Black Magick and similarities to other things

by freedmftr88 on September 6th, 2018

I remember reading about this a while back just out of curiosity .
The spiritual methods used seems extremely similar to New Age methods of connecting with spirit guides and guardian angels . I learned the spirit guide method and telepathy last year and still do working on my Twin Flame Ascension . I think when someone gets into spiritual awakening , one has to be very careful when taping into the spiritual dementions. I mentioned my experience a little bit on the comments of " Is Satan / Lucifer the same " also Twin Flames 11:11 mentioned a similar experience . . It was around late 2016 the very year I meet my twin. When I read the books " Alien Lovebite " and " Dark Side of Cupid " , perhaps it's relating to Twin Flames and meeting False Twin Flames ( without the proper knowledge like on in my opinion ) as well as dark entities and relationships in general.

Anyway , I noticed the similarities. Likewise is Pagans / Wiccans similar to New Age / New Thought Spirituality ? And what about Scientology ? Is Scientology a scam or is relating to spiritual realms and such ?

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