by Kawaiina on November 21st, 2017

Hello my fellow truthers. im new but not new here. Ive always read some forums due to my many questions and concerns i have, hoping some of you will reach out to me and give me your perspectives on anything basically. I have tons of questions like i said.

Heres a little insight on me just so you can get a better perspective of who i am. Im just another odd ball i guess you can say. I am a pisces, so i am one curious person, I started to lucid dream before i knew what lucid dreaming even was. I tend to have deja vus a lot! To the point they annoy me because it feels like the world is repeating to me. I see colors ALOT. They are never in the same form, some are scattered dots, like braille and then they switch to different forms, whether it be an odd shape or just a light. I can always sense a presence although i cannot see nor have communicated, but i can feel the energy if that makes sense? ( Its a little difficult to explain ). Besides some quirks, i enjoy talking about the unthinkable because i know the truth is infront of us but it gets fabricated so much ): so i come here for answers and also because i feel closer to the people in this forum then the real world who are mainly brainwashed where i live ):

Please dont be strangers and share your incredible thoughts with me for i am also a curious cat! Thanks xoxo :)

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