This Blizzard of 1966, was located in the state of North Dakota-U.S. The news Caption read: " I Believe there is a Train Under There Somewhere!" ( At least Electrical Line Workers didn't have to Climb the Poles to repair any Lines). "Now That's A Lot of SNOW!"

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bluesbaby5050: Can YOU IMAGINE ..?

Can you Imagine what those poor people in that area back then, had to go though to survive this? Just think how many died inside their frozen homes, and just because they could NOT get out? They didn't even have heat or any air to breath after a while! Their glass in their windows must of burst with all that weight from all that heavy snow all around them! They could NOT even dig themselves out either! Where I lived, When I was 4 years old myself, and my family could not get out of our house, because we were trapped inside our apartment for days, and no phone, until the fire department, and neighbors came to dig us out of the snow, because we had a Blizzard, and I did not know how much snow had fallen, because of my age.( and some of windows smashed from the weight of the snow, and we had a lot of snow in our living room! We lived in a basement apartment at time, and ever since then, my parents always moved to a second or third floor apartment! LOL! We used to jump off the four story porches, and land in the snow below. And once my younger brother got himself stuck feet first, and his arms up above his head, into the snow banks below, and we had to rush to dig him out before he died! We got punished for that one! But, we had fun until then. LOL!

UN.i1-PHI: wow

that sure is a lot of snow!

Tim Lovell: wow that is unbelievable that

wow that is unbelievable that's ALOT of snow , but here atm in the UK we just had in 15 mins intense winds then rain really hard then hail then snow then suddenly it all stopped and the sun came out really calm and sunny lol something really weird is going on with the weather ....

bluesbaby5050: I was just age 14............

When this Blizzard took place back in '66. Age15 just a few months later in April of that year.

Tarheel: It's called HAARP

HAARP mixed with geo-engineering/cloud seeding and shazam. Yeah, it's weird alright. Cold blasts and Big Oil and Big Pharm make out like banditos. Fuel oil has been rising daily. It was 62 here yesterday and today it is 22 and snowing.

They've been tampering with Mother Nature since at least the 60's.

bluesbaby5050: I believe it too!

Check out YOUR weather, because you have a storm from the west, a nasty one too, headed your way this week! So be Warm, and stay Safe Tar.

Terran resistance: so much for

global warming

cosmicstorm: That amount of snow is just terrifying

I wonder if anything was recovered(that was still intact)

bluesbaby5050: I don't know............

I never did find this out. Good question.

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