"Black Lives Matter is a Leftist Lie"

by Tarheel on June 24th, 2020

Watch 2 black guys tell you the deal about the scam known as Black Lives Matter.


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Fal: Yes. It is a lie. The last

Yes. It is a lie. The last generation had the Black Panther party, although they are still around, they are mostly defunct. This generation has the BLM movement with its heavy Marxist leanings. Selfish ignorant people. They will all be brought into the light, and justice will be served. All these people funneling money into BLM, just to have it go into the Democrat party, because Trump has been cutting off their ill-gotten funds since his first day, and they NEED disruption for ANY reason just to create fake funds for them to steal from in the name of something that would be otherwise seen as a 'good' movement. Liars, deceivers, hypocrites. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Tarheel: Fall always had a penchant for the truth

Nice to have Fal around after a hiatus.

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