONG AGAIN !

The People's GUNS are pointed at politicians. Haha! How does it feel to be held accountable for your actions , Mr. Politician? You have put yourselves DIRECTLY in the crosshairs of the Guns you sought to confiscate, and now your whole damned game is exposed like a bad cold sore.

But, The American Public appreciates you extending their opportunity to buy guns until YOUR next fiscal cliff. The Bull's Eye is on your chests. Humanity is wide awake. "Do nothing Congress" will not be able to do anything when the public is through with your asses.

wmarkley: Yes BB, they are going to try

Yes BB, they are going to try to take our guns, but they will not succeed, it would be a suicide mission to try and grab the guns, we are guaranteed our second amendment by the constitution, plus each state has its own constitution, i checked my states constitution, and in section 1 it states, the right to gun ownership. plus all men between the ages of 17 to 50 are to be available for the militia to defend the land in times of crisis. Everyone needs to check their states constitution. We as a people have the right to defend ourselves from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Annunaki77: Putin is not allowing Russian Children to be adopted to USA

That tells you something, doesn't it!. Perhaps Putin knows something the rest of the Folks in America don't know. Perhaps the Last Card will be played by the Enemies of Humanity.
When you recieve News Learn to Read in between the Lines. Because there could be something in between the Lines, we all know the Media is bought and paid for with Blood Money of the Priests and Children of Ex RA that now serve the Rebel Reptilians SSTA.

HebrianDaniel: in Russia there 650000

in Russia there 650000 childrens who are orphans and waiting to be adopted by the families
Putin forcing the children not being adopted by americans.
i dont think he really care about the orphans he just want revenge on america.
you know american and russia are like dog and cat...

Annunaki77: No Russia see's a REVOLUTION COMING, KARMA!

Destiny is already written on the Eternal Wall. Victory will come for who wants it most.
You will not be Free Unless you are BRAVE.

bluesbaby5050: Russia is Right!

The American People are Ready! Just You Wait and SEE! They are Already Dug in Good. KARMA'S A BITCH!

HebrianDaniel: hope russia and america wont

hope russia and america wont fight each other if they do its might bring 3rd world war.
and we are already tired of the last 2 world wars

Tarheel: More Govt horseshit-Gun Buyback Day ! Puhhhhh-LEASE!

"Gun BUYBACK Day"-Do they REALLY think we would fall for that?

BB is right, more guns were sold the day AFTER New Town than any day in history. Their PsyOp sick game they played on 26 innocent people BACKFIRED.

They extended the "fiscal cliff" so they could TRY to confiscate more guns before the GUNS are turned on their asses. Too late!

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