Burial mounds - The burial of the dead for ENKI / PTAH / LOKI / SATAN

Burial mounds - The burial of the dead for ENKI / PTAH / LOKI / SATAN

The vikings buried their dead in viking burial mounds:


As did many other civilsations such as the ancient Bahrainis who were an ancient people who lived in a country called Bahrain (funny enough).


The reason they did this, has to do with the gods they worshipped, you see many ancient people worshipped gods of the underworld and like with many of these ancient gods of the dead, they were considered creator gods aswell, for example the sumerian god Enki is accredited with creating mankind. In ancient egyptian mythology it was Ptah who called the world into being, having dreamt of creation and speaking it.

The viking equivalent of Enki was Loki. The modern day example of Enki or Loki is Satan. More importantly the ancient egyptian equivalent of Enki, Loki or Satan was Ptah.

Ptah who was more literally referred to as Ta-tenen meaning risen land, or as Tanen, meaning submerged land, though Ta-tenen was a god in his own right, he became assimilated with Ptah. Later on the god Ptah was assimilated with the god seker to become Ptah-Seker.

Whats interesting is that the Mayans used to bury some of their dead in submerged caves with water. Whats also interesting is that many of the ancients such as the Viking and ancient Bahrainis and many other civilisations buried their dead in burial mounds, so the god Ptah is the missing piece of the puzzle because hes called Ta-tenen and Tanen.

So thats why the ancients buried their dead in that fashion, in honour of their underworld god.

Ptah became considered an underworld deity, and eventually, by the Middle Kingdom, became assimilated by Osiris, the lord of the underworld and occasionally became known as Ptah-Seker-Osiris Even though Osiris and P'tah are totally different gods.

The story of the primordial mound in ancient egyptian mythology is very similar to Pangea, where all the continents were stuck together. Or perhaps the primordial mounds are a reference to the great pyramids originally, which the ancients thought were built by the gods themselves.

Hope you enjoyed.

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you have alot to learn annunaki77.
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