Berlin, Germany GOOFS,and Reports HW.BUSH DIED!

by bluesbaby5050 on December 30th, 2012

News Weekly," DER SPEIGEL" news reported today that HW Bush Senior had died! It mistakenly printed HW.Bush's Obituary in it's newspaper today. ( I guess they can't wait?) HW. Bush senior was admitted into the hospital in December just before Christmas. He is now in intensive care with a cold, and a bad case of Broncitis. He is looking a bit frail now, the recent reports stated.

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wmarkley: seems like they cant wait

seems like they cant wait over there, i have heard that Bush is out of ICU and improving, weather this is true or not, im not sure.

bluesbaby5050: No it is not true now..........

It has been upgraded to Liquids only,because fever is rising Again! No solid foods now. This is a bad sign. His body can only take this for so long now. It's tough going at that age anyways.

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