Blue Avians.

by Chris on August 24th, 2017

In the Blue Avians History Follow Up Video, information is provided how the Star Traveler got to meet a Blue Avian and a Golden Radiant on a blue large sphere. As well the Blue Avians history of origins is provided from a reading in the Voyagers II book to provide more information how everything began and what happened.


This is one source of the Blue Avian history of origin from the point of view of the information that comes from the Voyagers II book, from pages: 262, 264, 265, and 266 to consider. There may be other sources of reference to investigate and research. Please use discernment when reviewing any type of information to any stated sources of videos, writing, etc. as the truth has many layers and facets which should be examined to figure out what that truth is.

History of the Blue Avians: Azurite Council

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