BPEarthWatch: Where Are Over A Million Year Unborn Really Going?

BPEarthWatch: Where Are Over A Million Year Unborn Really Going? Published on Jul 29, 2015.
House Bill to Remove John Boehner is Published! Major Shake Up in Washington Could Be Coming Due to Planned Parent Hood and Other Problems.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHFFQxNPnIg&feature=em-uploademail
BPEarthWatch 16 hours ago- By DR. SUSAN BERRY, 29 Jul 2015713.
In testimony before the House Education and the Workforce Committee Tuesday, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell said she had not viewed any of the videos regarding Planned Parenthood’s involvement in harvesting the body parts of aborted babies for sale, and that her office would not be conducting an investigation into the practices of the nation’s largest abortion provider.

According to a news release at the Committee’s website and video of Burwell’s testimony, the secretary said she had not personally viewed any of the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress, despite the fact that they are widely available online.

When Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN)56%
asked Burwell if she had seen the videos, she replied, “I have not seen the videos. I have read the articles about them.”
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LOS ANGELES – A temporary restraining order has been issued preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video of leaders of a California company that provides fetal tissue to researchers. The group is the same one that previously shot viral covert video of a Planned Parenthood leader discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research.

The Los Angeles Superior Court order issued Tuesday prohibits the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video of three high-ranking StemExpress officials taken at a restaurant in May. It appears to be the first legal action prohibiting the release of a video from the organization.

The Center for Medical Progress has released three surreptitiously recorded videos to date that have riled anti-abortion activists. The Senate is expected to vote before its August recess on a Republican effort to bar federal aid to Planned Parenthood in the aftermath of the videos' release.
+++++ House Bill PDF - http://media.breitbart.com/media/2015...
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