Big Brother is watching you! Say "hi" to Smart TV and spy modules

by Crackdown on December 28th, 2013

Information about files on USB storage ( "Midget_Porn_2013.avi" in this case xD ) is being transmitted to LG servers. Read the full article here:

If someone of your friends, colleagues, etc, is going to buy new TV (for watching movies)
and you cannot convince that those "zombie-boxes" are not worth spending money,
advice not to buy "SmartTV" and share the article above. Luckily, there are some full-featured models (have 3D, HD 1080P, USB, etc) which do not have the documented networking capabilities - WiFi or Ethernet

You can control other high-end devices with networking functions - i.e. if you would find out that your computer was hacked, can reinstall OS - but you cannot reinstall a firmware on TV (at least not in easy way)


However, the thought about the absence of spy modules in your "basic" electronic devices is naughty - because they could contain radio modules which are not documented

Watch this video - it is not translated, but you could look the at teardown (second part)

The new shipment of consumer electronics was slightly heavier than before - not matching the customs declaration. Initially, there were thoughts that boxes became a bit wet or that new extended instruction was included with goods - but, accidentally, discovered the spy modules inside

Although the weight of spy modules is very small, when there is a large shipment of goods, the summary difference in weight is noticeable. i.e. if spy module weights just 1 g , a shipment of 1000 items would be + 1 kg heavier

1) Devices with undocumented WiFi feature - kettle, iron, dumb phone...

They are gathering the information from hidden microphone. Then, using the hidden WiFi module, upload to suspicious servers through the unprotected WiFi network (no password) in your area

2) Devices with documented WiFi feature - smart phone, tablet, notebook...

Have an additional (undocumented) second WiFi module - to minimize the probability of leak exposure

If the user is concerned about privacy, he may want to analyze the traffic which is outgoing through his local network, and discover the leak. Considering this possibility, the developers want the spy module inside device to connect to another, unprotected network, for transferring the information - it is rare when traffic in unprotected network is analyzed, either the owner was not advanced enough to set up the protection, or nobody cares (network in public place)

So, the spy module must connect to unprotected network, and should have second WiFi module - to avoid the need of interrupting the user's connection in order to use the first module with another network


P.S. Before any false accusations, this information was shared not to bring fear, but to raise the awareness! If the majority of people would continue being naughty and thinking of that as "conspiracy theories" - despite the hard evidence - one day we will wake up in electronic concentration camp

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