Brief History of 'God':Serious ET Origin's of Earth-with Dan Winter.

by Chris on October 17th, 2016

Serious ET Origin's of Earth- (Final course This episode-THE HISTORY OF GOD- Is EA's EArth divine d'EA/'god' (EA: Enki/ RA abRAm- we tell the story of Enki- from cloning cookery - to rebellion against his own Drac family- )- It is old news that most cultures idea of God came from one and the same- Annunaki /Drac family - the NEW and more fun information is the charge physics- fractal conjugate dielectric longitudinal EMF DNA mitogenic radio- which MAKES a Collective Unconscious/Communion of Saints/Ancestral memory quite a REAL and communicable field!- Fractal Field theory is quite literally DIVINE information.. May the FORCE be With You! (Yoda today is an electrical engineer for Djedi Physics Explained! Serious ET history of religion and biology.

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