by Kah-Len on April 27th, 2018

    This is an actual photo of Jhe'shua not a painting or drawing..

    I am known by my Arcturian (physical body) as Kah-Len. My human name as Paul Halonen but my Astral body and eternal being of light I am Michael. I am one of the first of the 50 Archangels created by the father (Ong).
    Jhe'shua the very first male born through a virgin even before Mary. Because the father does not have a human body Jhe'shua must be reincarnated always through a virgin.

    Jhe'shua is back to bring a sword.. not peace. The earth will change in December during the polar shift. Peace will come after Wormwood (Niburu) is destroyed and when we kill Lucifer and trap his soul into a 1000 year prison into the inner earth. We Archangels are NOT to be worshipped as idols... If you want to know the truth, I can email you if you are ready and willing to hear it!

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    Kah-Len: Bringing back the truth

    We are here to bring down the Cabal and bring Terra.. the new earth into the 4th dimension. Setting free the prisoners here and ending the suffering...

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