Bringing back the truth from 2000 years ago.

by Kah-Len on April 27th, 2018

This is an actual photo of Jhe'shua not a painting or drawing..

I am known by my Arcturian (physical body) as Kah-Len. My human name as Paul Halonen but my Astral body and eternal being of light I am Michael. I am one of the first of the 50 Archangels created by the father (Ong).
Jhe'shua the very first male born through a virgin even before Mary. Because the father does not have a human body Jhe'shua must be reincarnated always through a virgin.

Jhe'shua is back to bring a sword.. not peace. The earth will change in December during the polar shift. Peace will come after Wormwood (Niburu) is destroyed and when we kill Lucifer and trap his soul into a 1000 year prison into the inner earth. We Archangels are NOT to be worshipped as idols... If you want to know the truth, I can email you if you are ready and willing to hear it!

[email protected]

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Tarheel: Not seeing your picture

Please, re-post it for us.
We'd love to see it.

Kah-Len: This is lucifer

Alpha Draconian Anu/Lucifer

Kah-Len: I can't seem to post pictures...

If you can't see them.. email me and I will send them.. [email protected]

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