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by caseyhue on September 23rd, 2010

I've just started reading into the place for sometime. My views haven't formulated on this yet, but so far I'm guessing ... Alien mix/cult. The statute being a owl reminds me of the abuductions around 3:33am in the morning when people have seen the owl. Any takes on your views.. Still trying to piece together on the truth..

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edisonik: Reptilians look like Owls

Reptilians when you look at them do look like Owls , they are pale like the Orcs from Lord of the Rings, they speak Sumerian and an Alien Language called U2 ( sounds funny U2 is a Music Group ), their face is wide and looks like that of a bird because they have a beak in the front, if you are totally unaware of their existence they can really cause havoc on people because the people would never expect them in their bedroom, remember the old saying when the little kids would get scared and say to their parents , "Daddy, Mommy theres a monster in my closet!", "It's O.K. Kid, it's nothing, so stop saying stuff like that , there's nothing in the closet". The kid screams and the parents would say out loud "Shut up kid and go to sleep!".
Walt Disney knows about them , why would they make Monsters Inc, you would say "oh what a cartoon , it's so cute , the kids will love it". It's not cute, if you know anything about Reptilians, they have portals, these portals lead to doors, closets (Believe it or not), rooms, etc.

They can Vibrate at different frequencies (So they can become invisible) and they can physically Rape you during your sleep when you aren't realizing it, if your body feels sore in your privates in the morning , guess what they had fun with you. They do this Crap all the time to people that are unaware of their activities.

They can convince people through thoughts to go and hurt others, like the perverbial Voice in your head " Go on do it!, do it!, Rape her, or Kill Him!", and when the person gets brainwashed they do it and they go to Jail , and when the Judge would say "Why did you do it?, the Defendant would say " I heard Voices", and he did hear voices it was the Reptilians, kind of like the Voice of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings.

It all sounds funny but it's not funny, they work in plain sight, they Own the Moon because it's a large Planetoid Space ship, You see it right in front of you when you go home or go to Work, they have large Cities underneath the Earth, 100 Miles beneath the Earth, they Own Venus
They Eat Human Flesh ( They are disgraceful if you ask me).
They Influence Bankers, they Influence Politicians, they Influence Corporations, they Influence
Criminals, anything Negative is there Game.

The Best way to keep them away is to remain Positive and always think Love, Unconditional Love , they can't stand that vibrational field , when people are in a deep feeling of Love ( Not Sexual, but PuppyLove Innocent Love), it burns their Scaley Hide.
And prey to the Creator for Protection, every night before you go to bed and always think love for Earth and the Human Race , then you will be fine.

Negativity attracts them to you so always be positive not negative. If that doesn't help then Defend yourselves , You are Warriors Genetically are you not!, well yes you are!, not quivering Jellyfish!, they are Mortal and they do die!.

REALITY IS MORE STRANGER THEN FICTION, believe it or not!, it's real!, so prepare yourself.

caseyhue: Thanks!!

That helps open up my eyes a bit.. Now I see the light.. No more confusion. :)

contactorion: whoa.

That just explained my dream.

contactorion: I agree

With the time and the owls.

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