BrasscheckTV Report: For Men Only: What Women Deal With Every Day, And It May Be Worse Then You Think /video

BrasscheckTV Report: For Men Only: What Women Deal With Every Day, And It May Be Worse Then You Think /video. Everyday sexism: Laura Bates at TEDxCoventGardenWomen. Published on Jan 17, 2014.
Women face a host of issues every single day which range from annoyances to real, clear and present danger. Whether it’s an inappropriate comment, being touched inappropriately, unwanted advances from an authority figure or being disregarded or demeaned when pursuing a professional goal, women are putting up with it on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at everyday sexism in America.
In this fascinating talk, founder of the award-winning EverydaySexismProject, Laura Bates, talks about her inspiring initiative. The EveryDaySexism is an ever-increasing collection of over 50,000 women's experiences of gender imbalance. The stories come from women of all ages, races and sexual orientations, disabled and non-disabled, employed and unemployed, religious and non-religious. The project has expanded into 18 countries worldwide and become internationally renowned, featuring in media from the New York Times to French Glamour, CNN to Grazia South Africa, Cosmopolitan to the Times of India.

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