He said… “Be like water”

I do not use curse words to disrespect you…. I use them because I want to set a pace and get through to you. Don’t be a sissy….it rhymes with duck. They are only two spots away in the alphabet…it could have been a “fuck and her three little fucklings crossing the road”. If language upsets you go ahead and piss off because you won’t comprehend my message and if you can’t see the humor….get on Netflix and watch the movie “Airplane”…over? Roger?

With all due respect…consider this.

I wasn’t even thinking….I just was. I was just doing….no worry….no apprehension….fully aware in the moment I was in…I….just….was.

Listen to me Barney Fife….I’m not certain that you understand what I am telling you. The synchronicity of this day was on another level.

Synchronicity as defined by yours truly = the attraction of seemingly random, coincidental, ironic events that correspond with recent exposure via thought or indirect experience of them. The cohesion of every second as fluid….as in, you need to call Tony…but he calls you instead. You’ve been wanting it….and IT shows up. Synchronicity is being in tune with the flow of creation and literally watching and being witness to your reality that you are creating in.

It is a sign that you are a very advanced spirit if you can recognize these things.

She wakes up and I ask ‘would you like scrambled or sunny side up’…and I ask even though I know she usually wants scrambled and I don’t really care for making scrambled as I always prefer sunny side up…I still ask….I am polite because I know that my politeness will somehow be reciprocated….She says sunny side up.

It’s my sisters birthday – I continue to touch, motivate, inspire, challenge and expand people with my words via writing.

Mother stops by to drop off groceries she picked up on sale…sealed tight, these will last a while.

Neighbor stops by to drop off a full course meal for two, a frozen meal for two and two deserts. Yes, I trust to eat my neighbor’s food. I’ve never even been in her house nor have I broke bread with her. Their kitchen could be disgusting and they could cook in the nude for all I know.

Yes, I don’t worry about these things….because I understand how to trust in my instincts.

But you….you fuckin weird germaphobe that uses anti bacterial soap and doesn’t go around small children in fear of getting sick; uses hankys to open door knobs….hey you, chill the fuck out and use the ‘5 second’ rule. Loosen up ya fuckin ziplock baggy….you get ‘colds’ as sickness all the time because you constantly worry about being sick… worrywartin, cold bucket.

Hey you….simmer down a bit….you’re at about a 7…and you’d be better off piping it down a couple of notches. Let me tell you something you dam worrying stress inviting self assuming dick….you’re clarity is your weakness. You think because you’ve done something….or you’ve read something….or that you’ve been here long enough to qualify as a fucking dinosaur…… think you know shit.

Well, maybe what? Maybe you do know shit.





I didn’t think so, so guess what…if you thought you did know shit….you are wrong.

You do not have all the answers. You can assuredly still improve and expand your mind. As much as you know…


It’s called humble pie….eat a slice Jack. Stop coutin calories you nancy weight watchers complainer.

I guarantee you this hoecake… don’t have it all figured out. And that you ‘think’ you do just goes to show how God Dam fucking pretentious you are. If you actually think you have figured out the ‘game’….guess what douchebag….THE PriCe is WRONG BITCH! If you ever assume that you cannot learn from ANYONE and EVERYONE…you are operating in error…in some way shape or form I guarantee you ‘someone’s talent’ is superior to yours in a certain field….you are not the best…you are not the brightest….you have more to learn about something.

Are you listening to the words coming out of my mouth? Perhaps you should start from the beginning and read this message aloud. Do you know what I am saying? Can you smell what the Rock is cookin over here bro… because most of you pricks act like; I will let George Carlin explain….

“And I’m getting really sick of guys named Todd. It’s a goofy fucking name OK. Hi whats your name?...TODD….TODDDD. I’m Todd. And this is blake, and blair and blaine and brent….Where are all these goofy fucking boys names comin from? taylor, tyler, jordan, flynn…. THESE are NOT REAL NAMES. You wanna hear a real name?? EDDIE….Eddie is a real name, what happened Eddie he was here a minute ago?! Jackie and Johnny and Tommy and Bill, Danny, Larry, Johnny and Phil…! What happened? T O D D……and cody, and dillon and cameron, and…TuCker. Hi Tucker, I’m Todd!...Hi Todd, I’m Tucker! …..FUCK TUCKER, , , TUCKER SUCKS. And FUCK TUCKERS FRIEND KYLE. That’s another soft name for a boy. K Y L E….soft names…make for….soft people. I’ll bet you that ten times out of ten, Nicky, Vinnie and Tony would BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF TODD< KYLE & TUCKER!” George Carlin

So what is Mr. Carlin saying?

I think he is saying….Stop acting like a dam cold bucket and shake somebodys hand you Howie Mandel dyslexic R-tard. You need some germs ya’s helps your immune system. Get your hands dirty….use the 5 second rule….


Get educated to something new…test a theory, start to keep a journal to learn your physical and mental bodies.

The point is…some of you are acting like a whimpering child….or an overachiever….when you could probably benefit to dare….

To dare to dream…..dare to contemplate the dream….dare to chase the dream…..dare to build the dream….

Dare to Be your Dream.

I dare you

Anyway, as I was saying….I receive unscheduled delivery of food from two completely unrelated sources today without notice or planning….only out of the kindness of two different hearts. I am explaining to you how synchronistic my day was if you have forgotten you have been reminded and you may have not been paying attention.

If you are confused at this point you lack discipline of focus.

A thank-you card for the neighbor was written last night ….the card was for the neighbor who brought the food today….and it was thanking them for making butterscotch cookies delivered last week…yea, guess what she brought over today Mr. and Misses Cold-Bucket?? Butterscotch cookies…completely out of nowhere…we thanked…and then we received.

I forgot to give the card…; I went to knock on the neighbors door and no answer….I really wanted to give the card…I come back home (we are in connecting condos)…I look out my side door and their she is walking the dog….I give the card.

O and by the way, these butterscotch cookies…..they are fucking bomb..and you will never try one because you worry about germs all the time.

We leave late for the party…arrive early…timing every light perfectly…O hey, there is the best parking spot…aaaahhhooooo….LIKE A GLOVE…we will take it.

Never been to this restaurant….I’ll try this dish….everyone was quickly jealous of my choice as it was excellent.

At our next destination…there is the friend I went to school with…of whom my brother is now dating his niece….my brother who asked me about him a week ago….him being a person I haven’t seen in ages….their ‘him’ is tonight with his family and I say hello.

We get home…John Cusack is on the movie she is watching. My mind starts to open as I sit in the office…sleepy but not really feeling as if it is time to lay down just yet.

I pick of the mightier pen…and I tackle the task at hand.

I take a first few steps….the introduction has been loosely written on my sheet. I meditate some more as I look at the scope of what I am trying to tackle.

Have you ever tried to chop down a tree with your fist? When I say ‘daunting’…this is what I am referring to.

To truly understand the 4 enemies Don Juan speaks about….the 4 enemies to “A Man of Knowledge”…you must at….at the very least have some….some understanding of how to hear your thoughts…how to listen to your thoughts….and how then to discern from your thoughts….discerning your thought.

I reached for a spotless and crisp sheet of blank paper….no lines…no creases.

I had realized before this that …o my, I almost forgot. John Cusak was in the movie she chose.

I realize that I am in for a long evening….but an exciting one….as the task at hand is… ‘daunting’….to say the least. Stop….yes…you stop and consider right now what you expect to be a daunting task.

Don’t just assume that I speak of something “you’ve done before”. This is not fear I speak of friend. This is something that you know in your heart….you know that it is what you can do…what you should do…what you and you alone are…to…do.

You and you alone are to chop down this tree with your fist….and you somehow you know…you know you can.

This is what you desire to do because you deem yourself worthy.

As all of the courage and confidence you muster…this is to be your destiny. O, you must think that destiny is something far far away. You think that ‘Destiny’….lies in Never Never Land…in the Land of Oz… the land of Mordor beyond the misty mountains….you think your destiny is that far from reach?

You have two problems right meow….

One….you are thinking.
Two…you think your destiny does not lie at this very moment…right before your eyes.

If you know anything about Yoga..this is good, you are ahead of the pace…but it’s not just Yoga.

Is has been fittingly named by Miyamoto Musashi “The Way”.

Bruce lee tried to say it.

I say….you need….to get organized my friend….O, you think you are organized? Sure….sure you are Mr. Cold-Bucket.

You think because you don’t have material possessions in clutter that you are organized? Because you have ‘prepped’ you are organized? You think because you have a God dam file cabinet you are organized? Get your shit together you presumptuous horses ass! Yea….I’m talking to the guy who has baggage….have you learned it all? No, you haven’t…you have not learned everything….because I haven’t….and I can tell you this.

I am a smart and able mother fucker.

“If I tell you I’m good, probably you will say I’m boasting. But if I tell you I’m not good, you’ll know I’m lying.” Bruce Lee

I haven’t got it all figured out…and guess what, If I haven’t got it all figured out….and I know that I’ve done what many of you dream of…and only dream of….what in hell makes you think you have figured out anything at all? Are you certain you have not become complacent? Are you certain you have not become content? Are you certain of?

Never be content….this is stagnation. Be pleased, be happy…but thrive and strive.

Back to my synchronicity; I walk into the room to advise her that I will be ‘working’ tonight and I am not to be disturbed unless she absolutely needs me…however, I advise that if there is absolutely anything she needs…she is to call upon me….she…she is on vacation sort of speak.

As I am exiting the room….yes, there is John Cusak…..finally. I don’t know what the flick is called…I just know it’s the one with the boom box. The one where that song plays….that wonderful dam song.

I know this song…years ago it touched me…..I love this dam song, why did I ever stop listening to it? Dam I am stupid sometimes….holy shit…this song is exactly what I am going through….these lyrics are speaking to me and my circumstances.

I turn on the song…loudly.

I hear the words, the music….the melody…and I take to “The Way of Energy” my Chi Kung…my Jam Jong….and I…I take to the Wu Chi position….I let my body tell me which pose to enter. I form it….and I be formless. Like a tree I stands firm but loosely in the wind; as the ground shakes beneath me I grasp it and dance my fully balanced body to its surface beat. Everything in my physical becomes relaxed as I extend my branches. I enter the void…..and now again I quote….

“Moving….be like water. Still….be like a mirror. Respond… like an echo; be like water making its way through the cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind……be formless…..shapeless, like…w a t e r.

If you put water into a cup; It Becomes The Cup.
You put water into a bottle; It Becomes The Bottle.
You put it in a teapot; It Becomes The Tea Pot.

Now….water can flow….or….it can crash. Be water…my friend…………….. The void is that which stands right in the middle of ‘this’ and ‘that’. The void is all inclusive, having no opposite – there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is a living void, because all forms come out of it and whoever realizes the void; is filled with life and power and the love of all things.” Bruce Lee

I seriously doubt you have your physical body tuned to the level of an Art Martial caliber….”uh….what is a Art Martial?”…..You don’t have to be a warrior to be a natural…a natural at an ART.

Artisit = defined as “a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill”.

Think….STOP AND FUCKING THINK…..clear your mind and imagine how an exceptional artist paints…notice how he uses as little effort or none at all. The smoothness of the stroke….is not pulled nor is it pushed… just is.

Now….can you fully smoothly function your physical body in every action that you perform to the consistency of aforementioned artist brush stroke?

Can you fully do this every second of the day…every breath you take in every action and non action?

Take a second….imagine, really imagine this.

As you type how hard do you hit the keyboard…where is the weight of your hands and wrist….as you sit…are you sure you’re not posturing as you sit there? If you are…you are not sitting as an artist would sit….he wouldn’t waste energy leaning to the left….or to the right. She wouldn’t waste energy pushing out her chest or her back…he wouldn’t waste energy grasping onto something that doesn’t need to be held…especially held so tightly….this is not operating the body “like water”.

Holding the pen so tightly….squeezing the glass so strongly….this is not ‘like water’ my friend.

Operating and Functioning the body like water fully and in every moment = A “Martial of the Arts”….they have mastered the physical art of moving, operating and making the body function. They have done this because they have entered the void….and reclaimed their mind from nothing and everything. From the void, they operate the body….every millisecond can be brought into awareness by a martial arts master. A master of the mind and body.

A Yogi.

Until you can be like water in everything you do… still have potential to gain over your physical body and your mind. If you cannot control the body….how can you control the mind?

News flash….the body is controlled from the mind. You can only tame the mind to a degree the body has been tamed….these are linked.

It is never to late to take up a martial art such as Chi Kung, Wing Chun, Yoga, Tai Chi. Your skill level could be not….but you may be exceptional at meditation or Yoga or anything you have disavowed because it is outside of the realm of your comfort zone.

If you haven’t achieved the level of master; aim for this….for even the master is still learning….and I quote anew

“First, the Way is revealed diversely: the Way of saving people by Buddhist Dharma, the Way of Confucius to perfect one’s learning, a doctor’s Way of healing diseases, a poet’s teaching of the Way of Poetry. Others are practitioners of the Way of tea or archery, and all manner of arts and skills. Each practicing the Way he prefers, developing a propensity for one or the other. But rare is the man who is fond of the Way of martial arts.

First and foremost, the Way of the warrior is ‘bunbu’ – the pen and the sword, both literary arts and culture, and the martial arts – and he should have a penchant for both Ways. Even though he may be untalented, every warrior should strive to employ his martial arts, each according to his abilities.” The Book of Five Rings – Musashi

A martial art such as the Samurai is no different than the art of the Yogi.

You can use the sword or a pose to tame the body…and from here you can reach the mind.

You are looking to closely my friend. These are both arts of…of “The Way”. These are paths to gain absolute control over the body and its ability….and access to your potentiality via the void…and into the mind.

To have spent so much time contemplating the potential of the body…the dexterity, the flexibility, the strength, the energy….realizing that yogic breathing can be practiced every second. That Chi Kung can be employed during every waking minute….That you can actually USE the body….From the MIND…not unlike a ‘role playing game’.

That you can paint with the body IN EVERY ASPECT of its operation….like Bruce Lee painted with his fists…and Musashi painted with the sword…and how they both painted with the pen.

Don’t be like water….water is only a way. Be…..….choose to Be ‘The Way’.

Be The Way in Everything You Do. Mentally and physically….this is the path to your destiny…this is the path to your harmony.

The song that I hear is playing…it is called “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabrial. It completes….

I take to a fresh piece of crisp blank paper and the title is ‘on my thoughts’.

I write down….writing down thoughts that come to mind that I have noticed lately. I have noticed I dwell upon them….not poorly or richly but dwelling upon them at the expense of my time.

Something speaks to me….it says…take care of these things. If they are constantly on your mind….they are most likely constantly troubling you….and are one of two things.

It is something to address either as a strength or as a weakness.
It is a file…or a physical action that should be addressed and completed.

Remove this clutter from the mind…it is wasted hard drive and memory…complete the task and save it and when you are done…saving it somewhere out of the mind because you have completed it BY using the RIGHT WAY… is done. It can now be dismissed as done efficiently and correctly…no longer a burden can it be upon your thoughts.

Get organized in the mind…don’t be a ColdBucket.

What is the task at hand?

Be The Way….

Be fluid and natural in everything you do to the best of your ability…strive to improve this; releasing only the energy needed to make the task at hand at ease…..easily completed to a fully desired level of personal satisfaction.

If upon attempted completion….something nagged at you and you walk away from it….this ‘nagging’ will linger…and fester….and you will think later that…hmmm, I should have just gone ahead and did it the right way….THE…Right….WAY.

The Way…..BE THE WAY.

Strive to do everything….the right Way. You are an asshole if you are not trying to improve on self.

Focus on the Task at Hand.

Question the Task at Hand.

Trust in the completion and questioning of the task at hand.

Be humble in the task at hand.

Once you can reach this point mentally…achieving an awareness of every second and every object; you are operating from the void and you have become…You Have Become….The Way.

You are The Way…..see the way to your destiny.

Be the Way to Your Destiny.

What is on your thoughts?

“Reflect well on this” Musashi – The Book of Five Rings


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BOURGARD: look my humble friend i dont

look my humble friend i dont know from nowere but here i live in Portugal im a young man, who has yet to achive greatness. but before i go i live you with this:






obsrvantlouie: Question Everything to your

own level of satisfaction....remain persistant but reduce your assumptions...believing is not equal to knowing. Think oustide of the box.....your a little tangled up.

Don't blindly believe in anyone or in yourself, your awareness and your experiences.

You my friend from Portugal…You are God….God unto yourself and God over no other. You are the one who makes every decision in your experience. You are the one who decides which row to are the one who hears your heart and your insticts...their is no external diety shining brightly telling you what to trumpets sound when tough decisions are made; destiny is made known silent.

Correct…You decide if you live or die and when….you have already decided this and your Higherself knows the date. What will die will be your physical body. The true you...your spirit....your awareness...will move on.

Incorrect....because you are God unto yourself and your spirit is both male and female and your spirit is the true self....and your body is just a vehicle to experience the game here on the Earth...not unlike your car is your vehivle for your body to travel in. There are no genders in the spirit realms. The earth is its own entity….you are not the Earth. You can connect with the Earths Energies….and connect with the Planetary spirits energies…Earth is not your God. Who decided upon the dead when a bomb exploded in Hiroshima years ago? Was that the Earths decision?

No, she cannot take anything from me…..what do you think you are taking with you when you leave this place my friend? Surely, you will ‘leave’ your physical body…as everyone’s time is limited here in their physical body. Because so many persons blindly assume what is to be our next experience after physical death…this assumption blinds them and blind belief is usually transformed into incessant fear of an ‘unknown’ and since it is ‘unknown’ people drop so low as to blind faith in one extreme over another…..a negative extreme. You think I have reason to worry about what the Earth can take away from me? The Earth can only take one thing from me and only when I give it. Look around your home? Do you think all the ‘stuff’ is yours? Whose was it a month ago? Whose was it a year ago? Whose will it be when you (your body) pass on? Since when your body dies this will leave you with no arms to carry any material possessions; what then exactly do you postulate that you will carry on with?

No, the Earth can take nothing from me or from you but a shell that holds our individual and unique awareness.
Perhaps you will carry on with your memories? Your experiences? Your trials and your errors…your knowledge and your wisdom…your love and your emotions? Perhaps you will take your awareness with you as it is separate from your physical body?

I see you…keep questioning until you are satisfied.

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