From Brice Taylor's Book: Mind Control MK-ULTRA and Project

From the Brice Taylor Book, Thanks for the Memories, this description of the MK-ULTRA Monarch Program details which kinds of slaves the CIA creates by kidnapping victims and turning them into sex toys for the rich and famous. [click image to enlarge]
If ever there was proof of the crimes committed by the CIA, this book by Brice Taylor depicts those crimes and we are fortunate that she was not disposed of, before we could receive this very important testimony
We can hope that others come forward, as well, to reveal what they know, describe the tortures they endured, at the hands of the criminals in the CIA, Mossad and intelligence agencies around the world
There has never been a serial killer more deadly than our own CIA
Never have so many of our own people vanished or been killed by this nefarious and rogue government agency
They must be dismantled by the President, but we have an evil man in the White House and this is not just unlikely, it's impossible
Therefore, the only defense we have is to spread the word so that everyone knows about this
If you have not read the Andy Pero story, then you don't have the Delta Slave testimony
A description of the Delta Slave is contained in this video
You must also know the name, Chip Tatum and be aware of his testimony
It could take decades to locate those who are victims and still alive, but the CIA will more likely destroy all the evidence, by killing them, as they did in the 9/11 false flag terrorist attack on American soil
You can see that the CIA is not opposed to murdering our own people, people who did nothing to deserve being murdered and that's why the agency has to be closed down

The most efficient way to close down all federal agencies is to secede from the union and that effectively fires the puppet President and does away with all agencies and laws that have been set up for control purposes, over the past 50 years
It makes the IRS illegal and the TSA, as well
Be sure that you inform ten others, daily
The best way is to get a channel on YouTube and borrow my videos and put them up, as your own
In this way, if anything happens to me, your copy will still serve the people
I don't plan to live, forever, opposing this great and evil power! -

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