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UN.i1-PHI: Enki was demonized evil

Enki was declared/demonized as 'evil' by enlil and anu (and their systems/empire) for his many benevolant deeds towards mankind wich were considered a great crime against the system/empire ( not following the prescribed orders for creating mankind as just a slave race, but enhancing them more than the others/empire had requested and he used his own DNA wich was even more special than just the 'royality', and the DNA/ of the Falcon Masters, the feather of the Akhu, and so giving them passion, free will and destiny, wich had to do with FREEDOM and that was considered (one of) the greatest crime to the systems/empires of ORION & SIRIUS, and enki was punished for a few thousands of years for all that...)
when someone say something is evil, it depends on their perspective, somewone who thinks freedom is evil, could probably think giving the humans benevolance is something BAD/EVIL, and destroying or abusing and keeping them hostage is something good,
but thats something evil in their eyes/perspective!
but for benevolant humans , it could probably be the reverse of that!
take a good look at the word EVIL and now read it in the opposite direction --> LIVE

and now see the word DEVIL in the opposite direction we're used to--> LIVED!
this is more than just a sick joke/game on humanity, but they find it pretty amusing to abuse humanity in such cruel ways they did troughout history, making them worship them in obedient servitude and make them love their fear and their slavemasters!
look at all those religions nowadays and troughout history supporting this all and making the people be ignorant fanatics of it!(and aggressive towards others/ fighting eachother)
this is and has been so many times used as an excuse, reason and cause for WAR, so the WARSHIPPING people fight and kill eachother off and loving it for thier obedience&loyality towards their 'god'(an intra/extraterrestrial/dimentional being who claims he is the creator of everything to make people worship and comply with the(ir) commandments & agenda...

so enlil and anu, also known as the biblical yahweh, commanded the beasts(in their eyes) to consider themselves sinfull and anything to do with enki as evil, and those who do not comply with his rules were banned from the eden facility/'garden' just like he banned enki(the serpent) who had sneaked back into the garden and gave man the fruits of life from the three of knowledge--> gave them the ability to procreate&enjoy it=sex, a moment of pleasure in their miserable lifes as slaves, and he taught them knowledge of the ancestry and awesomeness of their&his dna and much more, wich was forbidden for them to know, as knowledge is power)
so the bringer/bearer of light/wisdom of mankind was DEMONIZED(the word demon'ized itself was demonized/converted into something bad) and that resulted into the demonizing disinfo & the twist on perspective & history about 'Lucifer'
but he is not to be called lucifer anymore, he has never been that character/insult put upon him,
some satanists still worship him like that, wich is another designed form for ultimate blasphermy towards enki, and so he will not accept that name anymore even by some confused and misinformed satanists admiring/worshipping him)

enki is not to be worshipped, he does not ask for this, in contrary to the many other beings(mostly e.t/d. malevolant selfish greedy controlfreaks) who wish to suppress/downpress mankind for their own profit, and for the systems of control...

'the brotherhood of the snake' is not what it used to be and what it was meant to be, because it has been infiltraded and abused by the malevolant rulers and their ruling servants, puppeteers and puppets set into powers of position in societies to tyrannically control and manage the populations while keeping them unknowing and ignorant about their malevolant agendas

this worshipping of enki under the name lucifer is all 'blasphermy' towards enki who has to see his creations participating in such an horrible act of foolish servitude empowering/cooperating with the 'dark powers'...

while enlil himself could be considered as the real evil lucifer guy for his tyrannical torturing destructive behaviour/didctatorship towards mankind and all the other bad/evil things he did...(in the eyes of benevolant human beings)

so this is a huge and important twist and religions are just another fundamental backbone or cornerstone for supporting/empowering this prop-agenda wich makes humanity serve/work for=worship the bad guys as the one and only god(..s) and demonize the one who has stood up against their tyranny and have always tried to do(and he did) good things for humanity!

funkadelic_14: I apreaciate you're help. Its

I apreaciate you're help. Its nice to know people are still out there willing to inform. If you dont mind and if you habe time please answer me these few questions.

If enlil known as Jehovah is the bad guy and is worshiped by many as the "loving and caring" god does that mean my family known as Jehová witness are bringing evil vibes to our home.?

If enki is not evil . Then who does the NWO actually worship?

is enki still being reincarnated here on earth and if so is he concious about it?

Is there anyone or anything we can pray to that is good out there that listens to us ?

UN.i1-PHI: i forgot to mention that...

i was just about to add to this that there always has been benevolant people who unfortunately have been deceived by those systematically deceiving for control trough religions as one example, being a victim of very well planned/organized disinformation systems and the consequences thereof...
but that does not make them bad people, nor does it especially have to imply they are bringing negative vibes, tough in some/many ways it does happen, but its still depending on the persons themselves, but those vibes are food/energy for malevolant 'vampiristic' beings who absorb them, even positive vibes or toughts wich seem to be benevolant, tough their intention may actually be so.., by having them perform in such rituals as religious prayers directed to an entity(or more), and especially when opening and closing them in ritualistic ways, like opening with 'in the name of the father'...holy this and that, forgive us... or whatever they say(i'm lucky to not have experience that much so i dont know exactly), but especially the closing with 'AMEN', it acts like a seal and carries the energies and (re)direct them towards an arfiticial/'holographic'/energetic entity known as jehovah for example trough an energetic vortex sucking and absorbing, feeding/feasting on this energy wich they can use also beside that they managed to keep the population/people in certain tought patters and actions to be enforced so people controllable&controlled in many ways, empowering the ignorance and servitude of mankind and their sneaky systems&tactics of doing so (and keeping it)

the NWO JUST PRETENDS TO BE WORSHIPPING 'LUCIFER', (TOUGH MANY OF LOWER ORDERS DONT KNOW THAT) so that it all can be blamed on one person or personalisation of 'all evil' and associate that all to centralize/focus all bad things to lucifer and blame him as the cause of it all. and that gives the rest an unconsidered&unblamed clear go/path to continue the carnage while its all being blamed in that personification/characterization

and also to confuse those who are coming close to the truths, hoping to make them think is still the bad guy because he is lucifer, but he is not, and yet he is/was a bearer of light/knowledge&wisdom... but i wouldnt call him lucifer nor say he is that, because this an tactic played upon humanity for so long to keep this confusion going on about humanities true origins and father..and their real enemies!(and their agendas)'s family betrayed and plotted on him, his by own 'father'; an.u, his 'brother' en.lil and eventually enlils granddaughter did the dirty work of killing him during an 'ceremonial celebration for the survival of mankind' on cedonia on mars(because enki saved humanity and lots of other life when enlil etc allowed and made the flood to happen), when he approached the tabernackle on the stage, until another another canus being jumped from the crowd and stabbed him in his neck and he phisically died (but soul the lives on and time is illusion..multiple timelines etc) so the good be-ing of enki is not gone!, and btw he lives trough us too! and i think even his physicality could be seen from/of traveling timelines...)

enki had gave us his dna, wich included much more than just the royality wich gives us the divine right to rule this planet on our own, as it is now being ruled by others who lie about it for malevolant raping reasons...

we're all gods but we need to acknowledge and seek the 'god' withIN us, as humanity has much more potential & awesomeness than is commonly acknowledged, considered, perceived and taught by/in society..

the real universal force/life power /'holy' or great spirit of all/everything, wich we are all part of, is the one and only real one, and we can direct our intentions to it/us to make it fulfulled as we have the right as we are a part of it but as long as it is in the benevolance of all it can come truely true...

instead of the aliens listening to /monitoring us and the many of them abusing it...
tough you can also direct it to someone in particular, but you best to do that if you're sure its somone benevolant and in your own benevolant ways/intentions...

Sky: Amen Ra came from Amenist rather than Atonist

Pharoah AMEN Ra origin of Amenist perhaps. I believe with my thoughts cramped so to speak that the Amenist were more okay if not moral and just as I understand them rather than the Atonist that came along with Moses and Arron of the Biblee old testament. My reference is Sigmund Freud's last book written entitled MOSES AND MONOTHEISM. Unless the reason one is avoiding use of AMEN is to claim the Amenist themselves too were demonic. The Amenist in their earlier form in my understanding more closely matched the highlighted-and-just Druids of Hibernia (aka now the remaining continental-like island being Ireland). I feel in regards to using the word AMEN AT END OF PRAYERS has more to do with the intention of the word usage when saying Amen at end of a prayer than anything else.

bluesbaby5050: In your question Who to Pray to.............

Just Pray to the Universal Conscious that HOLDS ALL KNOWLEDGE, and POWER THOUGH THE DIVINE SPIRIT= The Holy Spirit, and Then Close your Prayer/Prayers with THANK YOU. The Holy Spirit LIVES IN YOU/US!

bluesbaby5050: Open your prayer with..........

"IN The Name of The Holy Spirit", and Close with "Thank You." (All prayers are heard).

UN.i1-PHI: calling it 'holy spirit'--> not necessary!

as long as you can distinguish!

tough the name 'holy spirit' may sound christian and may disturb some people because of the common ose of it by christians and others... and when they pray many of them also use the sentence in the name of the holy spirit, and it also goes to that artificial created entity for the real entities to use just as well as it ends with amen...
that why you need to/should distinguish in the meaning and use of it consciously (not referring to the overlords of religions) if you want to use 'holy spirit',
i myself/personally, tough i never actually pray anything consciously or practically... i dont like to hear the sentence with 'holy spirit', i would rather use great spirit or universal or whatever else that does not make it seem like the common religious (christian etc...) way of doing/mentioning so...

and i think HD(HebrianDaniel) doesnt/didnt like to hear that too, as i recall once he had complaints about hearing strange noise(s) and annu77 told him to pray to the 'holy spirit' to make it stop or less/non-affective/effective... and he dismissed that by saying something like that he is not christian nor does want to be or seem like...
and i fully understand him, and what made him associate it like that/in that way..
but please dont let all the religious customs take over the real essential subjects by the association or similarity! if you recognize the difference and want to use it differently you can do it in the way you like and intent!(tough i think many good intentions from religious ppl for example are still captured and you need to be aware/conscious of the way you intend it to be intended)
and if you can distinguish that you can probably do it/pray/intend in a 'pure' way and even still call it 'holy spirit' like bluesbaby5050 does or when annunaki77 mentions it like that for to be understandable, but still it can make mis-understanding to others and thats what i wanted to point out in this message!..

UN.i1-PHI: universal consciousness

what i'm/we're talking about is not a god(ly (e.t.) person who claims to be superior and even the creator of all that is),
but the real great spirit wich is the consciousness and life force of everything, connecting everything, being everything and so we're all a part of it exploring itself..
but gods in religions are in reality just et persons who claim to be that! what a joke/fraud!
yet still so many people believe in it/them like that

bluesbaby5050: And this would be called THE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS .....

That had Made EVERYTHING including ALL the souls that exists in order/purpose to learn for this Universal Consciousness. Then we will go back to Source once this has been fully accomplished by all souls. We had been split off from this source when we had been first created, in order to learn though our experiencing, and though these explorations of all that there is in all the galaxies, and in all the universes in all of creation.

bluesbaby5050: When I said in the Name of the Holy Spirit..........

. It was in Regards to THE UNIVERSAL ENERGIES, and IT'S POWER SOURCE ONLY, and to it's Manifestations of the Power SOURCE. This is/was not meant to be referring to any kind of body form, or image. And it had NOTHING to do with any kind of religion. It is a simple Title Point of Reference ONLY, because people want, and need to learn how to pray in the correct manner, because they were taught the improper ways from the beginnings for negative reasons, and I think most of us already KNOW what, and why this was done. Many people are just starting out to learn, and WANT to do this praying in the right way, so as NOT to give their power of praying/prayers away to the Wrong side. Religions had Nothing to do with my answer.

UN.i1-PHI: i did not say that, i was trying to clear that confusion!!!

because some ppl when they hear 'holy spirit' thinks and confuse it and dismiss it all as being religious impeachment! i was trying to clear that out, i may have an 'weird' way of writing this so perhaps a re-read would clarify that i was NOT implying that ;) and so i was implying the 'opposite' of that wich is that the real one and only ,, what people think and call god(s), while theyre (ET) PERSONS CLAIMING TO BE THAT!!! how selfish!what an disorienting deception!

UN.i1-PHI: and i included your name as

and i included your name as an example of somebody who can pray to this universal consciousness while calling it holy spirit and probably NOT fall for/direct to this energy vortex because you are AWARE of that and know how to distinguish, and consiously know thats not what you want to happen!!!

btw no personal offence intended to religious people, they take offense themselves because theyre religious(consider themselves) and have it encorporated so deeply and take it all personal, but i'm really just exposing the hidden tactics , agendas/intentions/purouses and the side effects of religions wich are an deceptive tool for control and self-surrender(to those who follow the religious doctrines / indoctrination / dogmas etc)...

btw not all people who claim they are religious are the same like the others who are at the 'bottom of the pyramid' in society--> the population/people, some religious priests or pauses or 'higher ones' have very different toughts and intentions than they tell their religious followers/audience!
and they take practice in horrible rituals and deeds, supporting the malevolant agendasss!!!

obsrvantlouie: I'm with Uniphi

I don't care for hearing Holy Spirit....but I was raised catholic, so for me this is what I associate the Holy Spirit with. As Uniphi said and said correctly: good/bad just a point of view and it's the focused intent behind the thought that is truly powerful and attracts the experience.

Use whatever "mantra" you feel comfort in....with regards to prayer, however I disagree wih Uniphi...everyone prays...praying is just focused thought that you intend to create. Now, whether you send this focused thought to an external deity or a fake alien god or the Easter bunny is your choice.

I choose to send my prayers, thoughts, goals and intentions to seeing the situation coming to fruition or to my own higherself. Instead of praying for my friend to gain strength I instead choose to see them as strong and overcoming. How you look at someone; as weak or strong lends to help either create their strength or weakness.

"I am The Lord my God and i shall worship none above me...or below".

"I am a human becoming, help me to become"

UN.i1-PHI: warlock necromancer's black magic in prayer rituals

i'm just sayin there are certain words and phrases that act like a symbol and transfer energy in certain ways wich were made to act in that way when the people use them and remain unconscious in controlled thinking patterns giving away their energy to those who feed from it
i'm not saying the concept of 'praying' is essentially wrong, but tough the 'concept' has been sort of hijacked and abused for others profiting by weakening and fooling others
as you mentioned it; 'focusing tought that you create with intend', this is essential to create and manifest your will/intentions, by YOUR toughts and the (re)actions from it
but some people have conditioned and implanted toughtpatterns that control the energies and the way they use them by certain prayers and toughts, thats why its important do dis-associate your 'praying' intentions from (religious) rituals/traditions, or consciously transform them to have it under your own control/direction

some 'mantras'/prayers are enchanted with bad intentions, just as many symbols and words we use in language intentionally have spells on them to curse yourself when you use them to bring you down and feed others(parasites) with your energy

because you're being controlled if you're not conscious that they can and are being abused by yourself performing in such rituals in their way without you know it and discern & disassociate away from it,

this is why is stress to be aware of it and discern from black magic spells and curses and create and control/direct your own magic in your own way!

break them spells to not engage and not be cursed / spellbound!

UN.i1-PHI: da13thsun YT comments

YT comment

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Action by Artist: Terror Fabulous feat Nadine Sutherland
Terror Fabulous Feat. Nadine Sutherland - Action (HQ)
obsrvantlouie: Well said

Again...he's warming up, he's getting hotter....he's on Fire!

Sky: re: the original question from: FUNKADELIC regarding LUCIFER.

My feeling is that the ILLUMINATI ARE somewhat duped by their own propaganda so to speak regarding Luficer. The Illuminati primarily draw their beliefs of psychological integration and spirituality from the SATURN cult (aka Isrealites) along with the Solar cult (christainty primarily Roman Flavian dynasty later to become Constantine codified religion). Others too such as Islamic Moon and Stars but more so in a politically co-opting sense is my suspicions.

Anyway, the Sautrn and Solar cults the Illuminati come out of, other than their co-opted transnationalist of other cults, are primarily obsessed with light to the exclusion of Shadow. One application would be a black and white TV. The solar cults of Jewdism, Christainity and Islam with many notable exceptions have NOT transcended their cultish roots as I see it. This I feel is their obsession with masculine solar light. Saturn is also considered the black Sun in reference to Jewdism. So getting back to my earlier analogy of a BLACK AND WHITE TELEVISION. The solar cults I mentioned worship the light to the point that it becomes blinding. This would be much like getting rid of the shadow black on a BLACK AND WHITE TELEVISION so as to become blinded and not get the picture of the television has,to offer. This is an unconscious process of the Illuminati so they then demonize light bearers other than themselves. THE illuminati are light BRINGERS but since they are in their own light they are FULL OF IT so to speak. These so called flight bearers become blinded by their own light only in they are NOT SUBJECT to their own blinding light.

This to me explains why Saint Jerome in translating the bible to Latin translated LUCIFER TO say SATAN. He did this in that he too became a product of his own propaganda. SAINT JEROME would naturally distrust light bearers. Why one might ask? My answer is Saint Jerome was a product of his solar cult of Sun worship. So when when you look at the sun figuratively speaking you better have some professionally shaded glasses. So that last statement I said is ironically LUCIFARIAN but only interpreted as bad thanks to SAINT JEROME MISTRANSLATING Luficer. But worse why would Saint Jerome NOT. Why MIGHT you ask? This is because Solar/Saturn Sun cults are light obsessed. They are used to being blinded since their source without the shadow feminine is a form of blindness itself. That is why a psychoath/sociopath is blinded by their ego. It's always your being negative or they THE sicko turning it around to justly their unchecked behaviour. They are always their own best cause/charity. So Luficer really is Jesus the light of the world. That is to say a BRINGER OF a NEW AGE (aka AEON is translated as NEW AGE. THAT COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE MANY TIMES over and over). Jesus identity in my view was stolen by Solar accultist during the ancient Roman time under the FLAVIAN dynasty. Why do you think the early Catholic Chruch Saints have their names attached with FLAVIANS? Why do you think EMPOROR Justinian last name was FLAVIAN. This was done by JUSTINIAN probably, in my view, just to NAME DROP but today name dropping FLAVIAN has lost its tenor so to speak. So today Justian last (aka ADOPTED) name might be Rockefeller and Saint Paul, being in my view, Justus Pistus would be instead of FLAVIAN be called ROTHCHILD. This is since Justus Pistus (aka.Saint Paul in my view) and the modern day Rothschild family dynasty are Jewish.

UN.i1-PHI: the SSA-TA(ns) to the e.t.'s...

remember the terra papers?
the SSA-TA were/are an reptilian rebel group from the underground caverns undermining the rule of the ORION / ARI-AN queens, so in the eyes of ORION, as they were threatening their rule, they must be considered 'evil' too, to their system, and as enemies, so i think the use of the pronunciation could probably be passed on as the nowadays 'SATAN'

(doesnt imply they have benevolant purpouses(especially towards species like the humans of earth), just fighting for power among eachother)!!!
(implying BTW!... can you see the similarity of the underground reptilian beings threatening the throne (of 'god's)in the biblical versions(and other religious books) personalized as the satan and mixed up with twisted history...)

they supported an effort AGAINST the ASA-RRR and their DAK warriors(canus sirians-> imagine anubis) so that they would weaken the ARI-AN/ORION Empire and raise numbers of rebel warriors, just as they supported marduk because in doing so they would weaken orion control on eridu on earth(wich they had seized from marduk himself because he got banished&betrayed by his own queen put into control)
so you can see how the orion reptilians are more tactical in nature/ways (and they are more specializated in Mind-Kontrol, while the sirian canus' were more destructive in nature)

remember.. the so called illuminatis from the infiltrated brotherhood of the snake are/were the children of RA, and perhaps because of their collaboration or/and extra infiltration by the SSA-TA'ns
so perhaps thats why they're now worshipping this 'satan' or lucifer,
and remember Pindar the peanuthead(pinda means peanut i just cant let it ;) ), or the pale/(ivory) royal reptilian/draconian/ciakar maskerating as prins charles, he is considered the satan/lucifer of nowadays and he goes around and take performance in these satanic rituals happing all around the world...
but i'm not so sure if he's still around here anymore, as a large portion of the reptilians on earth have been removed , sent away for punishment/enprisonment(another planet) and if else, DEVOURED!, by awesome falcon warrior beings helping humanity out from those who're interfering while not interfering (too much in these ways) themselves,,,
and yes its natural as evolution happened long ago on other planets too and as birds eats snakes naturally!!!
...they tought to be on top of the food chain here... well not all the time!!! ;)

Eagle - King Of The Sky

obsrvantlouie: Great post

Excellent information offered by you (Uni) on this thread. Well done.

Quinton: I must say, I think UN.i1-PHI

I must say, I think UN.i1-PHI really nailed it. He has had some very good responses that I would suggest looking further into. He really nailed it with this.

Also, what Sky has said about light is exactly right.

To understand the Illuminati we have to understand that they are masters of duality. They use duality to get their way. The Illuminati doesn't operate in the range of "good and bad". They operate in the range of "freedom and slavery". They will use bad to control people. Or they will use good to control people. It doesn't matter to them. They just want to be in control and they want you and me to be slaves. They use knowledge to enslave and control people. That is partly where Lucifer fits into things as Sky mentioned. Light can reveal things, but it can also be used to blind you. When you shine a lot of light in somebody's eyes it can hurt them and leave them crippled.

So when it comes to the Illuminati they will worship whoever they need to worship to make you a slave under them. They will say whatever you want them to say to make you think that they are good. They are well versed in all the ancient mysteries so they can throw terms around and impress people and use them to their advantage because most people are so unread on any of these things. The Illuminati are really just a bunch of nerds who have tons of knowledge and use it to their advantage.

So with the Illuminati it is not so much about the terms. It is about their actions and their intent. They take actions to enslave people. They don't want the best for humanity. They want to rule over people like animals and they want to keep people as animals. They are expressing their free will this way and since most people get so wrapped up in terms, religion and government the Illuminati really has no challenge. The people turn to the things the Illuminati creates because the Illuminati disguises these things to look good for people. It's like feeding a child candy. The child has no idea that the candy is bad for him and only looks at the immediate effects of it. The same thing applies to the Illuminati. They give us candy in the version of religion, government and whatever else they can dream up and the we love it. Anyway, I digress.

As for who to pray to... I really would recommend a book like This book would probably clear up a lot of the religious programming that we all have had bombarded on us our whole lives.

Tarheel: Awesome summation, Q-dog.

I particularly liked ...'The Illuminati are really just a bunch of nerds who have tons of knowledge and use it to their advantage."

Well, those Illuminati nerds have a date with "Cap'n Karma" coming. I would love to be chosen by Cap'n K to help exact the retribution the Illumi-naughty have earned. In fact, I have submitted my application and anxiously await an interview for "The Job".

edisonik: Learn to Master Yourself

Learn to Master the God / Goddess from within. You see all that you really need to Master your Reality is already within you.
This is why the System wants to Vaccinate you and your children, to Destroy your DNA and turn you all back to Biological Drones without the ability to Reproduce.
You have been given Great Gifts so first you must unlearn what you have learned and relearn what has not been taught by this Monolithic Oppressive System.

Just who runs this World, the Extraterrestrials do but once the Beast awakens and see's that his / her world has been stolen from them they can fight back and take back what was always theirs, Planet Earth.

Always fight this New World Disorder because the Extraterrestrials are the ones pulling the Strings. Believe in yourselves, it is very hard to do but it is not impossible.
There are many Brave Renegades out there.

And as far as the GOD / SATAN thing goes, it's just ANNUNAKI POLITICS.
Find yourselves do not go finding these Groups because they are not there to save you from yourselves.

You are all a part of the Source Consciousness anyway by Divine Right you all Exist.
Remember that and embrace your Soveriegn Power.

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