British museum pics

by Tim Lovell on November 18th, 2013

here is a couple of pics from my visit to the british museum yesterday , enjoy :)

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edisonik: Lots of Bird DNA

Humans will always have Sacred DNA.
Those who try to Manipulate Human DNA to subvert Humanity will be Destroyed.
Do you hear that NWo.
Humanity will always be blessed and protected by Heaven.
Your Ideologies are flawed and over the Centuries you have perverted the ways of Sirius.
So much wrong was done here on Earth and it will be stopped.
Peace , Harmony & Free Will will reign here on Earth.
That Image is an Image of the Annunaki Goddesses that Seeded Earth.
The Chinese Agents monitoring this Website are learning alot aren't they.

edisonik: The Owls beside the Goddess Represent Seeing Beyond

The Owl Represents seeing what many cannot see and that is the Future.
Or shall I say the Tablet of Destiny.
The Ultimate Power of the Ancients.
Do you folks think what I say is a Joke.
The Tablet of Destiny will never be used for Evil.
He who owns it will never know how to use it anyway.

Tarheel: What do the Cats represent, Edi?

It appears she is standing on 2 of Feline persuasion. What does that mean?

obsrvantlouie: Not cats...dogs

This depicts the Orion Queen with her feet upon the dog star of Sirius; Sirius is/are the dogs of war for the Orion queens.

I think the owls represent forms of orionized hybrids....the greys.

Tarheel: I think they look more like cats.

Thx for the clarification on the animalia, OL.

Tarheel: Off topic, but I have Owls that come in Spring & Fall.

I just heard them HOOTING over the weekend. There appear to be 2, and when they start clamoring, it sounds like a Call & Response session-one and then the other/back & forth. Very cool. I thought it may be a mating thing but I don't truly know.

pasqualie: Tarheel

Cats have an affiliation to the reptilians. They are mammals but have reptilian in them.

Its why they play with their prey or with mice before they eat them. The mouse is a mammal and releases pheromones when its afraid and to the cat its like a drug. So thats why it plays with its prey, it likes the pheromone of fear.

Similar to the reptilians the pheromone of fear of humans or children, its a powerful drug to the reptilians.

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