Being attack by an archon

Hel inneed helpbeing attacked by an archon and i need help HELP ME PLEASE

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Tarheel: they feed on fear

Expel your fear and it's over !

Bohdanmetanchuk: They feed on fear

What do you mean by they feed on fear . Im not scared or fearfull im pissed and from whst i read so far its here to try and stop my spiritual awakening which i didnt know i was having and why me im not specail just trying to live my life and then this comes along .

Bohdanmetanchuk: They feed on fear

Was told by others thst negitive energy has to stop in my life for it to leave . Does that sound right i dont know im just trying to get a handle about all this

Tarheel: reply

Confront your fears and the path will reveal itself. Look within.

Mia Martinez: I think that you yourself

I think that you yourself will not be able to figure it out, contact a specialist

Bohdanmetanchuk: Where can i find such a

Where can i find such a person i dont have a clue on even where to start looking for one.

Tarheel: Look here... your mirror.

western_yogi: go to hospital first tell them your story

after you tell doctor or nurse your story about archon attacking you, make a juicy story also, like how they stick long greased up anal probes into you, and how they probe your privates, and they find you a specialist after hearing your story.

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