Brain Excercises for Pasqualie "FranToYaMan" Cisco

let's start with this question....

If Satan doesn't exist, then why do little children believe in Santa Claus?

Let's see if you can figure this one out. I'd bet a million dollars you'll get it wrong, but that's why we're doing this excercise. Practice makes perfect.

But this question is actually very simple, even my brainwashed roommate got it correct. lol but it's the one I just thought of and how I thought maybe could excercise your brain trying to figure it out. Imagine if you get it right, you get 1 million dollars. That's part of the game. I'm sure with the meditation practices you've done, you at least have a good imagination.

So, you get 1 million for answering it correctly. Take your time. There is no time limit to figure out the answer. You have 2 chances to get it correct. Go through everything in your mind about all possibilities to make sure you don't give the wrong answer.

It's actually very easy once you get used to it (finding truth from within yourself) the answers will start to come to you isntantly and automatically.

Again, dont let your ego get involved here, like you always do. I am only doing this to try and help you. Because I can see clearly your problem is, you never think for yourself. You're always getting your ideas from others.

So this excersise will be to help you think for yourself, as there is no way you can google the answers to my questions. I will only ask questions that you can figure out on your own.

Question #2-

If God = 3, and Satan = 3, what do you equal?

For this question there are actually 3 answers. To correctly pass this one, you must tell me ALL 3 possible answers. It would be too easy if I told you to just give me one answer. A little kid could do that. lol

So, name all 3 answers to this.

This is an easy one-

Is money just worthless paper?

Yes or no?

You have 24 hours to answer or you fail the quiz. In which case, you'll have to be reincarnated back to the matrix all over again and enjoy the future of transhumanism. Don't worry, it's gonna be fun!

Now do a meditation on being loved. Say to yourself "The Devil loves me"
"God Loves me" "Everybody loves me"

And say it over and over again until you really feel and believe it.

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TillToTheWhen: lol I said he had no time

lol I said he had no time limit then I said 24 hours. I originally gave him no time limit I emailed him the quiz, but it's been like a week now and not even a single attempt at a response. So, this time, for the latest question, he gets only 24 hours. So, I've been fair.

TillToTheWhen: Lmao


TillToTheWhen: Next Question-

Next Question-

What is 1+1?

Is it 2? or is it two 1's with a cross in the middle?

TillToTheWhen: As the future meets the past,

As the future meets the past, and you are reincarnated into a dinosaur, what will your new name be?

A. Pasqualasaurus
B. Frantasaurus Rex
C. Gayborn Maximus

TillToTheWhen: Ok Final Question for the day

Ok Final Question for the day-

You have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 5 Mice, 10 Birds, 14 Gorillas, 2 Giraffe, 1 bowl of fish, 7 puppies, 13 kittens, and 10 kangaroos.

If you get rid of half of your dogs, but keep 85% of your birds, feed the bowl of fish to the kittens, make no blood sacrifices for the mice or gorillas, but you do decide to get rid of 1 cat.

Ok, so now you have all the information nessecary to answer the question-

How many gay men does that leave in the bedroom?

(You have 24 hours to answer these, which I think is plenty of time for anyone to pass this simple quiz)

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