Being Spiritual is NOT Religious

There is a great miscommunication. An an even greater ignorance. Many of today's people. Especially the younger generations. Can't tell or simply do not know that there is a difference between spirituality and religious beliefs. Many people are religious. In fact,  recent studies have shown 84% of the world's population is religious. Wow! That means there's only 16% of the population that doesn't believe in anything or so say the numbers. But lets think a little more about this... 
We don't know the true number or % of those who are spiritual yet non religious. 
The sad truth is many don't understand the difference. 

By sheer definition Religion is:
(According to Webster Dictionary) 
"the belief in a god or in a group of gods
: an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods
: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group"

Whereas Spiritual according to Webster is.:
" the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters : the quality or state of being spiritual"

Wait wait wait? WHAT IN THE HELL? 
The damn DICTIONARY doesn't even know the difference an tries to pull religious bull, or religion in general into it...  Do you see the underlying problem here? 
The fact is the root word spirit meaning
the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.
"we seek a harmony between body and spirit"

Which the root word meaning breathe in latin was 
A word created by Spanish Christians in their early cultural development to signify breath of life. 

Religion has both limitations and boundaries. Rules and conduct. It doesn't feed one's love, positive energy, or ones soul. 

It tells you who, what, when, why and how to be. That's not free will. An that's damn sure not love. 

That's control! 

An it was invented to keep the sheep minded believing the lies of unnecessary fear of self proclaimed false God's! 

Your inner self is connected to a high power. But it's not some mystical creature who whips you when your bad. That higher power is you and if you can manage to realize and let go of what you think you know... 
Me personally...

God is a word. It means Guidance On Demand. An we're each a piece of that God. An we are our own God. We may have been created by a energy of creativity. But if we're creations made by our creators creations then. We're creators creating and we're self governing. Why in the hell would you give control to someone else? There's a whole group of other beings that are out there somewhere that are only alive because they feed of your energy an controlling you. 

Well,  it's time to say FUCK YOU! Take back control of YOURSELF! 

Picture this...  You're here right? 
No, you're not.. 
Because I want you to just image if YOU were your higher self, watching YOU down here give over your life and control to a Nasty Fuckin inbreed cold blooded killing non-human life form whose only purpose is to consume you...  To feed off your energies until you die then eat your dead body while you watch then erase all your memories so they can put you in a new body to do that shit again! 

Wouldn't you be pissed? What if you go higher an your at the head position of your oversoul an you see all your incarnations an their other halfs enduring the same thing. 
Wouldn't you want to do something?!?

So, you need to know the difference in religion which is control. 
An your own inner self which call it spiritual or what you will... My point is, until one understands the difference. The cycle of being stuck in the dualistic karma and negative energy wheel will continue. 

If your ready to take back control. You need to know what your up against! 

Remember to stay true to yourself. 
- Love yourself. 

"Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all."

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bluesbaby5050: Being Spiritual is NOT Religious

Well said! I hope people get it now, because you explained it thoroughly.

BenjaminFalkenrath: One can hope...

I hope so. If not, that is what the comments are for. lol

te4rful: TOO TRUE!

Wow. You explained this better than I ever could. I've been invited into a cult and yeah... They were trying to brainwash me. It was scary. So scary that I went back into a deep depression and thought I lost the people closest to me. Luckily I was getting myself out of it spiritually and my mum called me. It was the purest thing. I was so confused and my mum finally said 'its a cult.' this is when I started to cry. It made sense all along. He came into my house and I trusted him not to hurt me with religion, but he did. I hate him for that. But he has shaped me as the human form that I am today. This all happened when I was about 17 or 18 I think. Maybe younger and now I'm 21. I'm at one with my inner spirituality. It's fucking beautiful to feel real again.

bluesbaby5050: Too True.....

Good for you! I'm happy for you. Never join any cults no matter how nice they are. They wear many faces.

Tarheel: It wasnt a mistake...

If you learned from it,it wasnt a mistake-it was a LESSON !

BenjaminFalkenrath: Bluesbaby5050 is right! The

Bluesbaby5050 is right! The worst ones are they the sound the best an offer younger world. The cost is your soul....
An take it from Tarheel. An BB. An myself. We've all learned many hard lessons. Sorry for my profane language in this original post. I look back at it a few years later and have since grown. I would have e used different ways now to express myself rather than harsh vulgarities to get my point across haha! But my messages still rings true. I still seeing this happening very often that people are confusing religion with spirituality. And this Mass misinformation that people are believing. This inconjunction with the lies that they are being fed people are being brainwashed and led down the wrong path religion in and of itself is a cult. And the big ball of lies that it is centered on the fulcrum that is Control. see an ultimately each religion fights over having control they all want to control there are four things that they want to control. They want to control the people by way of politics they want to control the money. That's number two number three is they want to control how people live their life. and number for is they want to control to perception of themselves so see they're controlling the people as a whole in a mass congregational sense they're controlling the people how they live their lives. text control in their finances and they're controlling their perception it all ties in together and when you have those four things you control what they think you control what they do you control their money you basically control them the robots that's what a cold is. That is organized religion. Spirituality is freedom because it doesn't tell you you have to bow before me see this is where I have problems with the Bible I don't agree with it see it says oh god of the Old Testament. God of the New Testament god of the Bible okay this is where I have a problem with even talking about Lucifer I know Lucifer I know a lot of shit that I don't lead onto because it pisses a lot of people off okay I don't talk about a lot of crap because it's like barking up the wrong tree and I'm getting off base here but people think Lucifer is bad but Lucifer isn't as bad as people think. Lucifer got the short end of the stick. Him of him and his brothers and he got screwed but that's not either neither here nor there I'm trying to say is you will find Freedom and focusing on your Spiritual Development focus on you and developing spiritually. Don't try to put a religion on it or Encompass yourself into that crap because that's going to be the equivalent of putting yourself in a cage that's just going to screw everything up and you're going to find yourself very uncomfortable very unnerving and you're going to be not happy take it for me I've been down that path and it leads to Upset unhappiness and depression anxiety feeling like you don't measure up. It's not worth it there's freedom in discovering yourself being happy with who you are and yourself and not having to measure up to others religion is having to measure up to other spirituality is figuring out who you are. And I hope this comes out all okay because I'm doing text to speech on my mobile phone LOL so please forgive me if it doesn't. :)

Tarheel: text-to-speech...

...omg...I thought you may have been drinking!
LMAO now !
Re:Luci...I always had problems with people dogging Luci because ,as far as I know he is a light-bringer. I'm not sure how that is bad. I think that may have sprung from religious misleading. I do leave room for discussion if anyone wants to try and sway my current beliefs-I'm all ears. I always have my own reality but TRY to understand that their are countless other realities occurring simultaneously.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Nah just taking the edge off

Nah just taking the edge off lol. But yeah I always saw him as The light hell he was more light being than any around him or near close to of his position.
See, An there in is the reason why he had to do what he'd done. Dark follows light. An what better way to rid the other light of such darkness than to sacrifice oneself?

If they only saw it like.... for exp. A million hot knives barreling down on a bus full of kids an he was the strongest magnet.

The darkness came for the highest lights to do the worst damage imaginable this is the precursor to the fall. But low & behold the bightes light deflected them by falling away. Or this is how I like to see it. :) Make it is my reality lol

BenjaminFalkenrath: Either way I agree one thing.

Either way I agree one thing. He was certainly not the evil bastard they like to portray him in the movies or in the churches lol

Tarheel: He's a light-bringer.

If that's bad, someone will need to convince me and I am up for discussion.

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