Brad Pitt helping Native Americans, among others.

It is heart warming to see people use their celebrity and resources to better society. Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie are known BENEVOLENT folks, who do more than their share to help others.

Title- Jaw-Dropping What Brad Pitt Is Doing on American Indian Reservations

Excerpt- Brad Pitt has been partnering with Fort Peck, Montana Sioux and Assiniboine nation tribes to build 20 super green homes for residents whose income levels are at or below 60 percent the area’s mean income, with a percentage of the homes reserved for seniors and disabled veterans.

When Pitt isn’t jet-setting to movie locations and being a father of six (three biological and three adopted), he’s running a non-profit, Make It Right.

His organization has been most notable for building 150 sustainable homes in Louisiana’s Lower Ninth Ward post-Hurricane Katrina.


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bluesbaby5050: Mr. Pitt has been exposed along with Angelina Jolie...........

And so they have to keep up their front appearances, because they are a large part of the music,news medias, movie, and they are all Owned, and Controled by these powerful industries etc. And the distractions those people, and their sources provide to the masses that follow those two, and others like just them in the sick entainment field. And we all, or most of us anyways, knows the truth about them, and their sick kind.The only reasons they get RICH, and ahead, and STAY ahead is because they are satanists also, and they have Pledged themselves to this NWO, and it's secret agendas for humanity. A. Jolie used to wear a bottle of her exhusbands,"Billy Bob Thorton's" blood around her neck from a black velvet rope, and so did he of her blood as well, and they showed their bottled blood off many times on the late show with Jay Leno, and others on TV, and many jokes were made from this weird behavior of those two in the press. Her exhusband, the actor BillyBob Thorton is also well known, and he has played in many movies, and he is still popular today making movies, and directing some too. THIS IS OLD NEWS BEING PUMPED INTO THE FRONT LINES FOR MORE MASS DISTRACTIONS. All the top public players do kind deeds, and money, and charities are often donated as protraying them as KIND, and GENEROUS DOERS. The joke is on you, and on those that are left out of the LOOP.

HebrianDaniel: then tell me 1 thing can

then tell me 1 thing can you mention any rich person who are not part of secret group that want to harm people and has no agenda
and he helping people with no interests
in short

a rich person who are true alteroist inside.

bluesbaby5050: Only the Poor, and the Meek, and the Righteous.....

These are people that will inherite this planet Earth when all is said, and done. The Rich keep getting Richer, because Satan promised those that Worship Satan have Pledged/Promised themselves to him in exchange for FAME, WEALTH, and SEX, and POWER. If they RENIG ON THEIR PLEDGE to Satan, (CASE IN POINT, Micheal Jackson did) Then they are killed/murdered, and Framed in numerous ways/means in return, as pay back. But before this in some cases, they are defamed, and they go bankrupt, and loose their families though divorce, or murders, and they are made to appear as sick, unstable people, and mentally ill, and in need of treatment, and some are jailed, or locked up, and drugged in to oblivion with drugs provided by the same owned satanic run industries of the Satanist in the many world wide Satanists owned insitutions run by the same Satanists doctors, and nurses, ( not all doctors, and nurses are satanists but, many are to get ahead) and they are never to be heard from/of again. And those people are dragged though the mud, and many lies are told about them in ways that it will travel into the medias(with their help) and some are made to look like alcoholics, and drug addicts, and child molestors, or all three, while the ones behind the curtain/doors are the TRUE PEOPLE WITH ALL THESE ADDICTIONS, and they are the SICK, PREVERTED, and the DEPRAVED with those BEHAVIORS, and ADDICTIONS. THEY JUST LOVE TO SPREAD THE FILTH, and TRASH, LIES AROUND, HOPING THAT UNSUPPECTING, and UNINFORMED PEOPLE WILL BUY IN TO ALL THEIR LIES, and DECEITS, and TACTICS. SO DON'T FALL FOR THOSE LIES, and TACTICS People, and their DECIETFUL WAYS That THEY USE TO FOOL YOU WITH. Please Learn Of The Truths While You Can.

Tarheel: It's great to see celebrity spending money on Humanity.

I see Brad & Angelina in a whole new, malevolent light now.

Angelina is very active.
-Causes supported 25
Abuse, Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Economic/Business Support, Education, Environment, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Literacy, Miscellaneous, Peace, Poverty, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Refugees, Slavery & Human Trafficking, Water, Weapons Reduction, Women


And this is very deceptive to most people, and this was the points that I covered in my threads above. DON'T BE DECIEVED BY THEM, DO NOT WEAR BLINDERS. Open your awareness to the real truths about those people, and they are NOT WHO THEY SEEM TO BE IN THE MEDIAS!

Tarheel: Brad & Angelina have 6 kids-3 adopted/3 theirs... addition to their outstanding charity work.

Don't let ANYONE fool you into thinking just because people have fame or celebrity, they have NWO contracts. It simply is NOT true.

bluesbaby5050: Many of These Secret Societies Have Few to Many Children......

And if they have High Status then it's obvious where THEY STAND IN SOCIETY THAT IS RULED BY THE ELITE.

HebrianDaniel: still waiting for reply :P

still waiting for reply :P

contactorion: Angilina jolie.......

Angelina jolie is in beowulf as a shapeshifting gold monster that tempts beowulf to have sex with her in return for something he wanted (prostitute, whore) she has bird a cave. Liliths from a cave.

she is in maleficent as a queen witch who seduces a young girl. She also has wings. And horns that are attatched to her head. Green eyes red lipstick. Green and red
Signature of 4th dimension?
"Believed" Fact: membe r of illuminati
"Believed" Fact: illuminati goddess is inanna

Tarheel: How compelling!

I haven't seen Beowulf, but I certainly will now.

Angelina married Brad to get all his money for us (her & me). She will be leaving him soon for me.
She will mother my children. (my delusion) D'OH !

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