Bringing back the truth from 2000 years ago.

by Kah-Len on April 27th, 2018

This is an actual photo of Jhe'shua not a painting or drawing..

I am known by my Arcturian (physical body) as Kah-Len. My human name as Paul Halonen but my Astral body and eternal being of light I am Michael. I am one of the first of the 50 Archangels created by the father (Ong).
Jhe'shua the very first male born through a virgin even before Mary. Because the father does not have a human body Jhe'shua must be reincarnated always through a virgin.

Jhe'shua is back to bring a sword.. not peace. The earth will change in December during the polar shift. Peace will come after Wormwood (Niburu) is destroyed and when we kill Lucifer and trap his soul into a 1000 year prison into the inner earth. We Archangels are NOT to be worshipped as idols... If you want to know the truth, I can email you if you are ready and willing to hear it!

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Tarheel: Not seeing your picture

Please, re-post it for us.
We'd love to see it.

Kah-Len: This is lucifer

Alpha Draconian Anu/Lucifer

Kah-Len: I can't seem to post pictures...

If you can't see them.. email me and I will send them.. [email protected]

Kah-Len: I have returned with some updates as time draws near!

2000 years ago while he was taken down from the cross, his soul left his body and then descended into the lower 2nd dimension called hell. To us in this 3rd dimension he was there for 3 days, but when you are there, 1 earth day is equivalent to 100 earth years. He was there for 300 years! He said he still bears the scars of hell and makes the cross seem like a picnic. John the baptist was there in hell with him and watched a soul sucking tree try and take John. He eventually saw a faint light come through the sky and that is when he grabbed John and flew out towards the light as light comes through an opening. He came out 3 days later a very damaged man. He then came to his body in the tomb where he meditated over it by focusing on a star growing at its center ad healed its mitochondria and the cells reversed in damage. He then merged himself with his body and came back to life. After that he appeared to Mary Magdalene, Myself and the rest of us for 30 days and spoke of the Pleiades. He was then taken up into the clouds by a beam-ship and Some of us went there with him and came back to fulfill our missions. He remained living in the Pleiades on a planet called New Lyra that orbits the star Atlas. He was so damaged by hell that he had to live in quarantine for 500 years to heal. During that time he did not speak and lost his vocal chord ability as everyone was telepathic anyway.
He then came back because he promised the natives that he would return for them at a different time. He eventually met with the Hopi's and gave them the 9 prophesies and promised he would save their people when the 9th prophesy has been fulfilled... They called him Pahana (Look up Pahana and the Hopi's). He came back in 2016 and stood on the front lines at Standing Rock and has come back to also to gather us Apostles and take us home to prepare us for our return to Judge the 12 tribes of Israel. He is still here and I am to finish my book before I leave with him sometime in the next 6 months. When we return we will come back with a fleet of ships and we will open the underground on the mount of olives and we will take set up a place for our fleets. The world will then become a Federation Planet and all money and the cost of living will be abolished. (The beast or Banking system will be no more but those who have a bank account number tattoo or chip will be taken off world and will remain slaves under the secret space programs that the Red-shields "Rothschild" set up years ago) and will remain slaves even into their reincarnation. Jhe'shua and Mary Magdalene will unite and have a child. That child will be the Prince of Peace who will rule the earth for 1000 years.

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