the buttahs race

by LoliApolys on December 24th, 2015

Was wondering if anyone has any Info on this race other than the paragraph that has been written like what dose there ship look like? We're where they last seen? Why they want kids? And is anyone knowlaged enough to identify alien space craft with its race.
August 29th 2015 in Douglas WY 6 30 pm a ufo was seen it had a red glow to it. Almost like it was on fire. The speed and maneuverability was fast and it was zipping up and down and from side to side at first I thought it might be a stealth fighter but... they can not move at that speed let alone stop on a dime. Before it was brought to our attention me and 2 out of 6 of our friends keeped hearing a extremely high frequency. The 3 of us can hear all range of a dog whistle. thought my ears were just ringing but it had a odd almost tempo to it. The sound dropped me and my 3 friends all at once and we could feel a heavy electric energy in the air like standing right next to a bolt of lightning when it strikes next to you. We Hurd this for 4 hours and our cellphones were acting up to. The next day we had men in black nice suits and cars in the town for 2 days. This is practically a horses town. We thought with all the military Transport one of the government's higher ups was coming to visit and they did like a week ago from the day this happened. My brother video taped it and deleted it after the men showed up.

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