blaming the victim

So I have been thinking deeply into this topic before typing here and I just want to share this information/knowledge with you in order to help you with making the right decisions in your life.

I wanna begin with explaining why I have created this topic;
When I was 10 years old (7y ago), I was a muslim born in a muslim country in a society where people actually force you to believe in Islam. Anyway.. My parents and friends and elder people always told me that we should hate those that are not believing in our religion, I was a kid... I wasn't taught to question what I was being told and that I always had to believe in what I was hearing about islam and other religions. The ignorant people did brainwash me to the point where I actually became another version of them. There was/is no real education in my home-country so I was just following their footsteps; Nobody ever taught me to never judge someone by their look and ... you know that kind of stuff you see in everyday life....

When we first moved to Sweden, I was judging christians for their look, clothes, religion ... etc I was simply HATING them without not knowing anythig about their past and background...

Few years after moving to Sweden i actually realised that I had been living in a society with full of ignorant people! Who actually brainwashed me... I dont know what but something woke me up from thay scary lie. I started questioning my decisions and thoughts; Why I shouldnt judge people without knowing them, Why I shouldnt blame a KKK member for being in KKK or whY I shouldnt blame someone who joined Isis...

So to find answers to my questions I tried to put myself in their shoes and try to understand why that person would make such decision....
I have actually figured that out;
Ones decisions are caused by their PAST and BACKGROUND.

Let me explain this to you;
A soldier joins the military because he eiter thinks that he/she is serving his/her country and protecting from enemies or he has been told by his father to follow his lead (maybe his father was a cold person to him, and never talked about his life?) There are many possibilities... But there's something that they are not aware of; "Soldiers are puppets of the government, they dont give a damn about that soldiers life.. they send him/her to war and risk that persons life... " - Now If that soldier was aware of this, if he/she was taught that his decision is wrong ... do you think he still would join the military? If his cold hearted father had talked to him about I dont think that...

So what I am trying to say here is that you should never ever blame an uneducated person because that person was not educated and taught to make the correct decisions (a soldier, killer, rapist, pedo.. whatever you name it)... Those people become that way because of their past and background; Some are mentally and physically abused, some are left alone, some are not helped, some have had trajedic lives... Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Some guy who joined isis was definitely NEVER educated to make the right decisions or never taught about what is right and what is wrong, that someone has been brainwashed..
that someone does not know what questioning decisions means... that someone is under the controll of bloody leaders...

Millions of people are in that position right now, struggling and suffering what life has offered them .... But fuck what life has done to them, why dont we help instead of judging and blaming? If we are not here to help eachother out ... then what is our purpose of living?

It is hard for some people to understand what Iam trying to explain here but unfortuantely this is where you start thinking twice before making a decision...

So please, always PUT YOURSELF in their SHOES and see for yourself how it is for them, understand why their made those decisions in their life, what made them to become like that...


This is all TAUGHT to them.

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bluesbaby5050: Blaming the Victim

Bravo to you Wolf.....I really do understand your view about this topic, because I have walked in your shoes during my life. I have lived 64 years now, and I have had plenty of time to understand your message here. I am glad that you did figure this out for yourself. Always go deep inside yourself to find your answers in your life. Never follow anyone's path, but your own. Trust your intuition to guide you.Your heart will know the truth.

HebrianDaniel: i also born in jewish society

i also born in jewish society that tell me that people who are not jewish are goys.
means they inferior people and jewish are most chosen people. i always wondered why i was living in very racist society. till i left judaism.
i find out the religion is really bad thing that ruin your progress toward future.
i do hope world without idealogies or religion or anything that manipulated people mind.
i hope....

truthseeking_wolf: Blaming the victim

It is good to know that people are waking up and realising whats going on around them...

There's hope for an alot better future but everyone must apply to it:

obsrvantlouie: Good post

But your title should be "blaming the ignorant".....

BenjaminFalkenrath: ObsrvantLouie I know what you're saying but....

If you state one should blame the ignorant; then you are only placing the blame back on the person(s) themselves. Especially given that, they are in fact unaware of their ways.
Your comment implies blaming the ignorant which by definition is the person itself.
I think what you meant to say is, blame the Ignorance.
Which is not specifically the person as it is the lack of knowledge in and of itself for those who are unaware as a whole.

obsrvantlouie: Of course you should blame

Of course you should blame the person for their's THEIR ignorance. More victims is the last thing we need.

BenjaminFalkenrath: You'll never learn buddy

Again the blame game. See that's why nothing is ever done. Too busy blaming than working to fix the problem. Your approach is in victimization and blame on the individual. When instead of looking at the big picture or blaming. Which the original post is saying not too. The real fix is to work on the ignorance as a whole within the society as a whole.
It's like blaming an alcoholic an pointing that finger an blah blah blah we all know that never works. The best approach in that case is an outside approach with love an compassion. Often tough love and compassion. To work on viable solutions not blame game. If you do any research at all you will realize that the fundamental building blocks of any conflict resolution has their solutions based on the notion of their first steps being to drop the finger pointing. But hell isn't it just human nature to blame? That's like how you automatically assume any non human or anyone not of this world or with certain characteristics must be reptilian or an evil ET. Like how just because I remember things in my past before this life In your eyes makes me a bad guy. I welcome you to explore the possibility of removing those tainted glasses you view the world with bro.

obsrvantlouie: It's not about blame its

It's not about blame its truth. A dumbass is ignorant because he/she's chooses to be. No amount of love or compassion or hate and malice will change that truth. All the dumbass has to do is go down to the library.....we don't need to fix the world just need more people in the world reading books.

You are trying to change he subject and put words in my mouth. Simple troll fuckers cant get your shit agenda across this forum but it doesn't stop you from trying.

Of course I choose to blame the individual - being accountable for ones circumstances is something to strive for and if your an uneducated ignorant person it is entirely your fault.

26vega: unicorns

I actually feel awe for the archons for they are truly great at what they do,control that is,by taking advantage of the peoples need to belong somewhere even if they must deny their core being in the process.This is why so many people are going along with this upside down society because they are fragile and dont want to be alone.of course that is no excuse
Now this new new age (everything pure is poisoned from the inside) fairytale where u must make a love bubble and close your self in it so nothing will spoil your happiness is utterly narsicistic.The notion that with wishfull thinking and sending love and good vibes to the world everything is gonna be allright, is planted and frankly really dangerous.This is good only for the archons
Going along with everybody maybe is good for ones social life but isnt going to win the war,because a war this is.and wishing the problem to solve itself isnt going to cut it.Realisation/awakening is ones lonely path everyone is their own master.I know it is hard to unlearn what youve been tought all your life(Im still trying),but who said awakening is easy.
Therefore I blame both the psychopath puppeteers and the mindless puppets for simply going along with all the shit thats going on in order to keep their fake lifes on rail.Sorry for being this blunt on my first post here but this is so importand

BenjaminFalkenrath: Sure thing bro

Thanks I appreciate your opinion. But I don't do labels. I'm a lot of things. Son, father, husband, electrician, communications assistant for the deaf, disabled adults life coach, among other things. But I don't think I'm a unicorn. Though that was pretty funny. Either way. No worries I see what your saying. I can't say I agree 100% but maybe I do give the ignorant folks more leeway than I should. Perhaps I should see them more responsible for the way they are, but I just can't shake the fact that even the ignorant folk are still at simply a different stage of development therefore its more difficult to suggest its all there fault as this is a slippery slope since they're ignorant. Which is totally different from someone who refuses to accept truths an remains ignorant mind you.
I do agree we can't simply write grids, practice metaphysical, send the light an love to the universe an all will be right. Yes that's not going to help as we each need to focus on ourselves. But my main argument in the earlier comments is not to blame period. If you blame anything blame the element of ignorance itself. An only blame the ignorant one when they refuse to change knowing full well the issue which makes them no longer ignorant but rather stubborn an in denial. Have a good one man. =)

BenjaminFalkenrath: What is my agenda then?

You still think I'm the enemy.
I'm not mad. I'm laughing though I'll admit. Please enlighten me. Grow that pair an tell me what it is which makes you so confident I'm the bad guy? Please really....
If you honestly don't think compassion an love help, you clearly do not understand the meaning of either.
I eagerly await your response my friend!

Bumpy Toad: I don't want to be a victim. I want to be free.

I was born in a Neurotypical/Allistic society (basically the whole world) that tries to tell Autistics that we are disordered and objectively wrong.... I love being Autistic; I love being me. I'm worried that the Autistic neurotype will be eliminated in future generations. I hate "mainstreaming" and attempts to make Autistics conform to be more like NTs/Allistics in any way, as well.

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