by Annunaki77 on January 21st, 2013

A Warrior Past in Sirius B as well as Sirius A.
Canus Clans were Dark Skinned.
The White Skin come from Orion.
So for all the Black folks you are all Divine beings.
But will you learn that in school?, nope!.
They Enrol all Black folks in Sports and they keep them away from the Sciences and Technologies. Afraid that they can attain great Knowledge.

Brothers are in Jail in vast numbers because they truly are ANTI-SYSTEM!. COMPLETE RENEGADES.

You make EN KI Proud.

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Annunaki77: Are you learning or what!

Your Learning something that was forbidden but because the Big Boyz are here you know the Awsome Truth. But lets all get along and know who the Real Enemy is.

Annunaki77: There is so much you don't know!

But now is the Age of Aquarius. Time for your Schooling Boyz and Girls.

bluesbaby5050: Learning! Then Please tell us more Sir!

I want to learn all there is to learn about our Ancient Human History/Origins. Please tell us what we do not know yet. Don't hold back }:>) Thank you.

bluesbaby5050: There is SO MUCH MORE THAT WE DON'T KNOW.......

This is what I am Referring to Sir,Your Statement from LAST Night. Again, There is NO Dis-respeck here. We would like some NEW material as you have a wealth of Knowledge that we are Un- aware of. We know you only provide us with the truth, and wisdom of your knowledge Wise One, and your students thirst for this knowledge. Knowledge is Strength,and Independence. Guide us well Sir. Thank You.

M3RT0M: Definitely Learning

Definitely Learning, Wise One.

Terran resistance: anubis

is more to do with the hollow earth in my opinion seeing as that it was later combined with hermes to form hermanubis

Anu is a sumerian god of the underworld so anubis is probably the same.

hermes and anubis put together basically and represents the alpha and the omega from the bible
its a duality god

so anubis would be a part of a duality god

thoth is hermes aswell, hence why I think anubis is seen with thoth alot

isis is to do with the dog star

Terran resistance: Also

anubis is the equivalent of the apostle Barnabas
hence why they sound so similar and have the word abyse on the end of the words
abyse as in hell

While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul (Paul) for the work to which I have called them."

duality god being seperated

Annunaki77: 2PAC knew alot about the Globalists

This why he was writing songs against the Globalists. He was assassinated. He didn't go along to get along. He was a Black Renegade.

Eldertree: Why does race have to always

Why does race have to always be the focus and not about the assets or attributes given from each race. Even at that, it's still irrelevant. I try to treat everyone at an individual level. But I will always treat racist people as racist, because racist people tend be people who want power and want everyone to fall into segregation, divide and against one another.

Second point, Sirians were not black. The Sirius b races were and again they were not all "black". The blackness came from the fact that most were reptilian, Draco and beings that came from elsewhere. The Annunaki (including Anu) is NOT Sirian. He has Sirian roots but he is NOT Sirian.

All Sirius A beings, are most bright appearing beings. Some non physical and then you have the mammalian and tall white and blue skinned humanoids too. The planets around Sirius are all reflecting bright colours because of the brightness Sirius A gives off. Sirius A itself is a bright white/blue star. Therefore beings on this star system will have this pigmentation in their physical vessels because of that.

And not all canis beings are dark or black either. Many dogons and felines are actually quite the opposite. They are white, yellow and similar colours to the existing mammalian's on this planet are. Just the same as Elephants, whales and Dolphins are all bright coloured too.

You’re talking tripe again Annuanki77.

Tarheel: You tripped all over yourself on that one, ASsT.

And, who is Annuanki?

Oh, you mean Annunaki77! Anu77 forgot more (by choice) about The Sirius Star SYSTEM than you will ever know. Yeah, ASsT-Sirius is a "star system".

Terran resistance: well he must have forgotten a hell of a lot then.

he must have forgotten a hell of a lot then.
because im pretty sure that anubis aka anu has very little to do with dog star system
anubis looks part dog because its a corruption of mythology, for example hades is the equivalent of anu but has a three headed dog aswell which is to do with the dog star system but they are still different gods all together even though they are associated with each other,

so the same could apply to anubis that its a combination of of two gods put together to make a whole new god. In other words anubis would look like hades and his three headed dog put together.

but im getting carried away with myself im not good at explaining what I think. Thats assuming that the jackal is mythologically related to dogs that is.

Tarheel: My point is- Anu77 forgets BY CHOICE & ASsT has no clue.

And YES-you ARE getting carried away with yourself. That happens a lot. dude

Yakman Buddha: Carried away

Abstract thoughts and Spiritual ideas are hard to put into words YES! I find this to be true also! Haha id rather not speak mostly! However this thing you are doing, asking questions and attempting to repair puzzles is a good thing. Just always remember that untill it is solid it is speculation! LOL other then this so what if you are carried away in this!! I have always found out of your mind there is a lot more space! Haha Love to you! Ms Yakman

HebrianDaniel: why does Canus sirians never

why does Canus sirians never bother visite us face to face?

Terran resistance: -

maybe they have who knows.... ;)

Annunaki77: Because they are Kings

They do not talk to Slaves.
This is why I Teach Independance.
Even Religions are Mind Control.
Learn to think for yourselves.
This is En Ki's way INDEPENDANCE.

Terran resistance: omg

you talk so much bullshit its off the bullshit scale at the minute, omfg.... I think you need some fresh air

Terran resistance: im going to be 100 hundred percent straight with you

take it or leave it

I have talked to sirians and I goth the impression they had better things to do then enslave us, ok?
there are far worse 'entities' on this planet who want to control us, mostly terran in origin with a probable extraterrestrial hierarchy on top.

And the overall impression I got it is that these entities are out gunned and out manned and are techonolgically and spiritually inferior.

And the likelihood that the furture has been changed to such an extent that we are actually free? Then in all likelihood there will be time travelling terrans coming back in time to help us if need be.

stop scare mongering.

Tarheel: Just what do you THINK your symbolism interpretation is,TR?

(this was my response to TRs OMG post)

Please Respect "Free Will", TR. We TRY to respect yours. If you dont care for Anu77's posts, why dont you not read his posts? Oh, that would mean you arent curious as to what he has to say!

Careful TR, you're tipping your hand, not that we didnt know what cards you are holding already.

Yakman Buddha: Did you say Sirians do not

Did you say Sirians do not talk to slaves? Hmmm do Sirians own slaves. I am interested, who do men say that the Sirians are? - Ms Yakman

bardofhearts: Define Mind Control and Religion

Please help me. Define "mind control" and "religion" according to the context of this post of yours.
Also while you are at it, define "self control".
Oh wait, while you are it too, define each of these six verbs: supervise, lead, control, manipulate, administrate, and exploit.

HebrianDaniel: they think we are slaves?

they think we are slaves? that insult.
if youre canus sirian why you dont think like them?

Annunaki77: I was taught in those ways but I do not Endorse Tyranny

I Teach Indendance Herbriandaniel, I never Endorsed Tyranny. You can choose your Friends but you can't choose your Dysfunctional Families.
You understand don't you.

Shao Khan and Raiden are Brothers?!

Tarheel: HD seeks/understands The Truth.

HD conveys that Humanity is ready for DISCLOSURE, and we all support him on this front. Remember, we/Humanity were taught to believe and have faith most of our lives, BUT we have been lied to SO MUCH for SO LONG by the very things we were told to TRUST, and it is very difficult to have faith in anything you cant see and feel and touch for yourself any more.

I believe in what you teach, Wise Anu77. I also look within and seek answers from myself. There's so much going on, good and bad. Hopefully there is something to The Age of Aquarius, and we will all be enlightened FURTHER, and we will all get the answers we seek.

Yakman Buddha: Wow when i left you last

Wow when i left you last there was a love I had for you and so I noticed all the ways you communicated and put together your thoughts! YOU have ELEVATED MUCH! haha! I can tell. Now My turn, QUID PRO QUO What has been your recent meditations?

Tarheel: WE pray/meditate Harmony and Peace, and it is coming fast..

With The Awakening en masse that is a product of this newest age, there is gross changes taking place.
Join us in The Purge of The Old/Bad N.W.Odor, and The Installation of The Good/New Reality. The Foreshadowing tells of Victory for Humanity.

HebrianDaniel: There other Canus people that

There other Canus people that think like you?

Yakman Buddha: The Gods?

Are you still after so long looking outside of yourselves for answers? Your very construction holds the key. Love to you, wishing you many answers. I enjoyed this post very much. -Ms yakman Buddha

bluesbaby5050: Re-post on Sirius A,and B,C,-Star System...........

The threads above in this forum has some Great Feedback on the subject.

sun: Color of skin

How we are in this life as a human being depends on the lessons we need to learn, and the scenario we have written for this existance. yes, some may be from the same color of skin, race, but the body your soul has entered does not necessarily have to resemble it's origin. :)

Jynxallen: WE R ALL ONE!

I want to thank everyone on this site for participating in the discussions I have read so far. YOU ALL Embody the true essence of the universe. We have been separated for so long we have forgotten the true nature of ourselves. The answers to the universe lie within each of us we need only ask the right questions and listen for the answers. I know who I am. I am U and U r Me. Love to All.

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