by Annunaki77 on March 19th, 2013

EN KI arrived after the Ancient Olympian War with Sirius & Orion.

EN KI Re-Terra Formed Earth which was destroyed.

The Annunaki worked the Mines for Gold.

Wonderful Prince Enlil Arrived to Earth to force Production on the Annunaki Colonists.

The Annunaki Workers had enough with Enlil and Revolted and nearly Swarmed and killed ENLIL.

ENLIL called Daddy King Anu to resolve this Titanic Discrepancy with the Strike.

ANU arrived to Earth and he basically Freaked out on Both EN KI & Ambitious ENLIL.

The Situation was resolved EN KI created a Worker Species, the Humans ( Half Beast / Half Annunaki ).

The Humans worked hard and the Annunaki were relieved of their Duties.

EN LIL couldn't stand the Operation running smoothly and he decided to work the Humans to Death and he did. When EN KI found out he Freaked out because the Humans have his DNA and hence his Children were being Murdered by his Beloeved Brother that all Stupid Christians Pray to. ( Truth Hurts ).

EN KI came to EN LIL while there was a Ceremony in the Annunaki Temple EN KI & EN LIL got into a huge Scrap ( Fight ) among the Annunaki Council , the two Brothers had to be separated , both bloody and beat up UFC STYLE.

The Two Brothers were kept Separated. Both went their ways and plotted against each other, even Destroyed each others Cities around the World in Personal Wars.

Then the Flood came EN LILS Wonderful Idea to Destroy EN KI's work with Nibiru.
EN KI got briefed about the Flood and EN KI planned to save Humanity and he did with Noah and others in the Caverns with the Greys ( Henti Lizards ).

Humanity is a Resource Unfortunately. But if Humanity can take back their Sovereignty they can take back their Independance.

So it's Business as usual, but alot of the Draco have been removed because they loved eating Humans, that is not nice. But other then that it's the same song & dance.

Humanity needs to declare their Personal Soverienty & Independance.

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