Beings are Judged by how they treat their fellow animals!

by Gaurdian Angel on November 20th, 2010

I understand the Humanity has been manipulated by the Grey and Reptilian Groups to some degree but humanity must also understand that how they treat their fellow animals is also very important. Some Groups of Humanity live in Peaceful Coexistence with their Animal Neighbours because they are Vegetarians and other Groups of Humanity Grow and Cultivate certain Animals for food like Cows or Chicken, but lets face it humanity has to help in the needless slaughter of many animals since they are going extinct and many animals are being forced out of their habitats to many way for human expansion and I guess this is going to happen and in the Ocean the needless slaughter of much of the marine life so people can eat sharkfin soup among other things.
We must work together to maintain a balance between the needless slaughter of animal life and the needs of humanity.
We must never take the lives of inocent animals for granted because it's their world too.

The Reptilians know this that is why they call humanity mindless and useless eaters.
They aren't angels either so they shouldn't talk.

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