Bio-Energetic System or Auric Field

Within the 15-dimensional Unified Field, the morphogenetic field creates structures of multidimensional electromagnetic energy (EM), around and through which the matter form will manifest.

These multidimensional EM fields are collectively referred as the Bio-energetic System or the Auric Field of a manifest form.

All manifest forms posses a Bio-energetic System/Auric Field.

The Auric Field has seven primary, inner layers through which physical manifestation takes place and which correspond to dimensional frequency bands 1 through 7.

The Auric Field also has seven outer layers, which represents the form-holding morphogenetic imprints for the seven inner layers of the Auric Field.

The seven outer layers correspond to dimensional frequency bands 9 through 15.

The 14 layers of the Auric Field are connected to each other through a central point within the eighth dimension Meta-galactic Core.

This center point represents the point through which a forms’ original morphogenetic imprint was entered into the 15-dimensional system (Time Matrix).

(Voyagers II – Page 454)

Through the rotation of the 15 Merkaba Fields, an energy structure in the form of an "egg" or capsule is formed within the dimensional Unified Field of each of the 15 dimensions.

The 15 energetic capsules exist within the same space, separated by variance in dimensional particle pulsation rhythms.

The energetic form of the capsules gives the Auric Field the appearance of capsules within capsules, or 15 distinct, interpenetrating, capsule-shaped layers.

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Light-Symbol Codes or Fire Letters

Last update: November 30, 2004

(See: Fire Codes, Veca-Codes)

Lets compare this Keylonta light-symbol codes or “Fire Letters” to an alphabet, an alphabet that is multidimensional, and whose characters change placement, meaning and sound depending upon the dimensional frequency which they interface.

The Fire Letters of this alphabet are stored within every cell of every human; it is the basis for the human genetic code.

Each DNA Strand represents a Fire Letter Code/Scalar-wave program sequence corresponding to 1 Dimensional Frequency Band of consciousness/energy.

Through this “cellular alphabet” impulses of electromagnetic energy are aligned and ordered, much as words are formed out of the different letter combinations of your written alphabet. The words, created out of the alphabet of letters, are conveyors of meaning. The words and the alphabet themselves are not the meaning but serve as a conduit through which meaning can be moved from one place to another. The alphabet then represents a tool, which creates a medium through which ideas and perceptions can be shared and projected.

Now, in terms of cellular alphabet, it too serves as a tool and conveyor of meaning.

The Fire Letters represent fixed electromagnetic codes (patterns of sequentially arranged electromagnetic impulses) that can be arranged in many ways to form “words”, or electromagnetic code patterns, that can potentially carry a wide variety of meaning when put together in specific ways, Just as the written alphabet holds the potential to convey a very simple meaning or more complex ideas, so does the cellular alphabet have the potential to convey simple or complex meaning.

The cellular alphabet is designed in a way that allows for many “sentences” to be created at once. The electromagnetic codes can be arranged in numerous ways simultaneously to create multi-layered meaning – each “sentence” “making a statement” in its own right. But when put together with other elements convey a larger meaning that is “greater than the sum of its parts”.

The cellular alphabet speaks through numerous languages simultaneously, It is as if the singular alphabet can be used to create “words and sentences” in French, English, German and Spanish all at once, each sentence conveying meaning to the “people” (or parts of the organism) that happen to speak that particular language.

In the case of human biology, each of your five known “senses” (and the seven others you have yet to identify. – We have 12 senses) would represent a collective that speaks one of those languages.

All of the senses use the same Fire Letter alphabet, or fixed electromagnetic impulse patterns, but each sense translates into meaning only the “sentences” (strings or sequence of electromagnetic impulse patterns) that use its natural language.

As the biology receives these electromagnetic “meanings” each sense then further translates that meaning into other language forms that the conscious human mind can comprehend. In this way the sense data of your perceptual experience is brought into your conscious awareness.

The senses serve as “language translators”, translating the sentences from their “native tongue” (the original electromagnetic impulse sequence that were picked up by the individual sense facility) into a form from which your conscious mind can draw meaning.

The visual senses will send the meaning cloaked in images, the hearing senses will send meaning dressed in sound, and so on for all the senses. Each sense sends one aspect of meaning to the conscious mind via the chemical, hormonal, and neurological systems to the body all translated into language that the conscious mind can interpret.

This “sentences of meaning” sent by the senses arrive in the conscious mind at the simultaneously, creating a collective interpretation of meaning the human experiences as perceived reality. And the meaning of this reality is “greater than the sum of its parts”.

At every step the translators of the base Fire Letter alphabet and the Fire Letter alphabet itself remains and meaning conveyors only. The meaning flows through the channels of perception, but the meaning is not “locked inside of the alphabet” or its word combinations.

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