Brain Transmitters

Apparently brain transmitters have been implanted in many humans by aliens, our government, hospitals and police for decades. These are little chips the size of a toothpic or smaller that can be inserted through the nose within seconds and without the knowledge of the person or surgically. Most times it happens when a person is in the hospital for a surgery of some sort and are sedated and anesthesized or when an individual is abducted and implanted for the purposes of monitoring and to keep track of where that person is located. What is most disturbing about these is that they can easily be used to read your mind and everything you do, say, or think can be sent to a computer that instantly translates. Also the waves used can travel globally, so your doctor in California can get the information within seconds even if you are in the middle of the dessert in Pakistan. Also victims have complained about personality changes, mood changes, painfull headaches, and even the loss of abilties they once had, due to the transmitters. Some claim the transmitters can and are used to make people sick, or put thoughts in peoples heads, that do not originate from them, to believe or do things out of normal character. Below are some notes from Val Valerians book Matrix 2 and below that a link to an article I found about these transmitters, what they are used for, and brain scans of victims who have been implanted with these.

(1948) "Early implanted transmitters used radio waves and were embedded in the teeth or jawbone."

(1973) "The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsors research into mind-reading machines that decipher brain waves. The program to analyze brain waves in real time begins."

"In 1973, Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme (later murdered) gives police additional rights to insert brain transmitters into human beings - a process that started in 1972."

"In 1983, the University Hospital Medical Center in San Diego reviews a skull x-ray in which they claim that brain trasmitters were found."

"In September 1987, 16-cycle waves are broadcast from transmitters and repeaters for a period of four months before the election of George Bush. The ELF waves cause entrainment of millions of Americans to occur, possibly to influence the election. Allegedly, the main transmitter was located in Nevada."

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Tarheel: Any idea HOW they are placed ?

I'm curious as to how they are placed without someone's knowledge.
Thx !

LoveTruthPeace: They usually place them when

They usually place them when your go in for a surgery or doctors appointment where you are put to sleep. In the article one of the victims said he was arrested in Sweden and when he was in his cell he fell into a deep sleep and next thing he knows he awakes "to a new life" and started noticing his behavior changed to criminality within months and his personality changed. Here is another quote from the article "Liquid crystals which are injected directly into the bloodstream and fasten themselves to the brain have been developed in the last ten years. It works on the same principle as the usual transmitters and uses the same technology and contains the same possibilities." So I'm sure they could easily implant them when you go get blood tests or receive blood products.

Tim Lovell: hmm well I had brain surgery

hmm well I had brain surgery last year for a brain tumor so lets hope I don't have one!

Tarheel: Now we know what's wrong.

Just kidding, TL. I (too) had brain tumors in '05 but went into remiss without surgery.

Here's another jab...

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