by edisonik on January 20th, 2012

You are all Beings on a Journey of Self Discovery. I bear Testament to te Works of Lord Enki and how he has achieved his Great Wisdom and Heart from a Force that is beyond the Comprehension of the Lords and Masters of Sirius.

You Canus are wearing their designer bodies created by Lord Aya (Enki). Many of you have come from different times and different planets, many of you have come from many different Star systems and many of you have met your physical end differently, some of you peacefully, some of you in battle. Death is the Gateway to the Stars, you are Ancient Spirits on a Sacred Journey of Time and Space. That Journey is a Journey of Self Discovery and Personal Fullfillment.

Life is all around you and the simplist things can evade your senses beautiful Beings of time and space.
For without the Breath of Life your physical body ceases to exist, the Air you breath is sacred for without it in mere minutes you shed your physical body yet it is given to all life freely.

Food is grown naturally all around you, you have a mouth to taste the Fruits of the Vine, in Physicality you have the pleasure of tasting Bitter Herbs and Sweet Fruits as well as Tender Meats and Bread, your mouth is also used for communication.

Your Eyes were given to your body so you can admire beauty, the eyes are the windows to your Souls.
Your ears can hear the sounds of creation, your ears were designed for hearing and communication.

Your Body has two arms and two legs and has been designed well, your body will serve you well Souls of the Great Journey. I am with you all walking among you.
Let your Sacred Journey through Life be a Journay of Awe, Wonder and self reflextion Sons and Daughters of the Most High.
Learn to Achieve a path of your choosing and your design for you are here on Earth to explore the Wonders of Sacred Creation, you are here because you exist, Eternally it is your Destiny to feel, to experience, to rise to the challenges the Most High has Sanctioned for you.You are not artificial you are living beings so your Journeys will be different from person to person.

Hold my Hand I will guide you to the Ways of Heaven for You are Divine , Special and you are loved.
Those who conspire with the Serpent Races to hurt Humanity will pay a Price in the Gates of Titan.
The Planet reserved to those who destroy Humanity.
Those who destroy Humanity for Profit , we know who you are and your Soul will be ours , we will harvest you and deliver you to Titan were you will spend some horrible time with a mericiless food chain, you will be at the bottom of this food chain.

This agony you who are Evil will experience because you do not lift an arm to help your fellow brothers and sisters. Your Ignoarnce and Indifference will give you the Fruits of your Labours for Earth's people were supposed to be free and not segregated by Class or Social Status, all Beings must be Treated with Respect and Dignity and not like beasts or slaves.

This is why you have left Sirius to Eridanus.

I have come to bear Testimony to Humanity, You are Divine Beings, embrace your Awsomeness.


Tarheel: Edisonik's WORD is DIVINE !

Listen to him, and follow him. He will not lead you astray. He will show you the ways of righteousness. He honors The Mighty God-The Most High the same as us. Draw from his experience.

bluesbaby5050: The Book of AL AL Alexis- The Second Tablet

These are the Words of A KOD! The Truth has Been Spoken CLEARLY!

edisonik: Some folks will never Understand

Only those who have been chosen to Understand, Bluesbaby5050 & Tarheel Understand the Exopolitical Realities out there in the Heavens.
Others are in their Infancy when it comes to Exopolitical Issues, many still watch the Hollywood like Circus on CNN, Fox and other Media Outlets to get their Dose of Lies and Deciet.
Here what you see is what the System does not want you to get and that is a clear view of what is really going on.

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