by Annunaki77 on September 24th, 2011

The Bod Star System, a small Majestic Star System, it contains 9 Planets, it has Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Neptune , Uranus and Pluto.
Each Planet has a Colonies of Extraterrestrial Nations, each Planet has it's Ecosystems. NASA is lying about a great many things.
Planet X was the Tenth Planet the Home of the Bod Star System Gods.
The Olympians and the Great Mount of Olympus, Zeus was King of the Bod Star System. That Planet was blown up between Mars and Jupiter during a Great War between Bod, Sirius and Orion.

Humanity has been living a lie since the very inception, everything humanity was taught regarding Earth History from the Educational System and Religious Systems are complete lies. The truth is much more Colossal and much more Incredible. So too are you lives which you are living in now. You are travellers of time and space.

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Annunaki77: Earth is but a spec of Dust!.

Earth is but a spec of dust.

Earth is beautiful because of Lord Aya , son of King Anu.
All the Animals and the Plants were brought to this Planet by Lord Aya and his Colossal Mothership AR Flagships , Sirius Crafts built by the Annunaki.
Many colonists came to Earth also for a better life from Sirius A , B and C.
You are all Extraterrestrials, you have forgotten your Divine Past, it wasn't your fault.
Your were forced to forget by Marduke and his Rebel Orion Queen, now it is time to awaken to your Unlimited Future because the Comos is yours to Discover.

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